embodying the divine feminine through the tarot queens

The Four Queens Tarot Spread

four queens tarot spread

What a fun and busy weekend it has been! The first ever International Tarot Day blog hop was a resounding success with countless interesting contributions and Angelorum getting over 4,000 page views on the day (usually around 3,000 on a Saturday). I’m really grateful for the opportunity to take part and for having been assigned the Queen of Swords. It was incredibly illuminating for me to ponder how to embody some of the positive traits of the Divine Feminine through this awesome Queen.

As synchronicity would have it another queen popped up for me this morning. You can find my musings from earlier today on the Red Queen of Wands HERE. That’s when I realised I needed to create a Tarot spread that brings all four Queens into balance. I also wanted this Tarot spread to tie in with the Empress who embodies the fullness of all four in perfect harmony when she is in harmony (well aspected).

the four queens tarot spread for fully embodying the divine feminine

1. The Empress – X factor – Your unique divine feminine soul spark
2. The Hanged Man – New perspective – Shows an aspect of your divine feminine SELF that you need a new perspective on
3. The World – Now being completed – Shows an Earth school subject you are now ready to graduate from
4. Queen of Wands – Fire levels – How inspired, energised, powerful, and charismatic are you?
5. Queen of Cups – Water levels – Water levels – How loving, empathic, emotionally healthy and intuitive are you?
6. Queen of Swords – Air levels – How clear-headed, diplomatic, compassionately detached and wise are you?
7. Queen of Pentacles – Earth levels – How grounded, physically healthy, abundant and nurturing are you?

You can do this spread one of two ways, either by splitting the deck five ways (Majors and the four suits) or you can work with a complete deck and just pull from the top once you have shuffled and cut.

I recommend using the Majors for the first three positions and then the corresponding suit for each of the four Queens but feel free to have a play reading the ‘normal’ way.

Sample Reading with the New Mythic Tarot

four queens tarot spread sample reading with the new mythic tarot

1. The Empress – X factor (The Lovers) – My unique divine feminine soul spark has a lot in common with my Gemini Rising it would seem 🙂
2. The Hanged Man – New perspective (The Hierophant) – I need a new perspective on what my soul values. I’m getting to the point where I’m gradually releasing anything that does not align with my most deeply treasured values. I am also in the process of becoming my own source of authority. The teacher within is who guides me on what to keep in my life and what to release (for the Highest Good).
3. The World – Now being completed (Temperance) – Oh goody! Temperance is my year card and I doo feel as if I am making good progress on the lessons this card has been bringing me since the start of 2017. I love the New Mythic Tarot (UK Amazon affiliate link) depiction of the Temperance card. The goddess Iris is surrounded by the rainbow, symbol of clear and fully functional chakras. This also feels like a nod to me aligning fully with my Magdalene calling. Mary Magdalene is said to have had seven demons thrown out of her by Christ. In esoteric circles this is believed to be a sign that she was able to fully embody her divine I AM self, rather than a sign that she was one of the most severely possessed characters in the history of mankind. Temperance is a card of soul alchemy so it fits well with the Magdalene theme in that sense too.
4. Queen of Wands – Fire levels (6 of Wands) – Yes, I’m happier and more confident than I have ever been and it comes from knowing that love has already won. My confidence is not confidence in ego or my own limited abilities. It is absolute confidence and trust in Source.
5. Queen of Cups – Water levels (King of Cups) – Water levels – Looks like I’ve finally grown up. I don’t take things personally any more and look at those who wish me ill with compassion. When we know better, we do better. Forgiveness is easy.
6. Queen of Swords – Air levels (2 of Swords) – This is making me smile. 2 of Swords is Moon in Libra. My friend and Tarot colleague, Oephebia, blogged about the 2 of Swords for the ITD blog hop and she did an amazing job, covering pretty much every aspect of the card you can think of, including flower remedies. We were chatting about the Bach flower therapy correspondences before the blog hop went live and I told Oephebia how much I was in the 2 of Swords space and that I needed to go and make myself a bottle of Scleranthus, THE Libra/indecision remedy. I also just realised that this card was in the shadow position for the Kingdom Within Tarot reading I did last week… Well, guess what?! I still haven’t got around to mixing up the remedy, so I’ll have to get that sorted as soon as I’ve posted this or the 2 of Swords will keep stalking me!
7. Queen of Pentacles – Earth levels (5 of Pentacles) – It should come as no surprise then that the indecision I’m suffering concerns my ability to earn a decent living from doing what I love. I’ve not yet cracked the abundance code because I find money an elusive concept to grasp… and it’s not about my self-worth in this case but rather how to market myself in a way that aligns with my spiritual values (as per The Hierophant above).

This was certainly one of those ‘Wow, the cards really do not lie!’ kind of readings for me and has given me a good overview of my Elemental balance as well as what areas I need to work on in order to be able to fully work my goddess mojo!