osiris and isis journey of twin flames

The Journey of Twin Flames Relationship Tarot Spread

osiris and isis journey of twin flames

The term Twin Flames is deeply rooted in esoteric and New Age spirituality. It is a concept that continues to captivate many on their journey toward personal growth and understanding. The origins of the term extends back to ancient myths and philosophies but found its modern form and widespread popularity through the New Age movement in the 20th century.

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The reason why I decided to blog about twin flames today, as well as create a brand new twin flames Tarot spread is that I had a dream about twins last night. It was not a romantic dream but it was, nevertheless, a dream that made me want to revisit the concept. It is, I might add, a concept that I have chosen to retain a healthy scepticism about.

The reason for my scepticism is that not only did quest for my twin flame in my younger years derail me from my true path–I have witnessed this happen to countless clients who obsess endlessly about uniting with a ‘runner’ twin flame while everything else in their lives falls apart. I have also seen many of my clients cling to abusive relationships by using the twin flame or soul mate connection as an excuse. It’s frustrating when I see clearly and the Tarot confirms that it’s simply a delusion and the relationship is straight up toxic.

Historical Origins

Historically, the concept of twin flames harkens back to the writings of Plato. In his work, The Symposium, Plato presents a theory that originally humans were androgynous beings with four arms, four legs, and a single head made of two faces. According to the story, Zeus split these beings in half, creating two separate entities yearning to reunite with their other half.

While many in the modern spiritual movement seem to accept Plato’s theory as fact, I think it is wise to view it as a theory unless it resonates on a deep soul level. I, for one, choose to remain open to the possibility that while some beings may incarnate on Earth as the half of a whole, many of us do not. Or if we do, it is simply not a relevant theme for each and every incarnation.

Modern Interpretation in New Age Spirituality

In New Age thought, twin flames are two halves of the same soul, split into two separate physical bodies. Unlike soulmates, who are two different souls from the same soul family, twin flames are mirror souls. The idea is that these two souls are destined to reunite through various lifetimes to achieve ultimate balance and enlightenment.

Common Understandings in New Age Practices:

  1. Purpose: Twin flames come together as a catalyst for mutual spiritual growth and awakening. They help each other face the challenges of life, prompting each to spiritually evolve.
  2. Stages of the Twin Flame Journey: The path to finding and harmonising with one’s twin flame can be arduous and consists of several stages:
    • Recognition and Temporary Spiritual Awakening: Recognising one another on a profound, soulful level, which is often accompanied by a significant spiritual awakening.
    • Testing: Challenges that test the strength and endurance of the connection.
    • Crisis: Significant crises that provide opportunities for growth.
    • Runner Dynamic: One twin may distance themselves emotionally and physically.
    • Surrender: Both individuals release their egos, allowing their spiritual bond to mature.
    • Radiance and Harmonising: The twin flames come into full alignment, experiencing peace and radiance.
  3. Intensity and Difficulties: The twin flame relationship is not exclusively about romance but often involves intense experiences meant to foster spiritual development. These relationships can be challenging and full of emotional highs and lows.
  4. Final Reunion and Harmony: The ultimate goal of the twin flame journey is to reach a harmonious reunion where both individuals experience balance and unity, achieving a higher state of consciousness.

In conclusion, the concept of twin flames within the New Age paradigm presents a dynamic and spiritually enriching journey. It emphasises the profound impact of unconditional love and spiritual development, promising a reunion of souls through adversity and enlightenment.

The Journey of Twin Flames Tarot Spread

The Twin Flames Tarot Spread can offer insight into your journey towards discovering whether you are destined to meet your twin flame. It can also show you how to navigate the twin flame journey effectively.

journey of twin flames tarot spread

Card Positions Explanation

  1. Your Role in the Relationship: This card reveals insights into what you bring to the twin flame dynamic—your strengths, weaknesses, and essential characteristics you offer.
  2. Their Potential Role in Your Life: This card explores what a twin flame might contribute to your life, illuminating possible lessons or challenges they could bring.
  3. Current Spiritual Lesson: Draw this card to understand the spiritual focus or lesson you are currently undergoing and how it relates to the twin flame journey.
  4. Obstacles in Your Path: This card helps identify current challenges or obstacles that may be preventing you from meeting or recognizing your twin flame.
  5. Readiness for Union: This card reveals your current level of readiness for meeting your twin flame or entering into a significant relationship on a deep, soulful level.
  6. Outcome of Your Current Path: Showcasing the potential result if you continue on your current journey without significant changes. This can hint at whether you will meet your twin flame in this incarnation.
  7. Advice for Spiritual Growth: Important guidance on what you can do to encourage your spiritual growth to either attract your twin flame or find peace in the divine timing.

Sample Journey of Twin Flames Tarot Reading

sample journey of twin flames tarot reading
The Star Tarot by Cathy McClelland

1. Your Role in the Relationship: 2 of Wands

The 2 of Wands signifies planning and future possibilities. In your twin flame relationship, you bring a vision of what you could achieve together. You are at a point where you are deciding the direction this relationship will take and how to expand the horizons of your union.

2. Their Potential Role in Your Life: The Moon

The Moon represents mystery, intuition, and the unconscious. The role of your twin flame is likely to challenge your reality, bringing both confusion and deeper understanding. They will encourage you to delve into your subconscious and address your fears and illusions.

3. Current Spiritual Lesson: 8 of Wands

The 8 of Wands suggests a period of rapid movement and communication. Your current spiritual lesson involves learning to handle the swift changes and dynamics that are happening in your life. This could relate directly to the acceleration of events once your twin flame becomes more active in your life.

4. Obstacles in Your Path: 3 of Pentacles

The 3 of Pentacles is about collaboration and teamwork. An obstacle in your path might be the challenge of finding effective collaboration and mutual effort in the relationship. It stresses the importance of building a solid foundation and respecting each other’s contributions.

5. Readiness for Union: The Tower

The Tower signifies major upheaval, revelation, and restructuring. Your readiness for union with your twin flame suggests a need for significant and possibly challenging transformation. It could be that your life needs to undergo some form of disruption before you are truly ready to unite or reunite with your twin flame.

6. Outcome of Your Current Path: 8 of Cups

The 8 of Cups indicates a journey of leaving behind what no longer serves you. The outcome of your current path could involve moving away from certain aspects of your life. These aspects are emotionally or spiritually unfulfilling. Letting go of them can lead you to seek higher truths or deeper connections.

7. Advice for Spiritual Growth: Temperance

Temperance calls for balance, patience, and moderation. The advice here is to find equilibrium in your life and within yourself. Integrating opposites and finding harmony in your emotional and spiritual life will aid your growth. This, in turn, will prepare you better for any union or spiritual journey.


This spread indicates a dynamic period of change and development in your twin flame journey. Embrace the transformations (The Tower), prepare for deeper introspections (The Moon), and move towards a more spiritually fulfilling path (8 of Cups). Balance and moderation (Temperance) will be key to navigating this profound connection.

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  1. Hey, great spread, thought I’ll give it a shot! I stumbled on card 2, 5 and 6. Would be nice to get some help. Thanks!

    1 . Your Role in the Relationship: (10 of Cups) I bring harmony fostering a sense of belonging and emotional richness.

    2. Their Potential Role in Your Life: (The Strength) Help on this card would nice?

    3. Current Spiritual Lesson: (The Star) The current spiritual lesson involves fully trusting in the universe’s plan. It’s encouraging me to be/stay optimistic and have faith in the higher purpose.

    4. Obstacles in Your Path: (Page of Swords) An obstacle in my path might be the challenge of remaining open to the ebb and flow of everyday’s life challenges.

    5. Readiness for Union: (Wheel of Fortune) I believe my readiness for union is aligned??? Any help on this card would be nice as well.

    6. Outcome of Your Current Path: (Justice) Balanced? Alignment?

    7. Advice for Spiritual Growth: (3 of Cups) The advice is to keep my heart open to the different forms of love and connections available to me.

    1. Post

      Hi Grace, glad you enjoyed the spread! Strength can be literal sometimes and here I do feel that they would be a source of strength for you in terms of you feeling truly loved and seen on a whole new level. I feel that this inner strength also allows you to soften into your Divine Feminine energy. Wheel of Fortune is about trusting in Divine Timing. As long as you do that, you’ll remain aligned. Justice here is definitely about alignment too. It indicates a harmonious union. Love and Blessings, Raven

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