april tarotscopes 2022

April Tarotscopes 2022


For the April Tarotscopes 2022, we are working with the Gateway of Light Activation Cards and the Sirian Starseed Tarot. April kicks off with the New Moon in Aries on the 1st This is the first New Moon in the Esoteric New Year which begun with the Equinox on the 20th. Check your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs for a more complete picture of the energies at play!

Aries April Tarotscope

Aries April Tarotscopes 2022

Aries, the New Moon in your sign kicks this month off. In April, we also have the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. The Element of Water/Emotions and the Divine Feminine will be two big themes for you in the month ahead. You have a fighting spirit that is about to have its rough edges softened this month. Pay attention to the lunar cycle and to your dreams. They will tell you how you can best serve the Divine Feminine on Earth at this time.

A greater sense of oneness and how your purpose connects with/affects others is emerging for you as an individual. This can be destabilising emotionally at times but please know that you are not meant to deal with difficult emotions on your own. You can always turn to Divine Mother and your Spirit Team for help. You will be more sensitive than usual to their guidance this month so make the most of it!

Taurus April Tarotscope

Taurus April Tarotscopes 2022

You are on a quest for truth, THE Truth even, this month, dear Taurus. This question will take you through at least one initiatory experience/spiritual breakthrough in the month ahead. If you haven’t been sure about what your gifts are and/or how to use them in Divine Service, this is the month when you will begin to make sense of it all.

Mind you, this is not an altogether comfortable experience. At times, it will mean confronting shadows from your past. When this happens, just keep breathing your way through and keep releasing anything that is holding you back from embodying the fullness of your Soul Essence. By the end of the month, more of your spirit-light will be held in your body-soul and radiating into the world if you faithfully keep surrendering to the Teacher Within.

Gemini April Tarotscope

Gemini April Tarotscopes 2022

This month, dear Gemini, you are opening up to owning your more sensitive/receptive side. Get ready to step into the full power of your vulnerability. There is a side to you that you have kept hidden from the world as a sort of self-defence. It’s safe to drop your shields now.

When you drop your shields and share yourself with the world in a more heart-centred way, you will begin to feel more connected. This, in turn, will allow you to share more of your gifts with the world and you may even uncover some new gifts that are related to psychic abilities if you allow your sensitivity to blossom. This is not a time for moving forward and taking massive action in the world but for going within and focus on internal growth.

Cancer April Tarotscope

Cancer April Tarotscopes 2022

This may or may not be your first psychic awakening, dear Cancer, but it is a BIG psychic activation that brings an opportunity to have your Third Eye chakra fully activated. Try tapping or anointing your third eye before settling down into meditation and affirm to Source that you are willing to see. There are many techniques online (free videos, guided meditations) you can use to facilitate an opening of your Third Eye. Work with the tools that call out to you daily if this is something you feel passionate about.

The next step on the journey is to learn to trust what you see. When you show the Universe trust by acting on your inner guidance, you will unlock more and more of this psychic gift. Joining a spiritual development circle for support is not a bad idea. It could also lead to finding at least one of your soul mates!

Leo April Tarotscope

Leo April Tarotscopes 2022

Stay grounded in April, dear Leo. You want to move forward… But there is a reason for your current indecision. In your gut, you know that you need more of a stable foundation before you can manifest your dreams. Spend the first few days of April coming up with a solid plan and lay out the action steps that will help you build this foundation.

Then, and only then, take action. What you are seeking to build is divinely guided. You just need to make sure that your energy is connecting to the proper resources and best possible partnership(s) for this happening. Do look out for a partnership that is both dynamic and mutually beneficial since this could be the missing piece for making your dream come true.

Virgo April Tarotscope

Virgo April Tarotscopes 2022

A new life awaits on the other side of making that all-important decision, dear Virgo. You are hesitating because you fear getting hurt yet again. Or you could even stubbornly refuse to move forward in direction of joyfully living your best life because you are addicted to drama and negativity. Better the devil you know, perhaps…?

It’s time to release all of this negativity now and you do so by tuning into your heart. You can trust your heart to act as a compass for the best way forward when you learn to tune into the sense of joy and expansion that comes with making a choice that better allows you to shine your light in the world. Yes, you are here to serve, but service isn’t dutiful drudgery; it’s joyful journeying!

Libra April Tarotscope

Libra April Tarotscopes 2022

Whatever it is that your heart has been dreaming of can come true this month, dear Scorpio. The Sirius Star Blessing is a huge YES! or Green Light from the Universe about whatever is on your mind right now. So stop being shy and hiding in the wings.

This is your time to allow yourself to shine and be seen. And there’s nothing naysayers can do about it because you finally have the courage to trust more in your inner guidance than in the approval (or lack thereof) from others. You’ve come a long way, darling. This is your Spirit Team giving you a pat on the back and nudging you to move into the spotlight… The time is now!

Scorpio April Tarotscope

Scorpio April Tarotscopes 2022

As you open up to receiving more light and divine blessings into your life this month, you will experience a sense of coming home. That is because you are coming home to your True Self by embodying more of your Essence. You are being assisted in this process by ascended masters and angelic beings.

You have been receiving Light Codes in Dreamtime but if you would like to open up to receiving them from your Spirit Team in waking consciousness during meditation, you can choose to do so. These Light Codes are helping you innovate and bring new solutions for New Earth at this important juncture. The tried and tested isn’t going to work for what it is you are here to do so trust your inner guidance when new solutions emerge intuitively and go for it. You are fully supported!

Sagittarius April Tarotscope

Sagittarius April Tarotscopes 2022

If you have been thinking about what your long-term legacy should be or if you are not sure about your mission blueprint is all about, you can turn a corner this month, dear Saggie. You do so by simply moving in the direction of that which brings you the most joy and makes your heart energy expand. You are here to serve joyfully and to inspire others with your passion, vision and excitement about the future. There really is no need to get bogged down with the minutiae.

Don’t worry about taking a wrong turn or making a wrong choice. As long as you do what you do with great passion, everyone will benefit. Your joyful vision can lay New Earth foundations that will last for many generations provided you act on it.

Capricorn April Tarotscope

Capricorn April Tarotscopes 2022

Anything you wish to manifest this month, you can manifest with great ease, dear Capricorn. This is especially true of anything related to psychic work and/or opening up to more relationship harmony and emotional intimacy. This is a truly magical time for any Capricorns who have specialised in hiding their vulnerable side in the past. You may very well surprise some of the people you are closest to with your new, softer side.

Your courage in showing the world more of who you are comes purely from your strong connection to Mother-Father God, and through that to all living beings. A greater sense of Oneness is washing over you in waves in the weeks ahead. You have the opportunity of connecting deeply with pre-life memories of crafting your mission blueprint. You are able to accelerate on your path of Divine Service thanks to this.

Aquarius April Tarotscope

Aquarius April Tarotscopes 2022

This is a great month for planting new seeds and putting roots down, dear Aqua. Any projects that have been on the backburner can be dusted off now as well. You are (finally) gaining a deeper sense of belonging here on Earth. This is thanks to deepening your connection with Nature. This in turn, allows Mama Gaia to nurture you deeply so that you can persevere with anything you begin now.

Your creativity and charisma are being turned up a notch this month. If you are going for a new job, you are likely to get it. Or if you are dating someone new, expect them to ask you for more dates. You have that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about you right now. Staying grounded and rooted suits you. Allow your daily spiritual practice to be centred around things like earthing and/or meditating with your back resting against an old tree.

Pisces April Tarotscope

Pisces April Tarotscopes 2022

It may sound a bit presumptuous to claim that you have arrived… But on at least one level it is true. The most important thing in the Universe to your sensitive Pisces heart is to feel and radiate unconditional love into the world. Because this is what you were born to do. And you are finally free to do so without doubting yourself or worrying about what is coming back at you.

This is because you trust deeply in the Universe and know. Know what? You know that you are love and therefore only love will return to you. So much fear has been healed and shifted in this lifetime. So many prayers of and for forgiveness have been whispered in the night. You have cleared that karma now. You have healed your heart.


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