Intuitive Two Choices Tarot Spread

Two Choices Tarot Spread

Got a ‘two choices’ type question? This intuitive layout is the Two Choices Tarot spread I use. It’s my favourite spread for tuning in and choosing the path that best aligns me with Higher Will. It is useful for almost any situation where you are having to choose between two different options, whether it is about a job situation, relationship or some other fork in the road scenario.

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How to Read the Intuitive Two Choices Tarot Spread

Basically, you read this spread in three groups of three cards. The first three cards tell a story about your background and where you’re at now with regard to the choice you are facing. These cards could show you any inner doubts or challenges you are facing. Or it could focus more on outside circumstances. Usually, it is a mix of both.

The second group of three Tarot cards shows you how things are likely to progress if you go down the path of choice A and the third group of three cards shows you how things are likely to progress if you go down the path of choice B.

Choose the 10th and final card from a Majors-only deck. This is the card that tells you the real issue your Higher Self is facing. This takes you beyond the bleedingly obvious outer circumstances and your own indecision and hopefully serves to provide you with the bird’s eye perspective you need to make your choice.

Oracle Option

Alternatively, you can choose your final card from an oracle relevant to your question. So, for instance, if your question is about love & romance, choose a romance oracle. The I-Ching of Love Oracle or Doreen Virtue’s Romance Angel Oracle would work well, for instance.

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  1. Hey Lisa! Love the spread, but if you only have one tarot deck, how can you choose the tenth card from a Majors only deck? Or do you mean that you should split the Majors from the Minors when doing this spread? Thanx!

    1. Post

      Hi Laura, If you only have one deck, you can keep pulling cards off the top until you get to the next Major for the 10th card. If you have two full decks, you can separate the Majors out from the second deck… There is always room for improvisation! 🙂

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