7 Root Chakra Healers

The root/base chakra is the energy centre located at the base of the spine that relates to issues surrounding survival, security, sexuality, fear and the adrenal gland fight/flight response. Any time you feel fearful of poverty or ill health, this energy centre is taxed and the flow of energy becomes blocked. The main requirement for a healthy root chakra on the emotional level is a basic trust that you are supported in life.

12 Decks Every Tarot Healer Needs to Own

If you are interested in using the Tarot holistically, for healing and personal development, you will find that certain decks work better than others. Which decks that might be will vary from person to person, so what resonates with me might not work for you and that is totally fine.

The Emotional Energy Tarot Body Spread

“One thing you can’t hide – is when you’re crippled inside.” ― John Lennon   I used my mini Hanson-Roberts as the cards are just the right size! In the diagram above, you will find information on how the emotions are connected to physiological processes. I copied the template above for learning purposes as well as to create a personalised …

5 Ways to Engage Fully with the Tarot Cards

What is Holistic Tarot? Holistic Tarot is based on the principle of the mind-body-spirit holistic approach to life. The Tarot cards mirror all of life’s aspects perfectly and can be applied on multiple levels of your being, by way of multi-sensory learning and reading. 5 ways to engage on multi-sensory levels in the Tarot learning and reading experience 1. Crystals. …