Tarot World Card Marseille and RWS

7 Facets of the Tarot World Card

Tarot World Card Marseille and RWS

The Tarot World card is the final Major Arcana card. In the Mediterranean card game of Tarocchi, this makes The World the most valuable trump to play. In terms of our spiritual journey, this card signifies completion, a pinnacle experience, triumph and fulfillment.

1. In Jungian Psychology, the Tarot World card represents the Anima Mundi and a person who is in harmony with the world soul. This can only happen after we have integrated our anima/animus and achieved the single-minded focus of the Androgyne so that we can bring the process of soul alchemy to completion without distractions.

Each person is whole and complete in themself. Looking outside for someone else to complete us leads to a constant search for a ‘Twin Flame’ or ‘Soulmate’ – A mirage which promises to slake a thirst that can only be slaked by the Higher Self through the process of going within. Each person’s soul is a microcosm of the Anima Mundi macrocosm. All that can be found in the collective unconscious, can be accessed from within once we surrender the illusion of the separate self.

2. The four beings in the corners of the card represent the four fixed signs of the Zodiac and correspond with the four Gospel evangelists as follows:

Bull (Taurus) – Luke
Lion (Leo) – Mark
Eagle (transcendent state of Scorpio) – John
Man (Aquarius) – Matthew

3. According to Benebell Wen (Holistic Tarot), World Dancer is thought to bear the likeness of the actress and Golden Dawn member Florence Farr (1960-1917).

4. A.E. Waite has the following to say about the Tarot World card:

It has more than one message on the macrocosmic side and is, for example, the state of the restored world when the law of manifestation shall have been carried to the highest degree of natural perfection. But it is perhaps more especially a story of the past, referring to that day when all was declared to be good, when the morning stars sang together and all the Sons of God shouted for joy. One of the worst explanations concerning it is that the figure symbolizes the Magus when he has reached the highest degree of initiation; another account says that it represents the absolute, which is ridiculous. The figure has been said to stand for Truth, which is, however, more properly allocated to the seventeenth card.

I find the above statement interesting and indicative of the massive ego squabbles which lead to the break-down of the Golden Dawn movement. It seems to me that A.E. Waite had the right idea… The World is so much bigger than a supposed ‘highest degree of initiation’ and the snobbery that goes with that sort of thinking.

5. When the Tarot world card shows up as the challenge, some questions for self-examination might be… ‘Is the journey I’m on going to lead to realisation of my goals?,’ ‘Am I limiting myself by negative thinking?,’ ‘How can I maximise my talents for the Highest good?,’ ‘Am I hiding my light under a bushel?,’ (Rx) and ‘Is success a ‘golden shadow’ and something I can only see for others?’ (Rx).

6. The astrological correspondence for the Tarot world card is Saturn. The World is also the Elemental trump of Earth. The corresponding Archangels are Cassiel for Saturn and Uriel for Earth. Snowflake obsidian is the corresponding crystal.

7. On a day ruled by The World you may…

  • Have a pinnacle experience
  • Become enlightened
  • Long-distance journeys/travel
  • Move countries
  • Experience health issues related to ageing, skin, bones and teeth
  • Come of age
  • Win in the game of life
  • Complete a cycle
  • Forever release a pattern or addiction
  • Accept your limitations
  • Transcend your limitations
  • Experience wholeness
  • Complete the process of soul alchemy
  • Reach a new stage in the process of soul alchemy
  • Find fulfillment
  • Realise a life-changing goal
  • Use your talents to help others
  • Make the world a better place
  • Enjoy peace of mind
  • Tick off an item on your bucket list
  • Be of service
  • Dance
  • Experience the Dance of the Cosmos deeply
  • Put something broken back together
  • Count your blessings
  • Achieve synthesis
  • Experience cosmic consciousness
  • Realise one’s Christ potential
  • Choreograph your next master piece
  • Just BE…

The Frideborg Tarot World card

The Frideborg Tarot World Card

The attainment of wholeness requires one to stake one’s whole being.
~ Carl Jung



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