15 September Free Reading Friday Tarot of Trees

Week Ahead Tarot and Oracle Card Message – Pick a Card!

15 September Free Reading Friday Tarot of Trees

Oh my, what a week it’s been! We learned that the spiritual teacher formerly known as ‘The Angel Lady’ thinks that Wayne Dyer wasn’t Christian enough and that you can win refund battles, even though they come with a nasty note sometimes. We also learned that Hay House customer service, once kicked into gear, can be really good. It’s been a long hard battle but I and many of my friends are receiving refunds for all the courses we took with the teacher who now believes her former teachings were inspired by lower energy/demons. The only thing that is missing is a public apology… but I’m not holding my breath!

I very much look forward to the weekend now and some chill time. Next week, I expect to be back to more normal blog topics. Heck, I expected to be back to normal blog topics this week, until I learned that the Virtues were going to give most of their rescue animals sponsored with our course fees away. I know some people have not been happy to hear what I have had to say. That’s OK. I haven’t been happy about having to say it either. But you have to ask yourself, would it be better if everyone just tried to cover up the truth and pretend it was business as normal?

All these changes, though tough, have been for the better in my  opinion – at least for those of us who are willing to face the truth about our own gullibility. We emerge wiser and stronger thanks to standing up for our rights as well as being completely honest with ourselves about why we chose to ignore our red flags and gut instinct. Those who have kept their heads in the sand will awaken to, possibly through a different but similar lesson further down the line.

Anyhooo… for the Week Ahead Message, we are working with the Tarot of Trees today. I have also pulled a message from the Conscious Spirit Oracle… and we got the same card as last week. Before you scroll down for the general message that comes with this card, choose your individual message above. You can make your selection intuitively or allow a digital randomiser do it for you.

Conscious Spirit Oracle Week Ahead Message

Last week’s message was about integrating everything into conscious awareness. This week, Spirit is showing me that the integration process needs us to dig deep and reconnect our roots. We have been uprooted and the mental energy has been very strong. This was necessary but now it needs to be grounded so that we can be in harmony once more. Grounding is fairly simple. It’s about doing things with our hands more than our heads, spending time outdoors, slowing down and doing our chores mindfully, making sure we sleep enough and listen to our bodies. Ask Mother Earth to help you know what you need to ground your energy. One size does not fit all. The process of tuning in to the Earth energies and listening to the body is a form of grounding in its own right but we can always go deeper.

Affirmation of the week: I go deeper to ground my energy and bring my body back into balance. I am rooted, strong and secure as I continue to walk in the light of truth and integrity.

The Reveal

Tarot of Trees Week Ahead Message Reveal

  1. Card number one called out to you. 7 of Pentacles. Patience and perseverance is your theme for the week ahead. You won’t be able to force any results so let go and wait patiently for things to mature and develop in their own time. Trust that seeds you planted in the past will bear fruit when the time is right. This Saturn in Taurus energy could be limiting your self-expression or creativity in some way. Pay attention to if you are holding back on expressing your truth to please someone else. It could just be that the time for speaking up is not now but make sure you don’t use that as an excuse indefinitely. Complete what you have started. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted.
  2. You were drawn to card number two. Regeneration. This card is an ‘extra’ and specific to the Tarot of Trees. This card is about pulling back our energy from situations that drain us and that we have no power over anyway. Look around you and see how far your domain influence extends. Focus on that and brining your own body back into balance. This card’s message fits so very well with a quote that I came across in my social media feed only minutes ago, that I had to include it: “Every single choice we make is either going to enhance the spirit or drain it. Every day we’re either giving ourselves power or taking it away.” – Caroline Myss
  3. Number three was the card that you felt a pull toward. Page of Pentacles. This week, children, studies and money matters will be in focus. You could also receive messages that require you to take action or spend some money. Pleasant surprises or an unexpected financial bonus are also possible with the Page of Pentacles. Focus on the details this week and the bigger picture will take care of itself. You will most likely to feel motivated to study and work hard. People rely on you and see you as hardworking, dependable and trustworthy. What you know, you know well and others recognise you for it.




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