Week Ahead Messages 21-27 May

Week Ahead Messages 21-27 May

Week Ahead Messages 21-27 May

Happy Fri-Yay, my friends! It’s time for the week ahead messages for 21-27 May. I’m posting a day early because I’m going away for a few days. The Fae were calling to me this week, so the decks we are working with are The Faery Forest oracle for the general message from spirit and the Tarot of the Hidden Realm for the individual Tarot and Alchemy Stones messages.

It’s been an intense New Moon with lots of weird energy and drama for a lot of people. It is like people are literally begging to be caught inserting their foot into their mouth. On the plus side, this has helped many of us to evaluate which people we want and need in our lives recently. Uranus is now into Taurus after having spent the past seven years in Aries. Here is a Uranus in Taurus Tarot spread to help you make the most of the Uranian energy over next seven years.

On a personal note, I have dedicated the next seven years to working with Hekate as my tutelary deity after receiving Her calling not long ago. The night before celebrating my first Deipnon, I received my spirit/witch’s name from Hekate, ‘Kallista’ – I talk about how this came about HERE and how you can receive your spirit name.

Dark Moon Clear-Out

One of the things I felt a need to clear out during the Dark Moon was my Instagram accounts. They were cluttering up memory on my phone and not helping me connect with people in meaningful ways. I’m sure there are plenty of you rolling your eyes at that but I’m more of a words person than a visual person and I just couldn’t get it to work for me. Phew! I now have a new Twitter account in the name of Kallista instead and I invite you to join me there instead for witchy and Tarot-related tweets.

Earth Needs Us to Start Over

This is definitely a time for powerful new beginnings but it is also a time of great resistance to those beginnings. The earth is rumbling under our feet. The next seven years will determine the fate of this planet in terms of how well it will continue to sustain human life. We are – as things stand – VERY expendable to Mother Earth. If you want to change that, use the New Moon and the Uranus in Taurus energies to vow to become an Earth-keeper and guardian of Her wisdom.

Choose Your Tarot and Alchemy Stone Combo

Before scrolling down to the reveal, ground your energy and attune yourself to the Realm of the Fae using your breath. Close your eyes if you like. Relax and let go of any tension on the exhalation. When you feel grounded, centred and as if the veil has become a wee bit thinner, open your eyes and pick a number between 1-3 for your combined Tarot and Alchemy stones week ahead message. Allow the image you chose to speak to you as well, for additional messages from Spirit.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

Unseelie Queen The Faery Forest Oracle

The Unseelie Queen brings a message about a need to remove ourselves from situations where looks and appearances are more important than substance and integrity. This could be about abusive relationships for some of you, where the other person is trying to diminish your sense of self-worth in some way. For others this message is about people seeking to gain favour with a group of people by smearing your name.

This Faery Queen reminds us that when we stand up for ourselves, we have the power to gradually rebuild our confidence. But first you need to leave the haters and toxic people behind.

You are a good person. You are beautiful, no matter what they say. Focus on the things that bring your joy and set your heart on fire and leave those who seek to bring you down trailing in your dust.

If you need a bit of help in the form of counselling after being bullied or abused, there is no shame in that. It doesn’t mean that you are weak or that ‘they’ won. It means that you will do whatever it takes to be back on top form.

Tarot & Alchemy Stones Week Ahead Messages Reveal

Week ahead messages 21-27 May reveal

You chose Stone & Tarot card combination number 1

Earth with Judgement (Fire/Pluto).  The earth moves beneath your feet. What used to be able to provide you with a sense of stability no longer does. Yet there is excitement in the air. Something new is waiting to be born and you will be called upon to make at least one life-changing decision.

Soul alchemy takes place within you with great speed and change is afoot this week. You may choose a new spiritual Path or a change in careers. An investment opportunity could beckon. If so, make sure it aligns with your core values and do not allow yourself to be deceived by clever marketing. Any decisions you make now will have a long-lasting effect.

Stay grounded. Walk barefoot on the grass. Use your breath to put roots deep into Mother Earth. The stability you seek is within you, in harmony with Nature, and you are starting to see that more clearly now.

This is your new foundation for freedom to live the life of your dreams.

Affirmation: I stay grounded and make important decisions in harmony with my True Will and Nature.

You chose Stone & Tarot card combination number 2

Venus with the 5 of Swords (Venus in Aquarius). Any conflicts that arise this week show you what people and circumstances have been acting as a drain on your creative energy. Be grateful for these lessons because knowing the truth of why they show up will instantly liberate you to simply walk away from the aggressor or source of conflict.

A path of beauty and love lies before you but you must choose it, claim it and forsake the forces that seek to keep you from it. Smile and turn your back on those that would seek to debase you or your life choices. They are to be weeded out of your life this week. That doesn’t mean conflict avoidance in general or that you will never have conflict in your life – It simply means that those who are currently in your life and who do not have your best interests at heart must be let go of now, so that you can blossom. This is your time and there is nothing selfish about that. The world needs more of your beauty.

What can you do this week, that will bring more love and beauty to your daily routine? How can you share yourself with people who do appreciate you and who see the goodness of your heart?

Affirmation: I pull the weeds out and allow myself to blossom. 

You chose Stone & Tarot card combination number 3

Mercury and the King of Swords (Gemini) is a great combination as we enter the month of Gemini. The King of Swords is the Gemini King and Mercury is the ruler of the sign of Gemini.

Use this mental clarity to your advantage to get as much work done as possible. Thinking of writing a book? Go for it! Have exams this week? You’ll ace them! Had a communication break-down in a relationship? Now’s the time to fix it!

Your ability to analyse any situation this week correctly will probably mean that others turn to you for guidance too. You may receive recognition for your work. Ask for a pay raise if you are employed and think of new and better ways to promote your work if you are self-employed. What you do, wherever you do it is sure to be noticed if it involves communication of any kind!

Affirmation: I get my point across in ways that are helpful to those around me.

Have a great weekend, my friends!



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