The Frideborg Tarot – FREE Download

Free un-copyrighted digital Tarot deck made in Picmonkey from images in the public domain to use with the most excellent Orphalese software (also free) or in any way you wish. My...

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Magical Co-Creation and Goal Manifestation

The other day I had a prospective client contact me for a reading. She had not included a question in her email and when I asked what her question(s) might be, she came back with...

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Psychic Protection for Tarot Readers

  “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” ~ Plato I recently received a question about...

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Angelic Messages and Correspondences in the Tarot

Do you want to learn how to talk to the angels through the Tarot? You’ve come to the right place! The Tarot cards can be used for communicating with Spirit and receiving...

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Manifest Your Life Purpose + Tarot Spread

What is the most magical thing you can do in life? I’d say manifesting your Life Purpose is a strong contender for the number one spot! So many people struggle with this or...

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Top 5 Worst and Best Questions to Ask of the Tarot

TOP FIVE WORST QUESTIONS TO ASK OF THE TAROT 1. What will my love life bring me in the future? Your love life cannot exist without your own thoughts and actions, so it will bring...

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The Ultimate Guide to Manifesting True Love

  Are you single and looking? Are you ready for a real Soul Mate or Twin Flame relationship? Do you love the Tarot? If you answered yes to all three questions, this is the...

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7 Ways to Make the Most of the Capricorn Full Moon

  The Capricorn Full Moon is a wonderful time to manifest things on the earth plane because it is a Lunar energy that works with the limitations inherent in our 3D...

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The Golden Shadow Tarot Spread

  Is it time to find the guru within? Are you ready for unlimited success?     Your golden shadow represents aspects of your highest potential that you are afraid...

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How to Calculate Your Personality, Soul and Shadow Cards

There are a couple of different methods for calculating your Tarot birth cards (personality, soul and shadow) but I’ll describe the method Mary K Greer uses, and that you...

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witch school

Welcome to the Angelorum School!

We offer free lessons in Divination, Angel Therapy, Witchcraft and Energy Healing.

Enjoy the ever-growing video library, blog post archive and FREE downloads of occult and  metaphysical classics!

You can also purchase eBooks and (soon) eCourses, as well as work with Lisa for private tutoring via Skype.



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Welcome to our spiritual community!

The Angelorum Temple is non-denominational and open to people from all spiritual paths. We have a thriving Facebook Community and also a prayer network for those who are interested in diving a bit deeper. We also offer spiritual inspiration here on the blog five days a week.

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About Lisa



My spiritual journey reads a bit like a Cinderella story. My mother left when I was three and growing up I suffered both mental and physical trauma which lead to chronic pain, asthma and depression. The path to healing has been more of spiral than a straight road and I have long since realised that there is no final destination. The joy is in the journey and in sharing what I learn…

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Compassionate and honest

tarot reader

Lisa has read via email for me many times. I have found her a compassionate, honest and straightforward person. I am happy to see her consolidating and expanding her offerings. I plan on continuing to use her services and also refer her to friends and family.

– Laura Rose

Help at a time of major transformation


I reached out to Lisa while in the midst of a major transformation. One of the first thing she asked me was to get very specific on what I wanted the tarot to answer–this definitely made me feel that whatever answers were provided would be solid. I’m still mulling over the depth of her words but I know that it will remove some of the limitations I had previously placed on my situation. Thank you Lisa!

– ShaMecha

Straight to the point

psychic reader

This is the second reading Lisa has done for me, the previous one about 2 years ago. Not only was she accurate with both readings, she was precise! Her insights are amazing. She’s extremely direct, straight to the point. I like that. I wanted an answer to a question I had, and she gave me just that. Thanks, Lisa!! AGAIN.

~ Tara

Learned so much in just 30 min!

gypsy tarot reader purple

I just completed a 30 minute tarot reading session with Lisa on a Two-Choices Tarot spread and it was so much fun! One on One learning with her on Skype is a great supplement to learning the tarot for newbies like me. I got immediate feedback and I learned so much in just 30 minutes! She’s also inspired me to dig into understanding tarot astrological correspondences to go deeper in my readings. She’s a great teacher. I will definitely book more tutoring and reading sessions with Lisa and highly recommend her.

– Susan

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