divine mother lunar eclipse tarot spread and magick spell

Divine Mother Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread & Spell

divine mother lunar eclipse tarot spread

Happy Beltane, Soul Tribe! The 2023 Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse is fast approaching. So I decided to make a brand new Divine Mother Lunar Eclipse Tarot Spread (bottom of post) and share a modified eclipse spell from a couple of years ago. We are in the Month of May, a month traditionally associated with the Blessed Virgin and Divine Mother. The exact time of the Full Moon is 5 May at 6:34 PM BST.

This lunar eclipse is only visible in the South-Eastern corner of the UK. But there can be no doubt that we are in the thick of eclipse season, no matter where in the world we are. That which no longer serves our development is getting cleared out very fast. Staying adaptable is becoming increasingly important.

divine mother

A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.
Revelations 12:1

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A Divine Mother Eclipse Spell

First of all, let’s clear something up. There are some who say to never perform magick on a solar or lunar eclipse. They claim that the energy is too chaotic or that it will backfire. Well, if that is your belief, you’d better not do any magick! However, ask yourself, ‘Is this true?’

It may not be true for you. Trust your gut. And the spell below is one that clears any energetic blockage that is keeping you from being fully activated and aligned on your path of service. IMHO, there is never a bad time for that. However, beware that this is a powerful spell and that you need to allow for some time to pass for full integration.

For the first part of the spell, do a Spirit-guided reading, asking the Divine Mother (Womb of Creation within) to help you see which aspect of self needs activating so that you are better equipped to serve for the Highest Good. Pull just one Tarot or Oracle card. OR do the Tarot reading below to find your activation card.

Items needed:

  • Your chosen card
  • Sacred Scripture (does not have to be the Bible)
  • A white candle
  • Pen and paper

Optional items:

  • An icon or statue of the Blessed Virgin
  • A blue altar cloth
  • A crucifix or rosary
  • Roses in the colour that best corresponds with the aspect of self you are working on
  • Frankincense or Sandalwood incense

Cast the Circle

Cast the Archangelic Circle of Protection by invoking the protection of Archangel Raphael in the East, Michael in the South, Gabriel in the West and Uriel in the North.

Light the white candle. This is symbolic of the Christ Light which is always within us. Lighting the candle serves as a reminder that we are that Light. As you light it say, ‘I AM that I AM.’

Next, meditating with your card, write down an affirmation that surfaces from deep within and signifies your desire for your Christ Consciousness to strengthen the aspect of the personality-self expressed by the Tarot.

You may also wish to recite the following prayer: 

Holy Mother-Father God,

Creative Power, Christos-Sophia within. Thank you for filling me with peace and clearing any limiting beliefs from my energy field. Thank you for cultivating within me the virtues of wisdom and compassion. May all who are suffering be filled with this peace, wisdom and compassion and realise that we are One. And may our personality selves align with our Higher Selves for the Highest Good so that Love rules on Earth. Thank you for activating (___________) so that I may be of service while I still have breath. Amen and so it is!

Fold the piece of paper with your prayer up and place it in your Holy Book. You can use it as a bookmark so that you may be reminded of your activation prayer often. But you do not need to repeat the prayer. Trust and act as if it has been done.

Keep the Tarot or Oracle card you pulled for guidance on your altar or where you can easily see it for one full lunar cycle. You may also (or instead) wish to take a picture of it and make this picture your smartphone screen saver.

Give thanks to Mother-Father God and the Angels, starting in the North with Archangel Uriel and going around the room counter-clockwise, thank Gabriel, Michael and Raphael in turn.

A Divine Mother Eclipse Tarot Spread

You can use this spread for any Full Moon Lunar eclipse. If you prefer, you can use it instead of casting the spell above. You can also use it together with the card you pulled for the spell, placing it in the central theme position.

a divine mother lunar eclipse tarot spread
  1. Activation theme. If you performed the spell above, you can choose to place that activation card in position 1.
  2. Activation blessing. This is a divine gift or blessing that will help you to integrate the activation energies.
  3. Activation challenge. This is an external or internal challenge to the integration process.
  4. What is dying. This is moving out of your life and energy field thanks to the activation.
  5. What can be rekindled or revitalised. This is one of the areas of your life that will benefit the most from the Lunar Eclipse Activation.

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