angels of love tarot spread

Invoking the Angels of Love Tarot Spread

angels of love

Angels are divine messengers. When we have lost hope and can’t see the way forward, they can fill us with light, joy and optimism – if we let them. Angels never intrude or push themselves on us. They wait for us to call them…

Whisperings of Love


Relationships are extremely important in the eyes of the angels. They see them as our best learning opportunity for developing our full divine potential and are more than happy to help!

Here are four angels you can call on for guidance when you are stuck or feel hopeless about your love life and relationships:

Chamuel – The Angel of Pure Love

Call on Chamuel to help you find your soul mate or to improve the relationship you are in. Call on him any time you want to strengthen the heart connection between you and your beloved.
Tarot Correspondence – The Empress

Jophiel – The Angel of Beauty

Call on Jophiel when you want to sprinkle some magick on your most intimate relationship and gain a deeper sense of appreciation for your beloved. Jophiel can help you see your partner through the eyes of wonder if you feel you have started taking each other for granted.
Tarot Correspondence – Temperance

Raguel – The Angel of Fairness

Is there a lot of bickering and arguing going on in your relationship? Call on Raguel for peace and understanding as well as for protection for yourself if you need it. Raguel protects all who are unfairly treated and helps adjust the balance to restore relationship harmony.
Tarot Correspondence – Justice/Adjustment

Jeremiel – The Angel of Transformation

Is it time to let go? Are you in need of healing after a bad break-up? Has your relationship turned toxic beyond repair? Allow Jeremiel help you embrace the unknown and move forward. He is an angel of endings and new beginnings and his gift is acceptance and he can help you transmute negative energy so that you are free to move on.
Tarot Correspondence – Judgement

Invoking the Angels of Love Tarot Spread

Angels of Love Tarot Spread

Choose the card corresponding to the Angel you wish to invoke and place it card position 1. Place three cards beneath the Major Arcana you have chosen.

The second card represents your situation here and now.

The third card represents the approach you want to avoid in order to move forward.

The fourth card represents the best approach for bringing healing to the situation.

Ask the angel you wish to receive guidance from with help interpreting the spread. Sit silently and wait for answers to arise for a couple of minutes. Feel the wings of love wrap around you. I recommend using a Tarot deck that really speaks to your heart and puts you in the mood for romance to help strengthen the connection with the Angels of Love. The Thelema Tarot and the Victorian Romantic Tarot are excellent options.

Complete the reading by giving thanks to your guiding angel.

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