pick a pile week ahead messages 22-28 may

Cosmic Collective Messages 22-28 May

week ahead tarot messages for the cosmic collective 22-28 may

Happy Friday, Soul Tribe! Welcome to the Cosmic Collective Message from Spirit and Thoth Tarot messages for the week of 22-28 May!

I’m sharing these pick-a-pile readings on the day of the New Moon in Taurus. Think about how the pick-a-pile message you receive ties in with any New Moon intentions you set. You can decide what actions you take to move toward your goals and intentions, based on any of the information below that resonates with your New Moon Intentions.

Good intentions to set on a New Moon in Taurus are for increased abundance, anything to do with self-expression through sound/music, healing of throat and neck-related issues, new love (Venus rules Taurus), and greater stability/perseverance (Fixed Earth). The ruling Archangel is Anael/Haniel.

You will find three New Moon in Taurus Tarot Spreads to work with HERE, HERE and HERE.

Week Ahead Message for the Cosmic Collective

cosmic collective energy forecast 22-28 may

Pile 1 Week of 22-28 May

pile 1

A new phase is beginning for you this week. You have graduated and completed a major cycle of learning. Well done! For the next step of your journey, lay the foundation carefully. You know what you want and are already on track for future success. So making sure that you are rooted and grounded in reality will help you come up with achievable short-term goals. Align all your actions, as well as your mind-body-spirit energy, to move you in the direction of success this week and you will have built the solid foundation you need. Remember, it’s all about the daily habits.

Affirmation: This phase of my life is built on rock-solid foundations

Crystal remedy: Picture Jasper

Pile 2 Week of 22-28 May

pile 2

You may find yourself feeling quite nostalgic this week and this could, in turn, prevent you from being as organised as you need to be. Memories of past attachments and emotional issues are surfacing. It’s okay to cut yourself some slack. This week’s dust will still be there in the week to come. But do the inner work, especially for any father issues that come up for healing. It is also possible that your ancestors have a message for you, especially from your father’s bloodline. Be vigilant for any signs of spirit communication. They wish to help you be in charge of your life so that you honour yourself.

Affirmation: I AM strong, present and organised

Crystal remedy: Sunstone

Pile 3 Week of 22-28 May

pile 3

Communication and friendship are two areas that are positively affected for you in the Waxing Moon week ahead. Setting the intention for more loving friendships to come into your life serves you well. This is especially true if you wish to bring in people who are aligned with your values and working toward similar goals in life. There could also be an opportunity to team up with another person for building a business or working on a project together. For some of you, new love is on the cards. Watch out for a person who is quirky, full of ideas and totally in love with what they do for a living.

Affirmation: I attract mutually supportive relationships that help me achieve my goals

Crystal remedy: Rose Quartz


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  1. my cards were right on. i talk to someone tomorrow about starting up a business that i know will be amazing and also with someone its crazy plus i was tqlking about today where my fathers family was its crazy scary how rite the cards were,

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  2. #1 is (hopefully) resonating. I’ve been offered a second stream of income (part-time) at $10 more per house.
    Although it’s only part time, I’m hoping it will turn into a full time position so I can get out of the “good ole boy” mentality , no room for advancement position I’m currently in.

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