laguz elder futhark rune and hyperborean water magic

Laguz Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

laguz elder futhark rune and hyperborean water magic

Laguz – Rune of Water

I’m sitting here, sipping on a glass of water, pondering what the Element of Water means to us. Laguz is the rune of the Water Element, the unconscious mind, the astral realm, dreamwork, psychic energy and mediumship.

Water carries psychic energy. This is not a ‘New Age’ concept but has been known by mystics since the dawn of time. Think, for example of Holy Water or of how fasting to detox the blood is part of many spiritual paths. Water itself is a medium and it is in quite a literal sense what makes us able to channel messages from beyond. Try channelling or doing a psychic reading when you are dehydrated – It’s simply not possible!

Laguz is intrinsically connected to the ancient practices of Hyperborean water magic. This tradition, speaks to an advanced understanding of water not merely as a physical element, but as a vessel of psychic and spiritual potency. As the rune of water, Laguz embodies this deep-rooted connection, offering insight into the human psyche and the astral realm. The practices of Hyperborean water magic, with Laguz at its core, embrace the fluid nature of the subconscious, permitting its adepts to cleanse their aura, enhance intuition, cast spells and receive messages from beyond through the elemental conduit of water’s transformative energies.

Stripped back meaning based on the actual word and shape

Laguz is more akin to the English lake than it is to the modern Swedish word sjö (=lake). However ‘lagoon’ is lagun in modern Swedish and only one actual letter from the old Norse. Some claim that Laguz could also relate to ‘leek’ but I’m not going to go there. I think that is a simple misunderstanding of words that sound similar but have different meanings. If you are interested in etymology may wish to check this Wiki article out to make your mind up.

The shape of the rune is a vertical energy channel running between Yesod and Malkuth, the 9th and 10th spheres on the Tree of Life, with a hook into Yesod, the astral realm. When reversed, the hook is in the ground and we are quite literally ‘stuck in the mud.’


  • Polarity: Feminine
  • Zodiac correspondences: The Moon, Neptune
  • Tarot card correspondences: The High Priestess, The Hanged Man
  • Colour correspondences: Silver, all shades of blue, aqua, teal
  • Archangel correspondences: Archangel Asariel and Archangel Gabriel
  • Chakra correspondences: Third Eye
  • Health: blood purity, detox, hydration levels

Divinatory Meanings

General: the astral plane, astral travel, dreamwork, mediumship, trance states, hydration levels, miasma, water, emotions, intuition, psychic energy – Reversed: blocked emotions, blocked psychic ability, dehydration, dullness

Love & relationships: strong emotional bond, telepathic communication – Reversed: not enough emotional affinity, emotional manipulation

Health/wellbeing: balanced emotions, drinking enough water, mastery of psychic ability – Reversed: need to drink more water, underdeveloped intuition, emotionally stuck/stunted

Business: a psychic medium, water company, bottled water, fishing rights, boat/shipping trade, cruise ships – Reversed: a lack of emotional affinity between colleagues or between employer-employees, water/water breaks not provided during working hours

Holistic Healing Tips for Laguz

Chant LAW-gooze to strengthen the intent during a fast or detox.

Sleep with the rune under your pillow when doing lucid dreaming or other forms of dreamwork.

Create Holy Water by drawing the Laguz and Dagaz runes over the water.

Use your Woly Water to purify ritual tools and objects.

Drink water that you bless with the Laguz sign whenever you can, to keep your psychic channels clear.

Use Laguz blessed water or draw Laguz over your third eye to cleanse it from psychic debris.


  • I accept and enjoy the purification of my mind and emotions.
  • I let go of toxic thoughts and feelings.
  • I allow myself to be cleansed.
  • I let go of unhealthy emotional attachments.
  • Cleansing is a joyful process that produces excellent results.
  • I take responsibility for my psychic hygiene.
  • I am in control of my emotions.
  • My psychic abilities grow stronger day by day.
  • I can channel information from beyond the veil.
  • I am a clear and capable channel for the Divine.

Laguz Prayer

Dear Mother-Father God, Thank you for how wonderfully you made me in your likeness and for the ability to hear divine and angelic messages. Help me clear any blocks to my intuition and psychic ability now. Show me what I need to do to become the clearest channel possible. Amen and so it is!

Laguz and Hyperborean Water Magic

How to Charge the Water

  • Draw the rune over your glass or another glass vessel with the pointer and middle finger on your dominant hand.
  • Chant the name of the rune three times.
  • Visualise the rune glimmering in the colour of your choice as you chant (see colour correspondences above)
  • Visualise the light from the rune charging every molecule in the water until the light expands beyond the glass. When the light has formed an aura around the glass that you can either see or feel with your hands, it is ready to drink/use.

Laguz Water Magic

Hyperborean Water Magic was always performed for healing purposes and in response to the needs of an individual or the environment. Laguz makes the magician more sensitive to what those needs are.

Bathing in and drinking Laguz-charged water was part of the ancient initiation rites in the Hyperborean times. The initiation is preceded by a period of fasting and purification. The Hyperborean Water Magician tuned into their Craft name while lying in the Pool of Initiation. This was a name that created a strong link with water magic(k). There is nothing to prevent us from self-initiating into these mysteries if we feel called to do so!

Laguz-charged water was usually part of all fasts in Hyperborea. It was also used to prime the imagination and come up with creative solutions.

Laguz-charged water is typically prescribed to those wishing to improve their psychic ability or to those who have problems with being too aloof. It is also used for all types of emotional healing. Laguz-charged water has its own intelligence when it comes to heart healing. It always brings more compassion for self and others.

Laguz is used in the environment to purify and improve the psychic conductivity of all types of water.

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Try the Laguz Rune Tarot spread!

Blessed be!


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