top 10 ways to raise your vibration with the tarot

Top 10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration with the Tarot

Top 10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration with the Tarot

Did you know that you can use the Tarot to raise your vibration? And I’m not talking about a prediction that is exactly what you wished for to come true. In addition to being a tool for telling fortunes, the Tarot is a wonderful tool for self-development and healing. You may have come across the saying that the Tarot is the mirror of the soul. A mirror reflects and that sounds like a pretty passive quality, right? However, as a complete psycho-spiritual took kit, the Tarot is versatile enough to be used actively too – The limit to the uses of the Tarot are defined only by our imagination. 

Here – in no particular order – are my top 10 favourite ways of using the Tarot to raise my vibration. Why not share some of your faves in the comments below?

Top 10 Ways to Raise the Vibration with the Tarot

  • Putting the deck in order, from The Fool to The World  in the Majors, then the Minor Arcana (Ace to King), starting with the suit of Wands, then Cups, Swords and finally the suit of Pentacles. This is particularly good if your vibe has been lowered by a sense of your personal life or the world around you being in a state of chaos. It is a reminder to your subconscious mind that Higher Order is maintained at all times and that all is well.
  • Enjoying the artwork. Don’t underestimate the power of beautiful artwork to raise your vibration! Of course, this requires you to be in a possession of a deck that has artwork that you actually find beautiful and that is a highly subjective matter. Just look at the cards, either in silence or with some uplifting music playing in the background. Notice how your feelings have shifted when you feel ready to put the cards away.
  • Meditating with a card. You can either choose a card face up that you feel has the ‘Tarot medicine’ you need or allow the Tarot to choose for you, trusting that the Universe will serve up the card that will help raise your vibration. If you try the latter method and a ‘negative’ card comes up, you are – of course- entirely free to try again and choose a different card. However, ask yourself if this isn’t exactly the energy that you need to clear now, in order to feel better… Sitting with the feeling that this card evokes, embracing it and owning it may just be the thing that helps you release any lingering negativity. Remember, what we resist persists.
  • Making Tarot affirmations. Think about what it is you are trying to manifest in your life right now. Look through the cards and choose the card that best symbolises your goal. Allow the imagery to inspire an affirmation. Place the card on your altar, bedside table, dresser or fridge, to remind yourself to use your affirmation often. (CLICK HERE for more on how to create truly powerful Tarot affirmations!)
  • Create a Tarot essence. This is another wonderful thing you can do with the card which is the closest match with what you wish to manifest now. I share how in this post.
  • Tarot power posing. Power posing has been scientifically proven to work. Will it work even better if you base it on your favourite Major Arcana or Court card? This has yet to be tested but it sure is more FUN! My personal favourite is The Magician’s ‘As above, so below’ pose.
  • Balancing your elements. There are several variations of this you can try but my favourite way to do it is with the four Aces. Separate the Aces out and go around clockwise, laying the Ace of Wands in the South, the Ace of Cups in the West, the Ace of Pentacles in the North and the Ace of Swords in the East. Sit in you the circle you have created this way and focus on the Aces in the order you laid them out. For the Ace of Wands state: ‘Thank you for the gift of vitality.’ For the Ace of Cups state: ‘Thank you for the gift of serenity.’  For the Ace of Pentacles state: ‘Thank you for the gift of stability.’ And finally, for the Ace of Swords state, ‘Thank you for the gift of clarity.’ Take as long as you need to feel balanced and whole, meditating on your I AM essence.
  • Chakra balancing. I have a whole video series on how to use the Tarot to heal the chakras but for a quick vibrational lift simply tune into your chakras and use your inner vision/clairsentience to sense which chakra needs a boost. Pick the Tarot card you feel is the best medicine for this chakra and lie down with the card over the weak chakra, breathing in the energy of the card until you feel that the chakra has been boosted enough and returned to its optimal state. These chakra Tarot spreads may also be useful.
  • Give a deck away! Making someone else’s day is a surefire way of raising your own vibration. What you give out comes back to you at least times three… and what better gift to give someone than a Tarot deck?!
  • Continuing the the theme of giving and getting a bit more creative (yay, fun!)… If you have a deck with a card already missing (or if you feel okay with breaking a deck up), you can leave cards dotted about with little love notes from the Universe for people to find. 

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