your inner dragon - year of the wood dragon

Your Inner Dragon – A Year of the Wood Dragon Tarot Spread

your inner dragon - year of the wood dragon

The card of the day that I wrote about on the Tarot Daily Substack is the 7 of Wands and I linked that card to harnessing the power of our inner dragon. Then it dawned on me that we have the Chinese New Year coming up this weekend–The Year of the Wood Dragon. This celebration coincides with the New Moon in Aquarius, happening on the 10th in China and on the 9th here in the UK. It’s a celebration worthy of a new Tarot spread!

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Dragon energy is Yang energy. We are in an 8 universal year and while even numbers are considered Yin, the 8 is the most Yang of those even numbers. The number 8 also corresponds with Leo, a Yang Fire Element zodiac sign.

The symbolism for both Leo and the dragon is about courage. Leo energy comes from the heart. It bridges the personal power of the solar plexus with the creativity and self-expression of the throat chakra. Our inner dragon fills much the same function. Or it does when we align it with Higher Will. Let’s face it, there are many types of dragons. Not all of them serve the Highest Good of All but that is where we all need to focus our energy as we step across the threshold to the Age of Aquarius.

Before we move on to the Tarot spread where we look at how to harness the power of the inner dragon and make the most of the Year of the Wood Dragon, let’s take a look at some of the symbolism and meaning of the Wood Dragon.

The Wood Dragon

In Chinese Astrology, the Wood Dragon stands out as a symbol of immense courage and pioneering spirit. The element of wood, associated with the tall tree, embodies growth, renewal, and flexibility. Much like the towering tree that stretches upwards aspiring to touch the heavens, the Wood Dragon is an unstoppable force, always seeking to expand horizons and break through barriers. The mountain symbolises the Wood Dragon’s unyielding fortitude and powerful presence, while the lake, nurturing and calm, mirrors the dragon’s hidden depths of wisdom. Together these natural elements depict a dynamic character—grounded yet always reaching for higher knowledge and experiences.

On a global scale, the Year of the Wood Dragon carries the potential to usher in significant transformation, particularly through advancements that may reshape the societal landscape. Humanity might witness a surge in innovative movements geared towards sustainability, as the Wood Dragon’s energy inspires a collective push towards a future that honours both progress and the environment. This period could be marked by influential leadership and bold decisions.

Individually, the Wood Dragon’s influence invites personal growth and bold endeavours. It encourages us to embrace the tall tree’s symbolism by reaching for personal aspirations and standing firm against adversities, as the mountain does. The lake’s symbolism invites introspection and emotional clarity, enhancing the ability to navigate life’s complexities with a wise heart. As the Wood Dragon year unfolds, we may feel an innate push to assert our authentic selves in the world. Some of us will once and for all cast off constraints and passionately pursue our true path in life.

Your Inner Dragon and Feminine Energy

As women, we often find ourselves weaving our identities tightly to the thread of acceptability, constraining the raw, fierce power that lies dormant within each woman. The dragon symbolism taps into this latent personal strength. It serves as a mentor and guide to awaken those energies society has long encouraged women to suppress. This power represents more than unbridled rage or selfish desire; it is a force that, once harnessed, can lead to profound creativity, assertive leadership, and a life lived with genuine purpose and bravery. To fully embody our inner dragon is for us to reclaim our space in the world—not with quiet compliance, but with the roar of a hundred fires that clears the way for our truest expression.

The Dark Goddess, at times depicted as the Mother of Dragons, encapsulates the female essence of this transformative power. She is the divine embodiment of nature’s cyclical destruction and rebirth. In the heart of every woman who taps into her inner dragon, there stirs the spirit of the Dark Goddess—strong, formidable, and undeniably present. She is a call to embrace the shadowy depths of one’s soul, to recognise the potent forces of the wild self as sacred aspects of feminine energy. The Dark Goddess is an archetype that women can identify with to channel their suppressed force into meaningful, spiritual empowerment that not only uplifts their own lives but radiates out to challenge and change the very fabric of society for the Highest Good.

Connect with Your Inner Dragon Tarot Spread

Embark on a mystical Tarot journey to awaken the strength of your inner dragon. This 8-card Tarot spread can help you embrace your power and align with the divine for true transformation during the Year of the Wood Dragon or at any other time when you need to tap into your true power.


  1. Find a quiet space where you can lay out your Tarot cards.
  2. Ground yourself with some deep breaths.
  3. Visualise your solar plexus chakra glowing with a warm, golden light.
  4. Shuffle the deck, focusing on the wisdom you seek and the connection to your inner dragon.
your inner dragon tarot spread
  • Reflect on each card and its position in the spread.
  • Notice any patterns, symbols, or emotions that arise as you interpret the cards.
  • Write down any stories or messages that come to mind.
inner dragon sample reading with tarot draconis

Connecting with Your Inner Dragon Sample Reading

For this sample reading, we are working with the Tarot Draconis (affiliate link).

1. Dragon’s Breath: 5 of Wands

What ignites the fire within you?
The 5 of Wands represents competition and struggles that can fuel my drive and determination. Conflicts, whether internal or external, ignite a fire within me, prompting me to find my strength and stand firm in the face of adversity. As challenges arise, they become the catalyst for my creativity and passion, pushing me to assert myself and refine my purpose.

2. Dragon’s Scales: 3 of Swords

Where do you need protection?
The 3 of Swords points to emotional pain and heartache. My need for protection lies within the realms of the heart and mind, where I am vulnerable to disappointment, sorrow and despair. This card suggests that I may need to protect myself from the impact of some kind of loss.

3. Dragon’s Claw: The Magician

What challenges you to step up
The Magician indicates that the ability to manifest and create is the challenge I embrace. I am called to step up and use my talents, resources, and willpower to create something meaningful in my life. This card encourages me to harness my power to turn ideas into reality.

4. Dragon’s Flight: King of Cups

What gives you stability during your endeavours?
The King of Cups signifies a mature, compassionate, and poised approach. This card represents an emotional equilibrium that carries me through any turbulence. Compassion toward self and others is what provides stability as I navigate through life’s challenges.

5. Dragon’s Eye: Temperance

What hidden wisdom do you need to see clearly?
Temperance calls for balance, patience, and moderation. The hidden wisdom here is the understanding that harmony is essential for my growth. I need to clearly see the value in finding the middle ground — this is the key to enduring success and well-being.

6. Dragon’s Roar: 10 of Pentacles

How can you best express your power and truth?
The 10 of Pentacles emphasises the importance of creating a legacy. The best expression of my power and truth comes from creating lasting foundations for future generations.

7. Dragon’s Heart: 2 of Pentacles

Where is there a need for healing or a surge of courage?
The 2 of Pentacles shows the need for balance in the midst of life’s ups and downs. In areas where I’ve taken on too much, rebalancing is required. It may take courage to prioritise and cut some things out of my life.

8. Dragon’s Soul: 7 of Pentacles

How can you align your personal will with the Higher Will?
The 7 of Pentacles invites a moment of reflection on my journey. It suggests that aligning my personal will with Higher Will requires patience and assessment of my progress. This card is a reminder to ensure that my efforts are sustainable and in tune with my spiritual purpose. It encourages me to pause regularly in prayer and contemplation and make adjustments as needed.

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