the runic lenormand spread

The Runic Lenormand Spread

The Runic Lenormand Spread

The Runic Lenormand spread is for those of you who are already at a basic level of reading Lenormand (i.e. not complete novices), either intuitively or with a precise traditional sentence structure. If you are looking for a free introduction to the Lenormand online, I recommend the Learn Lenormand site. I’m currently working my way through Rana George’s The Essential Lenormand: Your Guide to Precise & Practical Fortunetelling and highly recommend it.

Don’t worry. You can do this spread with non-Lenormand cards too. See the Bonus Tips section below. And if you are a novice reader and have never read with mixed oracles before, you may wish to check out this post.

CLICK HERE to scroll to the keywords for each of the 24 Elder Futhark Runes. There are also links to more in-depth rune meanings.

Great for general readings

The spread provides another dimension and can be helpful when you don’t know exactly what to read on since the runes provide themes. The Runic Lenormand Spread works well as a daily practice spread because it gives you three themed sentences as guidance for the day ahead.

And if you are reading for someone else, this spread instantly provides you with three themes you can begin to dive into. If you have ever done readings for someone who is reluctant to ask questions, you know how handy this can be!

Great for specific questions

But you can also use this versatile Runic Lenormand Spread to read on a specific question. It then adds another dimension to the box spread aka the 9-square or 3×3 spread.

The three Lenormand cards after each rune clarify and provide details about the individual themes. Or you can ask a specific question.

The theme runes when reading for a specific question represent:

1 . What you already know

2 . What you must do

3 . What you can’t control

Elder Futhark Rune Index & Keywords

Fehu – Abundance, New Beginnings, Money
Uruz – Strength, Endurance, Vitality
Thurisaz – Warning, Breakthrough, Protection
Ansuz – Intelligence, Communication, Breath
Raidho – Journey, Progression, Rhythm
Kenaz – Clarity, Inspiration, Creativity
Gebo – Gift, Partnership, Exchange
Wunjo – Joy, Success, Harmony
Hagalaz – Crisis, Purification, Letting Go
Nauthiz – Necessity, Scarcity, Restriction
Isa – Stillness, Immobility, Going Within
Jera – Harvest, Karma, Cycles
Eihwaz – Transformation, Initiation, Kundalini Awakening
Perthro – Seership, Wyrd, Mysteries
Algiz – Protection, Higher Self, Cosmic Intelligence
Sowilo – Confidence, Positivity, Good Health
Tiwaz – Self-sacrifice, Loyalty, Male Fertility
Berkano – Female Fertility, Birth, Regeneration
Ehwaz – Trust, Partnership, Marriage
Mannaz – Culture, Society, Connection
Laguz – Imagination, Fluidity, Cleansing
Inguz – Fertility, Sacrifice, Creation
Dagaz – Awakening, Hope, Fulfilment
Othala – Ancestry, Inheritance, Nobility

Bonus Tip 1

Pull one Major Arcana or Angel Oracle card for the spiritual lesson that unites the three themes. Place it at the top of the Runic Lenormand Spread.

Bonus Tip 2

Read each row separately and wrote down a sentence for each theme. Next, read the cards in the lefthand column as the past, the middle column as the present and the column on the right as the future.

Bonus Tip 3

You can also turn the Lenormand pulls into line readings of 5 or 7 cards if you feel a theme needs a more in-depth exploration. This works best if you lay the column of runes out first before you begin laying out the cards. Then take a minute to intuitively decide how many cards each row may require before shuffling the deck.

Bonus Tip 4

Turn the Runic Lenormand Spread into a Runic Tarot or oracle card spread if you prefer using other types of cards.

If you enjoyed this post, you’ll probably find a use for the post about Lenormand Meanings for Love and Relationships.

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