Jeliel and the 2 of Wands

2. Jeliel – 2 of Wands

Jeliel and the 2 of Wands

Shem Angel 2 Jeliel is the Shem HaMemphorash whose name means ‘The Charitable God’ or ‘Helpful God.’ The name sounds like Yoh-Lah-Yoh.


Jeliel belongs to the Angelic Choir of Seraphim (Keter), ruled by Metatron. The Planetary correspondences are Neptune and Saturn. Jeliel has masculine energy and is the Angel of Relationships. The corresponding gemstone is Kunzite. He represents the Element of Fire and the main colours associated with this angel are pale blue or pale green.

Jeliel is the Guardian Angel of those born between 26-30 March.

Jeliel rules the time between 00:20 – 00:40 AM.

The five days between 26-30 March equates to the final five days of the first decan of Aries. The corresponding Tarot card is the 2 of Wands (Mars in Aries). Vehuiah rules the first five days of the first decan of Aries.

Jeliel’s secondary rulership covers 10 January, 22 March, 4 June, 18 – 19 August (until noon) and 31 October.

At birth, we are each given three Guardian Angels. The following explains the roles of your three Shem Angels: Primary rulership determines the physical and external material aspects of the person born within that date range. Secondary rulership determines the emotional characteristics and challenges a person may face. Finally, the time of day determines the person’s intellectual capability.

Use this calculator to find your three Birth Angels.

Jeliel and the 2 of Wands

Jeliel is one of the main angels to work with for improving close relationships. While the 2 of Wands is not associated with love and romance to the same extent as the 2 of Cups, it is still very much a card of relationships and professional partnerships.

The 2 of Wands tarot card signifies several positive aspects in a relationship context. It carries the essence of empowerment, ambition, and collaboration. In a relationship context, the card indicates a strong foundation of trust and mutual understanding, allowing both partners to explore new horizons together.

It prompts individuals to embrace leadership qualities and take calculated risks, fostering personal growth and shared adventures. Sometimes friendly competition is involved.

The 2 of Wands also symbolises harmonious decision-making and the ability to make plans for the future, encouraging open communication and joint decision-making. Ultimately, it signifies a relationship filled with passion, inspiration and a shared vision for the future.

The 2 of Wands is a good fit indeed for those born under the guardianship of Jeliel. There is a frankness and friendliness about close relationships that have the Jeliel signature and 2 of Wands characteristics. These natives simply don’t feel a need to find excitement outside the relationship. There is plenty for them to source within the relationship.

Bible Verse to Invoke Jeliel

Psalm to invoke Jeliel

But you, O Lord, do not be far away! O my help, come quickly to my aid!
Psalm 22:19

Situations that Jeliel Can Help With

  • Fidelity in love relationships
  • Finding a good partner
  • Bringing love and wisdom to the relationship
  • Mediation
  • Relationship happiness
  • Prevention of bad partnerships
  • Commitment phobia

Use the Yoh-Lah-Yoh Mantra…

…if you struggle to find a good life partner. Chant this mantra to free yourself if you are in love with someone who is in a committed relationship.

Chant Yoh-Lah-Yoh before mediation or talks with a relationship counsellor to prepare your heart.

Chanting Yoh-Lah-Yoh can be helpful for any relationship that feels void of an authentic emotional connection or for a relationship that lacks wisdom.

Yeliel is an excellent angel to invoke for anyone in the phase of trying to meet someone to settle down with as he will protect you from time-wasters and cheaters.


If you want to learn more about how to work with the Hebrew letters of the 72 Angels of the Name, I recommend The 72 Sigils of Power: Magic, Insight, Wisdom and Change by Zanna Blaise.

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