Week Ahead Angel Tarot Message 11-17 Sep

week ahead angel tarot message 11-17 sep

Dear friends, today is a strange sort of Friday. It requires a more gentle touch than usual. Emotions are easily fraught so close to tomorrow’s Full Moon in Pisces. There is upheaval (yes, again!) in the country I live in and anger, relief and outpourings of grief are flooding my online feed. I’m tuning out of that and into the flow of Spirit instead. Because although Spirit is no respecter of persons, there is a message there for us upon the death of the Queen. Today’s Week Ahead Angel Tarot message is with the Priestess of Light Oracle and the Tarot of Dragons.

Week Ahead Angel Tarot Message 11-17 Sep

To succinctly summarise the message from the Angels for this Full Moon in Pisces and the week ahead, it is about The Death of Labels. Those of you sensitive to celestial energies will no doubt pick up on the fact that we have an invitation to go deeper now. Spirit asks us to look beyond, Hanged Man (Neptune) style.

When the 2020 Awakening began, there was a lot of anger about the lies we had been fed for so long. This is understandable and there is no need to feel bad about that. But where that anger festered, a new illusion/delusion took form: that of the superiority of those who are ‘awake’ by comparison to those who are ‘woke.’ Many other opposing labels are also in use: left vs right, red-pilled vs blue-pilled etc.

There was a lot of labelling and name-calling going on. What is important to realise is that it’s the elitist hierarchy of 3D that fostered this sort of divisive behaviour to start with. And it wasn’t hard for them to play people this way. The ego loves that stuff. Give people someone to hate or something to be angry about and they quickly forget many of their actual issues. There is no way that we the people can win if we continue to stoop to that level.

Nor is there any way we can win until we truly know ourselves and refuse to look at our souls and the souls of every living being through eyes other than those of compassion. And yes, this includes the soul of the late Queen. May she rest in peace.

A New Hierarchy

Unfortunately, there are those in spiritual circles who seek to impose a new hierarchy, another form of elitism. This elitist view is based on perceived levels of enlightenment, as witnessed by using correct verbiage, looking a certain way, using the ‘correct’ symbols and eating only certain ‘high vibrational’ foods. These divisive tactics aim to create even more division within the spiritual community. With that aim in mind, are these teaching from the highest Love and Light?

Friends, do not fall for any of the divisive tactics around food, no matter how spiritual and high vibe they may seem. Raw vegan does not equal holier than anybody else. The people who make these claims are typically the same people that claim to be chosen/targeted. Some even say they came to Earth from the highest dimensions (Clue: we all did). I could be wrong but I reckon we’re all human together. And if I thought I was somehow special and/or had a mission more special than everyone else, I’d hopefully be wise enough to keep that to myself lest I create more division.

When you look at everyone through the eyes of compassion, you know we are all equal and just at different stages of our spiritual journey. You also understand that each of us is able to contribute to the whole in unique ways and there can be no judgment.

Sacred Purpose

Instead, let’s encourage each other to step into our sacred purpose. This purpose may or may not have anything to do with what you already do but it will have everything to do with what you enjoy. So today, I encourage you to take the higher ground and actively seek that which brings you joy. Doing what others expect of us rather than what brings us joy is what the elitist hierarchy encourages. Soon it will all be gone. Amen and so it is.

Quote of the Week

“We’re all just walking each other home.”
~ Ram Dass

Affirmation of the Week

I AM free to love everyone equally.

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