7 Witchy Ways to Celebrate the Libra New Moon

Hey, Earth Angel, what are you doing this Libra New Moon? Fancy celebrating it the witchy way?!

Libra is ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, and the corresponding Archangel is Anael. When the Moon is New in Libra is the best times to set the intent and sow the seeds of beauty, harmony, new love, improved relationships and artistic inspiration.

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7 Health Benefits and 7 Magical Uses for Rosewood Essential Oil

Learn about the health & beauty benefits, as well as the magickal & spiritual uses for Rosewood essential oil.

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How to Meet The RIGHT One – Tarot Spread

One of the most common questions I get from clients is ‘When will I meet someone new?’ and if could have just one wish come true for all my lovely love and relationship clients, it would be that they would start asking ‘How Can I Meet the Right One?’ instead. Why? Because there are multiple problems with the first question:

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Rock Rose

Rock Rose is the Bach Flower Remedy to use for states of overwhelming fear or terror. It is included in the Bach Rescue Remedy and can be regarded as a rescue remedy in its own right for sufferers of severe anxiety and panic attacks.

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Scleranthus could be said to be the Libra remedy, as it counteracts indecision, which is one of the main pitfalls for the harmony-loving Libran.

This is what Dr Bach has to say about the Schleranthus personality type:

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Rock Water

Rock Water is the remedy for anyone who is too harsh on themself and who tends to see the world in black and white. The Rock Water type person usually gets very regimented about things like diet and exercise and can’t seem to cut themself any slack. They do not inflict the same gruelling discipline on others but strive instead to lead by example.

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Water Violet

Water Violet is one of the remedies I feel many Lightworkers would benefit from, in order to stop isolating themselves and take their mission into the world with joy and passion.

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Pendulum Dowsing for Wellbeing 101

Are you ready to empower yourself and take your wellbeing into your own hands? Yes?! Great! Learn how to use the pendulum to dowse for health and wellbeing, do more accurate Tarot readings or connect with your spirit guides.

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Is your glass always half empty? Have you lost faith in your ability to manifest the changes you desire? Then Gentian may be the Bach Flower Remedy for you. Learn what additional holistic resources to use together with this remedy in order to effect positive change.

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Larch is the Bach Flower Remedy recommended for those who fear taking on new challenges due to a lack in confidence. The Larch person sees only their own limitations and ‘know’ they cannot succeed in life. This is usually a thought pattern they have inherited from their parents.

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magic book angelorum school

Welcome dear metaphysical student!

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Check out the FREE downloads of occult and  metaphysical classics!

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Angelorum Temple

We have a thriving Facebook Community and a prayer network for those who are interested in diving a bit deeper. We also offer soul food here on the blog several times a week.

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Compassionate and honest

tarot reader with crystal ball

Lisa has read via email for me many times. I have found her a compassionate, honest and straightforward person. I am happy to see her consolidating and expanding her offerings. I plan on continuing to use her services and also refer her to friends and family.

– Laura Rose

Help at a time of major transformation

tarot mystic

I reached out to Lisa while in the midst of a major transformation. One of the first thing she asked me was to get very specific on what I wanted the tarot to answer–this definitely made me feel that whatever answers were provided would be solid. I’m still mulling over the depth of her words but I know that it will remove some of the limitations I had previously placed on my situation. Thank you Lisa!

– ShaMecha

Straight to the point


This is the second reading Lisa has done for me, the previous one about 2 years ago. Not only was she accurate with both readings, she was precise! Her insights are amazing. She’s extremely direct, straight to the point. I like that. I wanted an answer to a question I had, and she gave me just that. Thanks, Lisa!! AGAIN.

~ Tara

Learned so much in just 30 min!

happy tarot reader pink and purple

I just completed a 30 minute tarot reading session with Lisa on a Two-Choices Tarot spread and it was so much fun! One on One learning with her on Skype is a great supplement to learning the tarot for newbies like me. I got immediate feedback and I learned so much in just 30 minutes! She’s also inspired me to dig into understanding tarot astrological correspondences to go deeper in my readings. She’s a great teacher. I will definitely book more tutoring and reading sessions with Lisa and highly recommend her.

– Susan