Tarot Prayer III

Tarot Prayer III

Tarot Prayer III Major Arcana cards The Devil - The World

The Devil – The World

Save us, Holy Spirit, from the Evil One and all his minions. Preserve us from illusion, delusion, addiction and projections.

Cleanse us with your Holy Fire when we start building castles in the sand, the works of those who seek the world’s approval; guide us to the high places and teach us to build on firm foundations.

Pour your grace through our hearts and out through our hands in the Eternal Now. As we become one with the Dancer of Creation, we stop counting the cost. We know deeply that it is your grace that sustains us. Help us to see clearly that the more we pursue the Highest Good, the more our ability to receive your grace increases.

And when the hour comes to gaze into the murky depths so that the final karmic threads can be dissolved, grant us the presence of mind to be still and know that you are God. Our intuition, too, is a gift from you and it is the invisible rudder of that rudderless vessel that navigates the Spheres of Yesod and Da’ath.

Then in joyful union with your Son and with Sophia, our hearts rejoice. You wipe all tears from our faces as we learn to radiate our Essence like the divine couple; giving and receiving in harmony.

For the final test prepare us then, O Holy Spirit. What’s left to burn away of the dream, let it burn as we gravitate toward the Light —

Through the sacred Vesica Piscis, reborn in your image, dancers of creations yet undreamed — heralds of the Age of the Holy Spirit.

Lisa Frideborg

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