age of aquarius light codes and soul alchemy

Light Codes and Soul Alchemy

light codes and soul alchemy

In today’s post, we are looking at how light codes and soul alchemy are connected and how they combine to elevate humanity. We are expanding into stellar consciousness on the threshold of the Age of Aquarius.

Yesterday, the day after my self-dedication as a Magdalene Priestess, I was in a state of bliss most of the day. But I was also super aware of the fact that I lack wisdom and the past life memories are slow in coming back. So what does a Magdalene Priestess do when she sees this shortcoming? She turns to Pistis Sophia and asks for wisdom from the source of wisdom Herself, of course!

I did this and then, right before I went to sleep, I felt guided to listen to an activation meditation by the wonderful energy channel Reiki Rachael. You can check it out HERE. I highly recommend this meditation/activation for integrating the 777 light codes and preparing for the 88 Lion’s Gate Portal. She also covers the Nodal Axis Shift in this transmission.


I sort of knew that I would get downloads through the night after receiving the activations. So when I woke up just after midnight, I relaxed and didn’t try to fight the sleeplessness. My spirit guides have told me that’s how they get me into the right hypnagogic brainwave pattern so that I can see the codes. I was awake for about 90 minutes and then drifted back to sleep.

When I woke up after that sleep cycle, I could see the codes coming in. They show up in the astral so I see them through my third eye and not with regular sight. I wish I could show them to you but the best way to describe them is constantly shifting intricate geometric patterns in a pale white light. One word that springs to mind is ‘Elven-like.’

So how do Light Codes connect with soul alchemy? Let’s look first at light codes and what they are.

Light Codes

Light codes are energetic patterns of information and frequencies that hold spiritual and transformational wisdom. They carry the vibrations and consciousness of higher realms and dimensions.

Light codes can be received and activated through various means, such as meditation, intention setting, and energy healing practices. (Last night, before falling asleep I had done all three!)

They have the potential to awaken dormant abilities, activate spiritual growth, and facilitate healing on multiple levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

These codes tend to come through as sacred symbols, geometrical patterns, or sequences of numbers. When we connect with and receive these codes, we can access and integrate the wisdom and higher states of consciousness associated with us.

Light codes can serve as tools for personal transformation, expansion of consciousness, and connection with the broader universal intelligence. I also believe that we receive collective downloads and crucial time points and that these downloads are coming in more frequently as humanity begins to access more of its Steller Consciousness through soul alchemy.

Soul Alchemy

Soul Alchemy is how we integrate the Light Codes. Unlocking the secrets of the soul through alchemy happens by combining two contrasting perspectives to perceive the true nature of reality. These two perspectives are known as the Solar Path, the path of the conscious mind, and the Lunar Path, the path of the subconscious mind. One of the reasons I love the Tarot is that it combines these two paths like no other tool I have come across.

The Solar Path

The Solar Path represents the rational and analytical side of knowledge. This relates to the left hemisphere of the brain. It is characterised by logical thinking, scientific inquiry, and the use of intellect to comprehend the world. In alchemy, Solar consciousness is associated with symbols like the Sun, Fire, Sulfur, and the One Mind of the universe. It encompasses activities such as creating lists, following linear thought processes and utilising formulas and logic. It’s the Path of the God-King.

The Lunar Path

On the other hand, the Lunar Path embodies intuition and non-linear thinking. This relates to the right hemisphere of the brain. It is a realm of imagery, creativity, and spiritual understanding. Lunar consciousness is symbolised by the Moon, Water, Mercury, the One Thing of the Universe, and the Cosmic Womb of Creation. This intuitive intelligence finds expression in art, faith practices, and activities like painting, meditation, and music. It’s the Path of the Goddess-Queen.

The Path of the Stars

Soul alchemy teaches that the Stellar Path represents true wisdom. This is the path which harmonises the hemispheres of the brain by combining the Solar and Lunar perspectives. It is the path that aligns the mind with the heart. By uniting these seemingly opposing forces, one attains a state of Stellar Consciousness or ‘Intelligence of the Heart.’ This unified state is symbolised by the Divine Child, born from the union of the God-King and Goddess-Queen archetypes.

Entering into this harmonious state is what Yeshua meant when he said we have to become like children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. He didn’t ask us to disavow intelligence and follow a religious leader. In fact, he admonished us to be “wise as snakes and innocent as doves.” Someone who is wise as a serpent knows to test the spirits and not take anybody’s word for anything. They will do their own research. Yes, I said what I said.

How Light Codes and Soul Alchemy Are Connected

It is not difficult to understand the connection between light codes and soul alchemy. The Light Codes filter into the subconscious mind and go to work there first. They then begin unclogging blocked memory pathways and upgrading our DNA. They can also go to work on the body’s energy system to facilitate cellular repair.

Light codes act as a bridge between our lunar and stellar consciousness. But they can also activate and enrich our solar consciousness, especially when we ask for wisdom.

My first experience with a Light Codes download wasn’t something I asked for. Or, rather, my ego personality had not asked for it. I’m pretty sure my Higher Self was in on the act! In fact, last night was the first time I tried asking for a download of light codes before falling asleep. That in itself is a sign of becoming more connected with Stellar Consciousness.

And I know I’m not alone. That’s what’s so exciting–It’s happening all over the world as humanity awakens!

A Note On Scepticism

A small dose of scepticism can be healthy. It goes with being wise as serpents. However, those who say that humanity never truly evolves and that we are just on repeat with larger cycles returning us to previously experienced states are not grasping reality. Neither are those who claim that life ends with a final judgment and eternity locked into either ‘heaven’ or ‘hell.’

Here is why: The pattern is not a circle; it is a spiral, just like our DNA. Just because the 3D container is symbolised by an Ouroboros (snake biting its own tale) doesn’t mean that Life itself is like that. There are always new dimensions to explore and one of the ways we can explore our transcendence is through receiving light codes that help unlock more of what we are.

We can be fully human, grounded and rooted in the container, and still strive to transcend the limitations of the time-space continuum. In fact, we were made to do so or we wouldn’t have the superpowers we do indeed possess.

No Limits

Why put limits on Source? Doing so makes it easier to fall prey to dogmatic (sociopathic/megalomaniac) leaders who claim to know what those limits are. Light Codes act as protection against being limited and dominated by the will of a strong leader. Light Codes put us all on equal footing, capable of receiving intel and upgrades straight from Source. If that reminds you of the imagery in the Aquarian Star Card in the Tarot, you are not wrong!

the star tarot card - light codes and stellar consciousness

The Dying Powers don’t want that. They want us to live in fear, feeling small, powerless and limited, preferably in constant victim mode. I honestly think that when people say that the solution to the world’s problems today is spiritual, not political, they ought to follow that up with: “We access this solution by embracing stellar consciousness, downloading light codes and actively integrating those codes in the process of soul alchemy.”

What do you think?

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