top 10 questions to ask of the tarot for a happy life

Top 10 Happiness Questions to Ask of the Tarot

The Sun – The Frideborg Tarot

It’s important to remember to ask the BIG questions of the Tarot – the kind of questions that have the power to truly change our lives for the better. And what could have a bigger POSITIVE impact than asking questions that help generate more happiness?

Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Often, we’re drawn to pull some cards for how to get something we think we need. The problem is that, when our questions come from a place of need, the answers can easily put us on the wrong track, especially if what we think we need is not a good much with what our Soul wants for our life.

What questions could we be asking then, if we feel stuck, bored, demotivated and unhappy?

If you truly want to be happy, the first thing to be mindful of is to NOT focus on the unhappiness or its source for your reading. The more you read on an unhappy situation, the more you are likely to reinforce your negative looping thoughts around it. (Usually, stuckness around a negative situation indicates a blind spot in our psyche and if we truly want the situation resolved, we are often better off asking someone else to read on it and provide objective input.)

Instead, when reading yourself out of a funk, intend to shift your focus and raise your vibration. This is not spiritual bypass if you are truly stuck, by the way, because what is keeping you stuck is your subconscious mind and the reason it is keeping you stuck is that you’ve let it run the show for too long. 

When we feel really low, it can take a lot of energy to shift gears and begin raising our vibration but it is still always an option. Just because something requires a lot of energy doesn’t mean we shouldn’t attempt it. 

For me, one of the best ways to begin the process is to say out loud: ‘I intend to be happy.’ You can also claim your personal happiness with the following decree: ‘Happiness is my birthright.’ Say it out loud a few times and see how it makes you feel!

The Sun’s Tarot Lesson About Happiness

In the Tarot Major Arcana, The Sun is the card connected with happiness. The spiritual lesson contained in this card is that we are each responsible for our own happiness. Reclaiming childlike innocence is part of this lesson and nobody else can do that for us.

Top 10 Happiness Questions to Ask of the Tarot 

  1. ‘What does my soul want me to know right now?’ This question is important because it helps us to centre our energy and reconnect with our Source. If this feels like a negative card, it simply your soul witnessing the pain you are going through. Do not stop here; keep asking the right questions… any of the questions below. Start by pulling just one card and see if more questions arise from this, then pull another. Write your answers down. Come up with some kind of action plan. It’s important that you take action within 24 hours to avoid going into guidance overload.
  2. ‘How do I begin to move forward to align with JOY, my soul’s true north?’
  3. ‘What new, life-enhancing habit could I implement, starting today?’
  4. ‘What is something I need to show more gratitude and appreciation for?’
  5. ‘How can I cheer someone else up today?’ (This is a top tip that never fails because when we lift someone else up, we instantly begin to feel better!)
  6. ‘Where in my life do I need to get more disciplined/organised?’
  7. ‘What must I surrender now to make room for happiness?’
  8. ‘How am I making the world a better place?’
  9. ‘How can I free myself and reclaim my sense of innocence?’
  10. ‘What risk should I take now so that I can make my dreams come true?’ (aka ‘How can I feel the fear and do it anyway?’)

Love & Light,

Lisa Frideborg