runic dragon code 21 laguz

Dragon Code 21 Laguz

runic dragon code 21 laguz

Laguz for Peace of Mind

Dragon Code 21, Laguz, is the rune of the Element of Water. Thus it corresponds to the psyche, our emotions and the imagination.

Wind (Element of Air/Ansuz) stirs the waters of our feelings. To give ourselves peace of mind we need to make the mental chatter of the mind stop so that we can calm our emotions.

Try this before you meditate: Take three deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then visualise a placid lake with the sun setting over the water and quietly chant Laguz three times. Alternatively, you can visualise the Laguz rune over the water. You are ready to begin your regular meditation practice.

To calm down upset emotions after a heated argument, chant Laguz Isa, to cool things down.

If you are feeling apathetic create a bindrune with Laguz and Kenaz to awaken a sense of purpose and a vision for the future.

runic dragon code 21 laguz

Laguz for Prosperity

Laguz corresponds with the sacral chakra and the womb of creation. This Dragon Code is great to use when you need to get your creative juices flowing. Create a bindrune with Laguz, Fehu and Kenaz to come up with creative ideas that also generate a cash flow.

If money is tied up in a property that isn’t selling, use Laguz with Othala and Ansuz to get the energy moving and get the word out to the right people who want to buy the property.

Laguz for Personal Power

Use the Laguz rune to develop your psychic power and the ability to lucid dream and astral travel.

Create a bindrune with Ehwaz and Eihwaz for lucid dreaming and astral travel.

Chant Laguz Perthro (or make a bindrune) to enhance your psychic ability before doing readings or engaging in mediumship.

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