Dating the King of Cups

King of Cups Visconti

Sensitive and caring, this man is often found working as a caretaker in some capacity. He could be a counsellor or a male nurse, a psychiatrist, tarot reader or a massage therapist. One thing is for certain, he is definitely in touch with his feminine side!

Intimacy is everything to this guy. He enjoys discussions about feelings the way an ordinary bloke enjoys a game of football and he’s also heavily drawn to anything mysterious. And before you ask – Yes, he’s a rare find!

Why? Because emotional maturity and genuine care about others come at a cost… especially for a man! How will a boy who is told that he is being a girl when he cries grow up with his feminine side integrated without shame or guilt?

Unfortunately, traits that are perceived as feminine in boys are still ridiculed by society and that is the real reason why there are so few men who feel comfortable owning their emotions.

The disintegrated (reversed) King of Cups can be found over at 8 Types of W*ankers.

Pros: He strives for authenticity in all that he does as well as in all his relationships.

He truly enjoys non-sexual intimacy.

Looking after you and meeting your needs comes naturally to him.

He is empathic and will care about everyone that matters to you as well as you.

Love-making is almost always a spiritual experience with this man.

He’s not afraid to be ‘different.’

Cons: Could put your parents off by virtue of being ‘too unconventional.’

Can be centred on the needs of those in his immediate circle of friends and family to the detriment of the rest of humanity.

Is prone to depression and personality disorders because of his extreme sensitivity.

Can struggle with practical matters… like paying bills on time.

Possibly passive-aggressive and/or manipulative.

Can find it difficult to say ‘No’ and could fall victim to female psychic vampires.

Type of date he prefers: Cosmic. Any environment which allows for a meeting of souls is fine to him. There will be lots of eye-contact and soul gazing. Star gazing might add to the ambience and don’t be terrified if he declares that you two are soul mates on the first date. It’s not just a line with this guy – being highly intuitive, he may have picked up on a past life connection!

Time from your first date until you introduce him to your parents: He’ll want to meet them as soon as possible if he senses that they are an important part of your life. I told you he was unusual!

Wedding style: Emphasis will be on the vows. Know them by heart so that you can gaze into the eyes of your beloved as he gives himself to you unconditionally. It’s a thing of beauty.

Type of dad he would make: Being highly empathic, he’ll make an excellent dad and step-dad. Don’t be surprised if your kids will feel more comfortable confiding in him than in you!

His best match: The Queen of Cups as a) she already swims in the same ocean of unconditional love and boundless imagination, and b) is equally turned on by lingering eye contact and soul gazing. However, for practical reasons he should probably pair up with the Queen of Pentacles. His worst match: The Queen of Swords who a) is likely to ridicule him for being ‘overly sensitive’ and b) likes her intellectual conversations to be free from emotional and spiritual ‘fluff.’