An Intention-Setting Tarot Spread


Today, I have been guided to create the Intention-Setting Tarot Spread you will find below. I’m writing this at the time of the 2023 New Moon in Cancer. I’m digging deep for setting a powerful intention because at the end of this week, on the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene, I’m self-dedicating as a Magdalene Priestess. But the spread is not exclusive to the New Moon. You can use it any time you wish to set the kind of intention that lays the foundation for some major venture or project.

Since I first realised I had a Magdalene calling back in 2017 so much has changed. I didn’t realise at the time that I would have to go through the process of healing my religious trauma before I could step fully onto this path. Nor did I fully understand the nature and role of the Divine Feminine or how to embody Her. I had forgotten so much.

But my memories are slowly returning and this time I’m carefully integrating them. Rushing got me absolutely nowhere in the past. I’ve eaten so much humble pie that I couldn’t possibly swallow another morsel. But I’m finally ready. And the first step is to lay a firm foundation by setting the right intention.

The Intention-Setting Process

Setting an intention is a powerful process that allows you to focus your energy and bring your desires to fruition. Here is a simple process to guide your intention-setting:

  1. Reflect on your desires: Take some time to reflect on what you truly want to manifest in your life. Ask yourself what you are seeking, what you want to achieve, or how you want to feel. Be honest with yourself and identify your deepest desires. Focus on one thing that you intend to manifest.
  2. Clarify your intention: Be specific and use positive language. For example, instead of saying “I don’t want to be stressed”, say “I intend to experience calm and peace in my daily life.”
  3. Visualise your intention: Close your eyes and imagine yourself already experiencing your intention. Visualise the details of how your life will be once your intentions have manifested. Feel the emotions and sensations associated with achieving your desires. This step helps to amplify the energy around your intentions.
  4. Write down your intentions: Take your clarified intention and write it down on a piece of paper or in a journal. By writing it down in the present tense (e.g. “I experience calm and peace in my daily life”), you are giving it form and creating a physical representation of your intention. This written intention can then double as an affirmation that you can use daily. More than just saying the words, it’s about experiencing the positive feeling that goes with your intention.
  5. Set an action plan: It is essential to back up your intention with action. Take some time to think about the steps you can take to align fully with your intention.
  6. Trust the process: Once you have set your intentions and taken action, trust that the universe is working in your favour. Let go of attachment to the outcome and have faith that what you desire will manifest in the right way and at the right time.

Focusing on just one intention at a time makes it easier to keep reviewing and adjusting it as necessary. It also makes it easier to assess your achievement once you have manifested your intention. That’s not to say you can’t have more than one goal that you are working toward but there is immense power in staying super-focused on your most burning desire.

The Intention-Setting Tarot Spread

an intention-setting tarot spread
  1. How Your Energy Meets Your Intention: This card represents how your current energy meets the intention you are setting.
  2. Challenge: This card represents the challenge to the desired outcome. It provides guidance and clarity on what is in resistance to your intention.
  3. Action to Take: This card suggests the first step or action you need to take in order to align with your intention in the external world.
  4. Supportive Energies: This card represents the supportive energies or resources available to you. It offers guidance on what external factors or internal strengths you can call upon to assist you in manifesting your intention. External factors can be celestial influences as well as physical resources.
  5. Guidance from Your Higher Self: This final card represents the guidance or message from the universe. It offers insights, wisdom, or additional guidance that can help you stay aligned with your intentions and navigate your journey with clarity and confidence. You can use an Oracle card here.

Happy intention-setting!

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love raven liora

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