june new moon 2024 sidereal astro-tarot

June New Moon Sidereal Astro-Tarot Forecast

june new moon 2024 sidereal astro-tarot

As mentioned in my post about switching from Tropical to True Sidereal astrology, we are now looking at the lunar forecasts through the Real Sky lens, including the upcoming June New Moon on Thursday. (Do not despair if you are looking for a Gemini New Moon Tarot Spread. You will find that HERE.) CLICK HERE for a Taurus New Moon Tarot Spread.

And start preparing your minds already if you are going on this Sidereal journey with me because this month’s Full Moon is in Ophiuchus, the 13th Sign!

I will not personally walk you through the True Sidereal astrology and important aspects for each lunation but will instead focus on what Spirit has to say through the Tarot. But you can get a feel of the celestial energy for this current week and Thursday’s upcoming New Moon in the video by Athen Chimenti below:

June New Moon in Taurus Tarot Reading for the Collective

Harness the transformative energy of the upcoming lunation with our June New Moon Tarot reading, focusing on finances, stability, values, and resources.

1. New Beginnings – 7 of Wands

We are gearing up for a period of resilience and determination. The dying powers are trying to control/strangle the food supply and shortages are expected globally later in the year. This card indicates that new opportunities in finances and stability can still become available. However, they will require a tenacious and determined approach. Facing challenges head-on and standing your ground will be essential.

2. Intentions – 4 of Cups

It’s time for introspection. We should set intentions to focus on what truly matters in terms of resources and values. This period calls for a deep re-evaluation of what is being offered versus what is desired. Be wary of complacency and open your heart to unexpected opportunities.

3. Challenges – 2 of Swords

Decision-making will be the major challenge. The collective might find itself at a crossroads, faced with difficult financial or resource-related choices. Strive to remove the blindfold of indecision and seek clarity to navigate these challenges. Focus on practical solutions and keeping the peace as much as possible.

4. Inner Strength – The Emperor

The energy of The Emperor suggests that, collectively, our inner strength lies in our sovereignty. Harness the power of discipline, strategic planning, and leadership to build a stable foundation for future growth.

5. Release – Queen of Cups

It’s time to release any emotional dependencies that may cloud our judgment about financial stability and resource management. We need to embrace emotional wisdom but refrain from letting reactivity drive decisions about how to create stability and strong financial foundations. The dying powers are doing all they can to control our emotions and keep us in various states of fear and reactivity. It is up to each of us as individuals to not allow them to do that.

6. Guidance from Spirit – King of Cups

Spirit guides us toward emotional balance and compassionate leadership. Trust in your ability to maintain calm and composed when dealing with matters concerning resources and stability. The King of Cups advises integrating emotional intelligence with practical decision-making. Be very clear about what your heart-centred core values are.

7. Future Outcome – 3 of Wands

Looking ahead, the potential outcome is one of expansion and foresight. This is all about coming together and working things out for the Highest Good, allowing for the genius of each individual to shine forth in our collective efforts. If we do that, we can expect growth and exploration of new opportunities beyond current horizons. Continue planning and remain open to different avenues for stability and resourcefulness.


Other than the notable absence of Earth Element cards for the Taurus lunar cycle (again, material shortages), the meme below pretty much sums up the energetic feel of the month ahead. As the emotional pressure ramps up, we’ll be watching closely as the façade of the most hardened believers in propaganda starts to crack… Stay sane out there, friends and remember the core values of Love and Freedom during this Venus-ruled lunar cycle.

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