Blood Moon Rescue Tool Kit

Angelorum Blood Moon Final Tetrad Eclipse

Before I even begin talking about what is happening energetically and spiritually right now, let me first dispel the myth that the world is going to end on Sunday 28 September during the final tetrad* Blood Moon. It’s not!

Doomsday merchants love eclipses and especially tetrads but we’ve survived before and we’ll survive this one too. Will there be cataclysmic events? Probably. We live in turbulent times (when were they ever not turbulent?). And there is some evidence that supports the theory that earthquakes happen more frequently during eclipses… But unless you live in an area with high seismic activity, I wouldn’t worry about natural disasters.

Think of the energy of this final tetrad Blood Moon like the final movement in a classical orchestral piece. This particular piece of music is titled ‘Owning Your Power’ and the first movement is titled ‘Intimacy,’ moved us to release anything that cause disharmony, especially in our closest relationships (Libra eclipse, April 2014). The second movement, ‘Initiative’ (Aries eclipse, Oct 2014) moved us to stop the excuses and realise that we are responsible for our own growth and wellbeing. The third movement, ‘Integration’ (Libra eclipse, April 2015) once again moved us to shift any disharmony in our lives and the final movement, ‘Initiation’ (Aries Blood Moon eclipse, 28 April 2015) can potentially free us to strike out and embrace new beginnings, empowered by the preceding lessons… if we have done the inner work.

While the actual event only lasts for a few hours on the night between 27 and 28 of September, the energy is already building and those of us who are sensitive are picking up on it. Perhaps you are one of the people who have been sleeping a bit less and dreaming more intensely lately? I know I am!

Other symptoms include mood swings, anxiety, night terrors and even physical symptoms, such as stomach upset, headaches and tinnitus. Empaths may be picking up on the nervous tension of those around them and internalising it… If that is you, you really need the tools listed below!

But relax. We’re not made to suffer for no reason. These are the symptoms of a spiritual emergency and are helping us face our fears so that we can release them – which is what any good initiation ritual would do. Unfortunately, many of us find ourselves without guidance at times like this. Looking on the Internet, where misinformation is rife and doomsday merchants are doing their worst, often only serves to make us feel worse.

That is why I decided to put together this Blood Moon Rescue Tool Kit for anyone who is aware that this energy is affecting them but not sure how to cope. Essentially, this eclipse tetrad is forcing change in a Big Way. It is up to use if we choose to roll with it or not but those who choose not to may well find themselves in for a bit of a Tower moment.

7 Blood Moon Survival Tools


Bach Flower Remedies

Walnut can help you let go of the expectations of others and free up energy to step boldly onto the path of your unique calling. It is an essence that will ease any major transition. Scleranthus can help you deal with any possible indecision exacerbated by the Libra Sun. This is a time to draw a firm line under the past and set sail in your desired direction. Doubt and indecision could be your worst enemies and Scleranthus will help keep them firmly at bay.


We are working with pure dynamite here. You will have to muster all the courage you have for this celestial initiation because it is about owning your power completely. The crystals that can help you succeed are smokey quartz to alleviate anxiety, amethyst to transmute negativity (and help with sleep) and fire agate to step on the fight rather than the flight pedal when push comes to shove. What are we fighting for here? Our right to exist and live out our destiny.


It is time to think of yourself as a warrior, priming your physique for battle. The battle is against anything that would hold you back, which is usually your own thoughts more than anything. You know, those loopy pesky things that tell you you’re not good enough and that you’ll never succeed. Vigorous physical exercise will make them shut up and improve your sleep.

It will also help you keep your energy levels even and help stabilise your mood.

Essential Oils

As mentioned, sleep may be a problem. Lavender and frankincense both have a soothing effect and the nerves for evening use. In the daytime, you will want to keep a clear head, as synchronicity is likely to increase with regards to your Life Purpose during this time, so this is a good time to bring out the peppermint, lemon or bergamot. Bergamot in particular is great because it also adds a sense of optimism to the mix. Cinnamon can boost your confidence.


Two simple rules: stay hydrated and avoid junk food. While there is no need for intense detox, you will be better off staying off processed foods, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. This is because of the natural nervous tension in the time between the eclipses (and lasting for a few days after this coming one). Eating clean helps you balance your mood and sleep better. Staying hydrated is the key for supporting the body’s own built-in detox system.

Angelic Assitance

The angelic ruler of the Aries Blood Moon is Archangel Camael, ruler of Mars/Scorpio and Tuesdays. The eclipse is taking place on a Sunday, ruled by Archangel Michael (Sol). Camael and Michael are the two Archangels you can ask for help with overcoming fear and anxiety. Both lend courage and vitality to supplicants. Archangel Camael can help you be more assertive and Archangel Michael can protect you from outside negative influences, as well as help you cut cords with the past.

Use a red candle to invoke the assistance of Archangel Camael and a gold candle for help from Archangel Michael.

The corresponding Tarot cards are The Tower (Mars) for Camael and The Sun (Sol) for Michael. These can also be used for any spells cast at the time of the eclipse.

Oracular Guidance

To better understand the influence of Blood Moon on a personal level, why not consider doing or getting a Tarot reading? It can help you clear blocks to your life purpose or give you a better understanding of how the eclipse may be effecting your love life.

If you would like to read on this for yourself, I recommend keeping it simple. (Consider using only the Major Arcana, as we are dealing with major themes and initiations during an eclipse.) Here are some sample three card spreads to help you navigate the eclipse energies:

Issue / Challenge / Solution

Initiation / Your Energy / How to Best Tackle the Initiation Challenge

Mind / Body / Spirit

Don’t / Potential / Do

What Can’t Be Changed / What Can or Needs to Change / How to Change

Unknown Key Factor / Known Key Factor / Where You Need to Focus Your Energy

Your Energy / What the Gods Want from You / How to Deliver What the Gods Want

Choice A / Choice B / Best Way Forward

How to Grow / How to Serve / How to Celebrate

What Will Be Revealed / How To Handle It / What to Avoid

If you would rather get a professional reading, I have GREAT news! Over the next couple of days, I will give you 20% off on the One Question in-depth Tarot reading via email. Regular price is £20, you pay only £16!  Email me with your question and use ‘Eclipse Offer’ as the title of the email to claim your sale price. (Offer ends at noon BST 25 September.)

Blessed Be!


*group of four


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