Bach Flower Remedies & Tarot Correspondences

bach flower remedy chicory

This is a list of Flower Remedies and Tarot Correspondences that I created based on the remedies that might be indicated when the cards are used in a reading for yourself or someone else. I’m working with Thoth Tarot, and I found that the 22 Trumps and the 16 Court Cards corresponded naturally and effortlessly with the Bach Flower Remedies.

Pay special attention to any cards in the spread that you/the client feel strongly drawn to or that they have a strong aversion for.

A link to a more in-depth description of each of the remedies can be found HERE.

Bach Flower Remedy and Tarot Correspondences

Agrimony – Goal: Self-Acceptance – Knight of Wands
Aspen – Goal: Courage to Face the Unknown – The Fool
Beech – Goal: Tolerance and Empathy – Prince of Wands
Centaury – Goal: Service in the Widest Sense – Prince of Disks
Cerato – Goal: Inner Confidence and to Trust Intuition – The Lovers
Cherry Plum – Goal: Let Go of Fear and Regain Control of Thoughts – The Magus/Magician
Chestnut Bud – Goal: Vision, Learning Lessons – Princess of Disks
Chicory – Goal: Love, Free-Flowing and Without Strings – Queen of Disks
Clematis – Goal: Being Awake and Grounded – Princess of Cups
Crab Apple – Goal: Cleaning and Purification – The Hermit
Elm – Goal: Restore Confidence – Knight of Swords
Gentian – Goal: Courage to Face the Future Positively – The Chariot
Gorse – Goal: Restore Hope and Faith that Anything Is Possible – The Star
Heather – Goal: To Listen, Share and Love More – Queen of Wands
Holly – Goal: Unconditional Love/Let Go of Jealousy – Prince of Cups
Honeysuckle – Goal: To Be Completely Awake to the Now – The Aeon/Judgement
Hornbeam – Goal: Strength to Carry Out Daily Tasks – The Universe
Impatiens – Goal: Cure Impatience and Irritability – The Princess of Wands
Larch – Goal: Restore Self-Confidence and Overcome Passivity – Art
Mimulus – Goal: Freedom, Overcoming Fear of the Known – Prince of Swords
Mustard – Goal: Hopefulness, Overcoming Mild Depression – Fortune
Oak – Goal: Adaptability and Flexibility – The Hierophant
Olive – Goal: Overcome Burn-Out – The Sun
Pine – Goal: Responsibility, Freedom from Guilt and Blame – The Hanged Man
Red Chestnut – Goal: Sensitivity to Others Instead of Worrying – Knight of Cups
Rock Rose – Goal: Personal Courage – The Moon (also Rescue Remedy)
Rock Water – Goal: Harmony, Freedom from Self-Denial – Knight of Disks
Scleranthus – Goal: Stability and Balance – Adjustment
Star of Bethlehem – Goal: Peace and Comfort – The Tower (also Rescue Remedy)
Sweet Chestnut – Goal: Open Boundaries and Expand Limits – The Devil
Vervain – Goal: To Hear the Will of the World – Queen of Swords
Vine – Goal: Leadership by Consent, Not Fear – The Emperor
Walnut – Goal: Protection During Transition – Death
Water Violet – Goal: Communication and Sharing – The High Priestess
White Chestnut – Goal: Clear Mind – Princess of Swords
Wild Oat – Goal: Strengthen Connection to Life Purpose – Lust/Strength
Wild Rose – Goal: Interest and Participation in Life – Queen of Cups
Willow – Goal: Maturity and Natural Balance – The Empress

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