wild oat bach flower remedy

Wild Oat Bach Flower Tarot Spread

wild oat bach flower tarot spread

Wild Oat is the Bach flower remedy for the multi-talented individual who can’t seem to focus on just one career. The underlying reason for vocational restlessness is, according to Mechthild Scheffer, associated with not being seen as a child, and not having one’s talents recognised early on in life. In today’s post, I present you with a Wild Oat Bach Flower Tarot spread to help you make the most of the wisdom of this remedy.

Some of the common symptoms the Wild Oat personality presents with include…

  • vaguely defined goals, especially with regards to life purpose
  • a feeling of being destined for something special but not quite knowing what
  • a love for starting new projects
  • easily getting bored with projects after a while
  • many possibilities to choose from but none of them make you jump with joy
  • life seems more clear-cut for others
  • spreading oneself too thin
  • not actually wanting to commit subconsciously leads to problems further down the road
  • hopping from one topic or job to another
  • finding oneself in circumstances, jobs and social circles that are a poor fit
  • a dislike for labels

Just a couple of these symptoms are enough to put you in a Wild Oat state. I qualify for every single one!

What the Bach Flower Remedy can help you with:

  • See and accept your unique gifts
  • Find your vision/calling and act on it
  • You connect the dots between your many gifts with clarity and make them work for you

The Wild Oat state is one I have struggled with for most of my life. Now that I’m starting to accept myself and my gifts fully, I’m slowly releasing this state. Many clients who come for life-purpose readings find themselves in the Wild Oat state. Sometimes you get a combination with the Cerato state, i.e. trusting the advice of others over the advice of that still small voice within.

Wild Oat can sometimes be confused with Scleranthus, the indecision remedy. However, whereas the Scleranthus type person always hesitates when faced with a choice, the Wild Oat personality specifically experiences angst over vocational choices.

In my own struggle with the Wild Oat state, I have managed to hone in on something I want to do to a certain degree (Tarot and healing work) but I find that I cannot devote myself fully to one way of working that would help with my branding and marketing. Luckily, thanks to writing this article, I can now make up a remedy that will help me move forward. I can also put the Tarot to work by inventing a Tarot spread that will help with greater clarity and focus.

The Wild Oat Bach Flower Tarot Spread

wild oat remedy tarot spread
  1. How good a match is the path I’m on with my soul’s calling
  2. The real motivation for going down the path I’m currently on
  3. How to go deeper on this path without getting bored or restless
  4. A new vision to revive my enthusiasm for this path

Wild Oat Bach Flower Tarot Reading with the Frideborg Tarot

wild oat sample reading frideborg tarot

How good a match is the path I’m on with my soul’s calling

I continue to feel excited about it as long as I can do things my way. I need to be able to go in the direction my wanderlust takes me and I’m mostly able to do so within the boundaries laid out already. Self-employment doing something I love is a good match and keeps me feeling alive. As things stand though, I tend to act erratically and somewhat selfishly at times. (Knight of Wands)

The real motivation for going down the path I’m currently on

Oh boy! I guess I like to be able to tear things down… This is making me think of castles in the sand… like so many of the projects I have begun. It seems I need to take up a hobby of creating sand mandalas so that I can go even deeper with regard to the underlying motivation and this rather destructive element in my personality. I also need to understand that this is not how you create a legacy. Not unless you are a follower of Kali Ma. The other thing I see here, looking in a more positive light this time, is that I genuinely enjoy tearing down the illusions that hold us back from being fully embodied divine human beings. (The Tower)

How to go deeper on this path without getting bored or restless

Devotion is the way forward. Find what you are devoted to and keep devoting yourself to it. It’s all about the heart connection and being able to put myself in a state of flow. (Queen of Cups)

A new vision to revive my enthusiasm for this path

Thank you, Shekinah! This is a card I read together with the preceding one. My devotion to my boss must be pure and absolute. Holy Spirit can continue to renew me on this path in the NOW. (The Fool)

The Quint* works out to 63/9  The Hermit – I must have the courage to keep walking this path on my own (though never alone).


* Work the Quint out by adding the numbers of the cards together and reducing them to a number between 1-22. The Fool has the numerical value 22 for this purpose and the Court Cards have the following values: Page 11, Knight 12, Queen 13 and King 14. The Quint or quintessence is the spiritual lesson with regard to the question at hand.

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  2. Just got time to read this all the way – fantastic Lisa!! It was said by Dr. Bach if I am not mistaken that if for any reason it is difficult to assess the proper flower essence remedy(ies) – you can determine first if the person is an excess/maximizer or if they are deficient/minimizer (my words but you get it!) – if the former, start them on Holly essence. If the latter, start them on (get this) Wild Oats essence!! After the chosen essence works for awhile, you can see deeper layers which leads to the NEXT essence(s). I just LOVE this and your tarot spread provides even MORE healing!! Thank you tons!!

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