7 Ways to Work with the Aquarius New Moon

new moon in aquarius

The New Moon is a great time for New Beginnings and with this Aquarius New Moon, we have a wonderful opportunity to release any emotional baggage. The energy of Aquarius brings clarity and detachment and the Angels want us to work with them for the amazing opportunity to start over with a clean emotional slate. 

The Star - Aquarius

In the Tarot Major Arcana, The Star corresponds with Aquarius. The corresponding Minor Arcana cards are:

Aquarian energy is all about the brotherhood of man, humanitarian pursuits, working with large groups of people for the Higher Good, innovation and forward-thinking. The New Moon in Aquarius can restore hope, especially if you have been feeling isolated and stuck in the past.

We move forward from being lone wolves to finding our pack. We move forward from ego-based pursuits to service.

7 Ways to Work with the Aquarius New Moon Energy

  • Although Aquarius is an Air Sign, it also has the name ‘The Water Bearer.’  Work with the Element of Water to purge anything that needs purging. Start with a ritual bath or shower perhaps? Essential oils to use in your bath are lime or geranium. Test for allergies before you immerse yourself and use a dispersing agent such as almond oil or an unscented shower gel.
  • Use the crystals aquamarine and fluorite for greater mental clarity and detachment. White and yellow calcite can help soothe an agitated mind.
  • Call on Archangel Uriel (ruler of Aquarius) for help with a new thought paradigm. Feel free to use the following prayer or choose your own wording:

    Dear Uriel, please help me detach from the past and become a clear channel for divine inspiration in the now. I pray for complete freedom from any thoughts that would keep me stuck in the illusion of isolation from my brothers and sisters here on Earth. I ask for the grace of a new beginning and clarity about the path that lies ahead. Amen and So Mote It Be!

  • Call on the Angelic ruler of the Day that the New Moon falls on, as well as Archangel Uriel, to assist with any workings you have planned.
  • Volunteer for charity work and/or get involved with a local group of kindred spirits.
  • Do any magickal working for a cause that you feel strongly about, rather than to further your own interests.
  • Aquarian energy is the energy of the Rebel WITH a Cause. Speak out about the causes you support.

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  1. I love working with lunar energy/cycles, so really appreciate your informative posts around the correspondences and angelic influences which help make the most of the energy. Thanks Lisa 🙂

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