The Cloud Atlas Soul Group Tarot Spread

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I watched the Cloud Atlas last weekend and it didn’t disappoint. Not that I read the book – my ‘pre-movie excitement’ was entirely based on seeing the trailer and the words ‘everything is connected’ which I happen to know is true. And wouldn’t you know it, the film is what inspired the topic of today’s post, The Cloud Atlas Soul Group Tarot Spread! The Cloud Atlas is about a group of souls who keep reincarnating together in different constellations… sometimes …

The Gilded Tarot Spread

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Do you own a copy of Ciro Marchetti’s first Tarot deck, The Gilded Tarot Deck? If you do, I’m sure you love yours as much as I loved mine. In fact, I loved mine so much that I ended up giving away not one, but two copies. And as of last summer, I was Gilded-less but I had made two other people wanting to learn the Tarot very happy.

Deck Interview with the Gilded Tarot Royale

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Ever now and then you come across a Tarot deck that makes you fall in love with the Tarot all over again. Ciro Marchetti‘s Gilded Tarot Royale is one such deck. The original¬†Gilded Tarot was one of the first decks I bought for myself when my enchantment with the Rider Waite deck wore off. It was also one of the first decks I gave away to a friend back in 2005. Not because I didn’t like the deck any more …