nephthys and the higher heart chakra

Nephthys and the Higher Heart Chakra (with Tarot Spread)

nephthys and the higher heart chakra

After a strange night where my dog who always sleeps through the night started barking and doing zoomies at 3 AM, I needed to meditate to ground my energy this morning. It’s the much-talked-about solar eclipse in Aries today. We shouldn’t be surprised that the energy is off even for our animal allies, I suppose. Anyway, as I was meditating and balancing my chakras with the Neteru, Nephthys stepped forward for the Higher Heart chakra.

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In yesterday’s Egyptian Chakra Wisdom post, we only talked about the main traditional seven chakras. But the message that came through from Nephthys this morning is that today’s eclipse is very much about the Higher Heart Chakra. Humanity is shifting to living from there in the Age of Aquarius. So what does this mean? Well, it means returning to an ideal of brotherly love, knocking romantic love off the throne. It means a universal love for everything. This love only becomes possible once we integrate our shadow and this is why deities such as Nepthys, the ‘dark sister’ of Isis, act as guardians for this chakra.

Nephthys in the Anubis Oracle

Introducing Nephthys

Nephthys, or Nebt-Het, is a significant figure in the ancient Egyptian pantheon, embodying the archetype of death and rebirth. She is a protective goddess of the dead. She wears her hieroglyphic sign of a basket and a house as a crown on her head. This symbolism connects her to the home and the role of a guardian. Nephthys holds a complex position within the delicate balance of cosmic order and chaos. As the wife of Set and mother of Anubis, she portrays the transformative powers of the deep mind.

Nephthys is also inextricably linked with her sister Isis, the mother of Horus. This relationship is central to her mythos and role in Egyptian mythology. Nephthys’s contributions to the central story about Isis and Osiris are crucial. Among other things, she aids Isis in reassembling the dismembered body of Osiris. By doing this, she demonstrates her clairvoyant abilities and knowledge of the hidden. Without her help, the divine child Horus could not have been conceived. Nephthys assists in the restoration of balance through the resurrection of Osiris. Ultimately, this resurrection leads to the conception of Horus, who is synonymous with the embodied Higher Self and Christ Consciousness.

Hence it is easy to see why Nephthys occupies a pivotal place on our path to ascension. Her connection to the Higher Heart Chakra underscores the necessity for love and compassion that is transcendent of the physical plane. Horus, the Divine Child (Christ within), is the pinnacle of spiritual enlightenment and unity with the universe. For the Higher Self to be fully operational, the foundation of the Higher Heart is imperative. To facilitate this, Nephthys can act as a guide through the prerequisite integration of shadow aspects.

The Higher Heart Chakra

The Higher Heart Chakra, also known as the Thymus Chakra or the Seat of the Soul, is not one of the traditional seven main chakras of the body. It is a ‘transpersonal’ chakra. Situated between the throat and the heart chakras, just above the heart and below the clavicle, it acts as the bridge between our physical and spiritual selves. Here lies the core of our innate wisdom, compassionate love, and our understanding of deep, universal love.

Colour Correspondence

The Higher Heart Chakra is most often associated with the colour magenta, symbolic of unconditional love and compassion. This chakra can also resonate with a turquoise or aquamarine colour spectrum, linking it to the vibration of healing and nurturance. These colours promote spiritual growth and enhance our capacity for unconditional love.


Functionally, the Higher Heart Chakra embodies the principal energy of divine love and compassion. It is where our higher self connects with the rest of humanity and the universe. It’s a gateway to higher levels of consciousness. The Higher Heart Chakra represents our ability to love beyond the ego and accept our interconnectedness with all. This is where one might feel empathy, practice forgiveness, and experience the bliss of altruism.

Importance in Spiritual Practices

In many spiritual practices, the Higher Heart Chakra is significant for its role in enhancing our spiritual awareness. By activating and balancing this chakra, we open to the energy of our soul’s purpose and access deep, inner truth. This process cultivates a sense of service to humanity and the inner peace that comes from truly unconditional love.

Healing and Activation

Healing and activating the Higher Heart Chakra involves meditative practices that focus on releasing fear and judgment. It often incorporates visualisation techniques with its corresponding colours. It may also include affirmations that foster love, forgiveness, and a recognition of universal beauty. We can also use sound healing with notes F or F# or work with crystals such as rose quartz, kunzite, green aventurine, or turquoise to amplify this chakra’s energy.

Nephthys and Integration with the Shadow Self

In the context of Nephthys’s symbolism, the Higher Heart Chakra is also a place for integrating the shadow self by releasing fear. She can help us understand our darker aspects to reach a more holistic and authentic state of being. It’s a chakra that invites exploration of our inner depths. Through this exploration, we can develop a greater capacity for love and a deeper realisation of our connection to all things.

By nurturing the Higher Heart Chakra, we engage with the world from a place of profound compassion and harmony. We become capable of loving and accepting everything and everyone.

The Nephthys Higher Heart Chakra Tarot Spread

Do you feel the pull to deepen your connection with your Higher Heart Chakra under the guidance of Nephthys? This Tarot spread will help you explore the shadow aspects that need integration for you to operate from a place of unconditional love and higher consciousness. Prepare your deck, and let’s begin the journey towards inner harmony and spiritual ascension.

Nephthys Higher Heart Chakra Tarot Spread
  1. Nephthys’s Message
    What does Nephthys, as the guardian of the Higher Heart Chakra, want to convey to you at this moment?
  2. Love Beyond Ego
    How can you move beyond ego to embrace unconditional love for self and others?
  3. Shadow Integration
    Which shadow aspect of yourself is ready to be acknowledged and integrated?
  4. Resurrection and Rebirth
    Where in your life do you need transformation and rebirth to align with your soul’s purpose?
  5. Healing with Compassion
    How can you use compassion to heal and activate your Higher Heart Chakra?
  6. Universal Connection
    What step can you take to strengthen your awareness of your interconnectedness with all that is?
  7. Path of Altruism
    What is blocking your path to selfless love and service, and how can you remove this blockage?

As you lay each card down, envision the magenta or turquoise light of the Higher Heart, enveloping you and your cards. Allow the wisdom of Nephthys to channel through the cards and provide clarity on your ascent towards Higher Heart consciousness.

Sample Nephthys Higher Heart Chakra Tarot Reading

1. Nephthys’s Message – The Moon

The Moon speaks to you through veils of the subconscious. Nephthys is highlighting the important role of intuition, meditation and dreams in your journey. She’s guiding you to trust the parts of yourself that are not immediately visible and to navigate through uncertainty with the inner knowing that surpasses logical understanding. This card is a call to face fears and explore the deeper emotional waters that might be affecting your Higher Heart Chakra.

2. Love Beyond Ego – 6 of Swords

The 6 of Swords suggests a transition away from turmoil towards calmer waters. To experience unconditional love beyond the ego, you are asked to move forward from conflict, releasing past hurt and animosity. This card indicates a journey of releasing mental patterns that no longer serve you, facilitating a clearer, more heart-centred perspective.

3. Shadow Integration – 4 of Swords

The 4 of Swords appears as a sign that rest and reflection are needed for the integration of shadow aspects. Time spent in quiet contemplation will help you acknowledge and face the parts of yourself that you’ve avoided or repressed. This card encourages a pause for self-care and inner work, which will create the space needed for healing.

4. Resurrection and Rebirth – Ace of Pentacles

With the Ace of Pentacles, a new opportunity for growth and abundance is emerging in your material and spiritual world. This offer or beginning is the seed of a resurrection and rebirth in your life. Plant it with intention and nurture it with care. That way, it can ground you in your soul’s purpose, lighting the path to spiritual ascension.

5. Healing with Compassion – 2 of Pentacles

The 2 of Pentacles indicates that finding a balance is necessary for healing with compassion. This card reminds you to stay flexible and adapt to the ever-changing flow of life while maintaining harmony between your responsibilities and your need for emotional well-being. Manage your energies wisely to support a compassionate heart and avoid compassion burnout.

6. Universal Connection – 9 of Swords

The 9 of Swords reveals that anxiety and worry may be interfering with your sense of connection to the universe. Stress and mental anguish need to be addressed to strengthen your awareness. This may involve confronting the fears and thoughts that prevent you from feeling a part of the larger cosmic tapestry.

7. Path of Altruism – 8 of Cups

The 8 of Cups signifies an emotional journey where you must move beyond that which no longer emotionally fulfils you. This may involve letting go of material success or shallow pursuits to follow a more spiritual and altruistic path. Understand that part of this quest includes seeking deeper meaning and serving a cause greater than just yourself.

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