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Hello friends, let’s talk about the current celestial climate. We’re hitting the brakes big time this weekend even though we are only at the start of the astrological year and may feel ready to charge ahead. You may be aware of Venus retrograde (4 of March -15 April) in emotional Pisces having an affect on your love life. It’s a double whammy for relationship issues with Jupiter being retrograde (6 Feb – 9 June) in Libra, sign of partnerships. Saturn went retrograde in Sagittarius yesterday, 6 April, and this retrograde is set to last until 25 August. 

With Saturn retrograde over the spring/summer months, we have a chance to get real about how we learn and experience things. The extravagance, expansiveness and optimism of Jupiter is already tempered and will soon be dampened further by Saturn going retrograde. If you don’t feel like you are your normal, optimistic self, don’t worry because you will get it back. It’s better to not resist what is happening now and to allow for that inward focus that is the gift of the retrogrades.

For all of us, during the Saturn Rx period, now is the time to really start practicing what we preach. Any attempts to overreach, promise more than we can deliver or take shortcuts to reach our goals will be instantly curtailed. Being cautious with spending is advisable. Anything you study now that doesn’t sit well with your true values is likely to grate loudly against the iron rod of integrity.

Venus squaring Saturn on the day it went direct is a telling sign of relationships being tested further. I know, I know… Enough already, right? But with Saturn it’s karmic and with both of these planets being retrograde as they square, it’s a double whammy when it comes to karma and soul contracts for relationships. Better to accept this and roll with it.

Retrogrades are all about slowing down and helping us go within. With Mercury (planet of communication) going retrograde in Taurus this Sunday (9 April) in Taurus, we step on the brakes until we just about touch the floor. Slowing down now to reassess the direction we are taking in terms of what we truly value will really pay off. Mercury will go direct again on 3 May but we won’t assume full steam until it has passed the original point of going Rx, which will happen 20 May.

Spend more time in meditation over the next couple of weeks and don’t worry so much about trying to get messages across to the people around you. Things easily get muddled when Mercury is not playing ball. On the other hand, messages from on high can often be received with greater clarity – IF we give the powers that be a chance, quieten down and actually tune in!

Right, time to have a look at the forecast and what this Mercury retrograde will mean for you. You know the score. Focus on your life communicating what you truly value deep down in every way… Think about moving forward with integrity for the highest good… Imagine yourself receiving clear messages from Source/God/The Universe (whatever name you use for the unknowable)… and choose a number that resonates.

Mercury Retrograde Tarot Forecast - Pick a Card

And to put a filler in so you can’t take a sneaky peak on the cards below while choosing your number, I’d like to talk about how you can benefit from a Tarot reading during this current Rx-heavy period…

The Tarot can help you assess any blockages relating to specific planetary influences and help you find the best way forward. A reading can help you focus on where to best direct your energy at this point in time so that you don’t end up drained and confused by tilting at windmills.

I’m here for you when you are ready to place your order!

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”
― Jalaluddin Rumi

1. You have chosen the Queen of Cups for the Mercury Rx period. This is a big heads up that you will be extra sensitive over the last couple of weeks. Great leaps forward can be made in terms of psychic development. You may need to shield yourself more than usual around others though. Regular, twice-daily meditation periods will be your best defence and greatest ally when it comes to psychic hygiene. Other people are important during this Rx. Beware of those who may be emotionally manipulative. If they don’t respect your boundaries, now is the time to let them go.

2. You have chosen the Hanged Man as your guide for the Mercury retrograde period. This is Neptune/Water and similar in focus to the Water of Water Queen of Cups but different in the sense that what you can expect at the end of this period is a paradigm shift. You will have a new perspective on your spiritual journey and maybe even about what you are here to do in service to humanity. New spiritual gifts can be unearthed at this time. Think Odin hanging for 9 days and 9 nights on the tree and the sacrifice he made to gain wisdom. You will need to be extra patient with yourself since these shifts are never easy.

3. You have chosen the Ace of Wands as your inspiration for the imminent Mercury Rx. This is a tricky one because it tells me that you are chomping at the bit, feeling inspired and ready to charge ahead. The task then becomes to go within to find what you can realistically use to sustain the fire of inspiration longer term. If you are born with Mercury Rx or generally find these retrogrades of great value in terms of artistic inspiration you may wish to proceed. What you are bringing to the world right now is of great benefit in terms of helping others let go of deep blockages. You are the fire starter – Just don’t burn yourself out!

Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg