153 gematria tarot and mary magdalene

Mary Magdalene 153 and Tarot Numerology

Mary Magdalene 153 Tarot Numerology and Gematria

The number 153 holds significance in the New Testament of the Bible, specifically in the Gospel of John (which some claim is based on the Gospel of the Beloved Companion). In John 21:11, it is mentioned that the disciples miraculously caught 153 fish after the resurrection of Christ. Theologians, scholars and mystics have speculated about the symbolic meaning of this number. To understand the importance of the number 153, we need to look to Gematria.

Gematria and the Number 153

In Gematria, each Hebrew letter is assigned a numerical value. When words or phrases are added up, their total numerical value can be significant. Let’s explore the Gematria value of the number 153.

In Hebrew, the number 153 is represented by the letters קנ”ג (Qof, Nun, Gimel). The Gematria value of each letter in this sequence is as follows:

  • Qof (ק) has a value of 100. This letter corresponds with 18 The Moon (Pisces) in the Tarot.
  • Nun (נ) has a value of 50. Nun corresponds with Arcanum 13 Death (Scorpio).
  • Gimel (ג) has a value of 3. This letter corresponds with the 2 High Priestess card (The Moon).

Adding the values of the Hebrew letters together, we get a total Gematria value of 153.

Further down, we will explore how Gematria and Tarot Numerology tie in with Mary Magdalene

Yeshua and 153

In Yeshua’s ministry, the number 153 is relevant for several reasons. The 153 fish caught after his resurrection his ministry that lasted 153 weeks.

The number 153 also ties in with the structure and design of the pyramids. This connection with the pyramids represents sacred/secret knowledge. Yeshua’s number in Gematria is 888. Both the Greek word for net and the word for fish is 1224 (8 times 153). This, in turn, makes Yeshua Master of the Net and of catching souls in the Age of Pisces. I highly recommend diving into Magdalene’s Lost Legacy: Symbolic Numbers and the Sacred Union in Christianity if you want to go deeper into this subject.

But what we can deduce even from this brief look at the Gematria relating to Yeshua is that his ministry and message herald the dawn of the Age of Pisces. We are now slowly transiting out of this Age that started around the time of the birth of Yeshua and lasts for another 150 years or so.

Symbolically, the Age of Pisces represents themes of spirituality, compassion, sacrifice, and transcendence. It relates to religious movements, spiritual awakening, and the longing for deeper meaning in life. During this age, there has been a focus on organised religion, faith, and the search for spiritual connection.

The Age of Pisces has a theme of the dominance of hierarchical structures and the influence of institutions. It represents the idea of seeking salvation and enlightenment through belief systems rather than through direct gnosis.

As we transition into the Age of Aquarius, we are moving towards a more egalitarian society, based on Stellar Consciousness as seen in The Star. The Age of Aquarius places a greater emphasis on equality, individual freedoms, and the advancement of technology.

Mary Magdalene and 153

The number 153 connects with the geometric shape known as the Vesica Piscis (fish bladder) or Mandorla (almond), a shape connected with the Goddess. In his work ‘Measurement of a Circle,’ the famous mathematician Archimedes described the ratio 153/265 as the ‘measure of the fish.’

Both the circle and the Vesica Piscis are symbols of the Goddess, with the Vesica appearing in the middle between two intersecting circles.

153 is also the number for Mary Magdalene. In the Greek equivalent to Gematria, Isopsephy, the epithet “η Μαγδαληνή” (The Magdalene) adds up to 153.

The Mandorla and the Naked Saint

The Vesica/Mandorla is a symbol of the yoni, the doorway to life, or the manifestation portal. The Mandorla-shaped wreath in The World card frames a naked woman. Mary Magdalene was known as the naked saint, covered only by her long flowing hair. Raylene Abbot argues in ‘The Hidden Magdalene in the Tarot de Marseille‘ that it is the Magdalene we see in both The World and The Star card.

Mary Magdalene is an avatar of the Holy Sophia and a female Christ in her own right. The alchemical marriage between the Lunar Divine Feminine (Sophia) and the Solar Divine Masculine (Logos) is the soul alchemy that leads to enlightenment and breaks the karmic cycles of rebirth.

Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day

The date of the Feast of Mary Magdalene is on 22nd July which gives us 22/7. 22/7 renders PI and PI relates to the circle, another symbol of the Goddess.

ChristoSophianic Tarot Numerology

Though 153 heralds the dawning of the Age of Pisces, I find it fascinating that it also relates to The Star card in the Tarot and Aquarius as the 17th triangular number. The fact that it is a triangular number makes it correspond with the structure of the pyramids and the mysteries contained therein as mentioned above.

I had been pondering this before going to bed, along with how the numbers of the Major Arcana card corresponding with the letters Qof (The Moon), Nun (Death) and Gimel (The High Priestess) relate to Mary Magdalene.

She woke me up at 02:20 with some downloads so I got up to write it all down. The transmission was complete at 13:30. This is some of what she shared:

The Numbers 8 and 17

The Star heralds the Age of the return of the Divine Feminine and it is indeed Her we see in this card. 17 The Star corresponds with 8 Strength numerological and this is also a card to relate to the strength and protection of the Divine Feminine.

As a Priestess and initiate in the Mysteries of Isis and Sekhmet, Mary Magdalene knew that her time would not come until after the Age of Pisces. At the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, Mary Magdalene heralds the return of the Female Christ in our age.

The Numbers 2, 11 and 20

Mary Magdalene is the High Priestess and Isis initiate as we have seen above. The High Priestess corresponds with the Hebrew letter Gimel. Hence all three 2s relate to her. She is also the priestess of Divine Harmony (11 Justice) and of Ascension/Resurrection (20 Judgement) in her role as a myrrophore.

The Number 18

The number 18 relates to the number 9 (1+8=9 The Hermit) and the number 9 is the number of the Goddess. 18 The Moon corresponds with the Hebrew letter Qof and the number 100. In the Tarot, The Moon card is a card of illusion and confusion. The Astrological correspondence is Pisces.

Is it not true that we have been living in a state of illusion and confusion over the past 2000 years? Because instead of embracing the Divine Couple and their message, the ruling class cut the Divine Feminine out of the picture. So they ripped out any comfort that the Goddess could bring in what could have been a great age of compassion.

When I channelled a message from Mary Magdalene and Yeshua about a month ago, I was told to pay attention to the dates. One of the dates was the 18th and that was the actual release date of the Mary Magdalene Oracle here in the UK. It makes so much sense now!

The Number 13

The number 13 relates to the number 4 (1+3=4 The Emperor). The number 4 is the number of the Earth, the four directions and the four Elements. It is a feminine number so it is interesting to see this Arcanum dominated by a representative of a patriarchal and hierarchical Emperor. There is so much truth in the Tarot Arcana!

The corresponding Hebrew letter for 13 Death is Nun (number 50 in Gematria), the fish. Death, seen from an Underworld Goddess point of view, represents a time of gestation before the rebirth of the Divine Feminine. There is a link between the fish correspondence in the Death card and the Pisces correspondence in the Moon card.

The Moon and Death cards both point in the same direction, i.e. the final 2 numerology card, 20 Judgement. Because what goes into the Underworld under cover of illusion always comes back up to the surface and what dies is reborn.

In the Judgement card, we see the resurrection and restoration of the Divine Family: mother, father and child. The return of the Holy Sophia follows in The World.

There is more, including 3 forgotten Arcana, but it will have to wait for another day. I believe there is plenty here for us to chew on for now.


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