the wyld godde tarot empress

The Wyld Godde Tarot Empress

The Wyld Godde Tarot Empress

The Empress is my Soul Card among the Tarot Birth Cards. She is deeply connected with creativity and gives birth to new life out of chaos. She represents the fecundity of nature. I made the Wyld Godde Tarot Empress card various shades of pink because of her connection with the eros kind of love that leads to the creation of new life.

We find this eros love in the Song of Songs in the Bible. I highly recommend reading it! Not long ago, I read ‘Nearer than Breathing‘ by Melwyn Matthews. In it, there is a chapter based on a poem by Rilke and the Song of Songs titled ‘Are we erotic enough?’. I shared in this post how that question made me begin to realise how radical Godde’s love for us is. The full surrender came yesterday.

Many people who do not consider themselves religious feel a deep spiritual connection to a higher power when they spend time in nature. That is because nature is an expression of Godde’s love. And not love as an intellectual concept. Nature is full of love-making, especially this time of year (early spring). God’s love is practical (providing us with nourishment), as well as chaotic and unpredictable like the changing weather in March.

This is the Wyld Godde my inner Empress yearns for. But she also appreciates the beauty of cathedrals, the scent of fine incense and the artwork in the stained glass windows where people gather to pray. Beauty, wherever it is found, is her domain.

7 Questions from the Empress

  • What is your relationship with nature?
  • Where in life do you find beauty?
  • Where and how do you create beauty?
  • How do you nurture yourself?
  • How do you nurture others?
  • In what ways do you experience the erotic love of Godde?
  • How could knowing Godde’s love more deeply change your life?

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