Top 10 Angelic Love Tarot Affirmations

love tarot affirmations

In our Tarot Affirmations series, we are now arriving at affirmations for love, romance and relationships. As in yesterday’s post about physical healing affirmations, I have included Angelic correspondences for each of the cards. In Angelic Tarot, the main Tarot cards to work with for love and romance affirmations are the cards are mainly the cards that fall under the guardianship of Anael (Venus), Camael (Mars) and Raphael (Mercury).

It is up to you how in-depth you wish to go with each affirmation but strengthening the connection with your subconscious mind by turning the Tarot affirmation into a full-blown Tarot spell could be worth doing if you suspect that you still harbour doubts about your ability to manifest loving relationships deep down, due to past negative experiences or trauma. To use the Tarot card in your spellcasting simply place it on your altar, light the candle and charge it with your intent, either on its own or together with the suggested corresponding.

The deck used to illustrate each of the Angelic Tarot affirmations for love and romance is the Frideborg Tarot but you can, of course, use the affirmations with any deck that speaks to you.

Archangel Raphael Love Tarot Affirmations

The Lovers Frideborg Tarot Digital VersionAffirmation: My true love and I connect now through ether and both become aware that we each carry the other in our heart so that we will instantly recognise each other when we meet.

Tarot card: The Lovers

Zodiac correspondence: Gemini (ruled by Mercury/Archangel Raphael)

Intent: To call in your true love

When to use: On a new or waxing moon, alternatively on Ostara or Beltane

Candle/crystal magick: Light a green candle for the heart chakra, to open a telepathic line of communication between the two of you. Charge a green fluorite with the intent of being in communication with your beloved until you meet (including in dreamtime).

38Affirmation: This is a fun and friendly first date.

Tarot card: 3 of Cups

Zodiac correspondence: Mercury (Archangel Raphael) in Cancer (Archangel Gabriel)

Intent: To make sure that a first date goes well

When to use: Any time before a first date

Candle/crystal magick: Light a yellow candle for smooth communication and charge a citrine for confidence, great conversation, optimism and friendship. When you focus the first date on building a solid foundation of friendship you create a win-win for everyone because many are ‘no sparkers’ but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the other soul, learn something from them and inspire each other to seek more joy.

8 of Wands Frideborg Tarot Digital VersionAffirmation: I allow my best and truest self to shine forth as I establish contact with (______) to see if there is a real connection

Tarot card: 8 of Wands

Zodiac correspondence: Mercury (Archangel Raphael) in Sagittarius (Archangel Sachiel)

Intent: To get the attention of someone you’ve spotted online or only just started talking to

When to use: Any time you wish to spark someone interest and make sure that a connection based on a shared vision is established

Candle/crystal magick: Light a gold candle for sparks of interest to fly. Charge a turquoise to allow your true spirit to shine through from the very first email.

Archangel Anael Tarot Affirmations

2 of Cups Frideborg Tarot Digital VersionAffirmation: I attract a loving partner who is as madly in love with me as I am with him/her

Tarot card: 2 of Cups

Zodiac correspondence: Venus (Archangel Anael) in Cancer (Archangel Gabriel)

Intent: To manifest a love relationship

When to use: Full Moon in any of the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), Midsummer or any time you feel the need

Candle/crystal magick: Light a pink candle for romance and new love. Charge a rose quartz to carry with you, and to remind you to be the love you seek

The Empress Frideborg Tarot Digital VersionAffirmation: I attract a lover (or lovers) into my life by the force of my irresistible mojo

Tarot card: The Empress

Zodiac correspondence: Venus (Archangel Anael)

Intent: For a woman to increase her charisma and pulling power

When to use: New Moon in Taurus/Beltane or any time the need arises

Candle/crystal magick: Light a bright pink/magenta candle for romance and heightened sexual charisma. Charge malachite or jewelry with malachite for increased pulling power. This card can also be used to create an affirmation for anyone wishing to conceive: I invoke my goddess-given power to bring forth new life.

4 of Wands Frideborg Tarot Digital VersionAffirmation: I joyfully settle down with the love of my life

Tarot card: 4 of Wands

Zodiac correspondence: Venus (Archangel Anael) in Aries (Archangel Camael)

Intent: To find a romantic partner to move in/settle down with or to deepen the commitment in an existing relationship. Be careful in the case of the latter though. If they have no intention to settle down with you, using this affirmation will soon make your differences apparent!

When to use: Any Full Moon or any Friday on a New or Waxing Moon.

Candle/crystal magick: Light a pink candle for romance and commitment. Charge a rhodonite to help manifest a stable, committed relationship grounded in the knowledge that this is what you deserve and that you won’t settle for less.

The Hierophant Frideborg Tarot Digital VersionAffirmation: I am happily married the love of my life

Tarot card: The Hierophant

Zodiac correspondence: Taurus (ruled by Venus/Archangel Anael)

Intent: If finding someone to marry is paramount

When to use: Ostara/Beltane or New/Full Moon in Taurus

Candle/crystal magick: Light a pink candle for romance and commitment. Charge a red garnet or piece of jewelry that represents tying the knot. You can also combine the 2 of Cups, 4 of Wands and The Hierophant for a powerful love Tarot spell and use the following affirmation: A loving life partner (or soul mate if you prefer) is now here for a happy marriage and settling down together.

Archangel Camael Love Tarot Affirmations

2 of Wands Frideborg Tarot Digital VersionAffirmation: I enjoy a dynamic relationship full of sexual chemistry

Tarot card: 2 of Wands

Zodiac correspondence: Mars (Archangel Camael) in Aries (Archangel Camael)

Intent: To find a relationship that is interdependent rather than codependent and that can help both people grow. Ideal for anyone who self-employed and seeking a romantic partner who will also be in business with them

When to use: New Moon in Aries or any time the need arises. For spellcasting choose a Tuesday near a Full Moon in any of the Fire signs.

Candle/crystal magick: Light a red candle for passion and vitality. Charge a fire agate to attract a dynamic partner as well as to maintain sound personal boundaries in the process.

The Emperor Frideborg Tarot Digital VersionAffirmation: My ability to attract a romantic/sexual partner grows stronger day by day

Tarot card: The Emperor

Zodiac correspondence: Aries (Archangel Camael)

Intent: For a man to increase his pulling power

When to use: New Moon in Aries or any time the need arises. For spellcasting choose a Tuesday near a Full Moon in any of the Fire signs.

Candle/crystal magick: Light a red candle for increased sexual mojo and charisma. Charge a ruby to magnetise a lover (or more than one!) to you.

The Tower Frideborg Tarot Digital VersionAffirmation: My virility, fertility and stamina increase day by day

Tarot Card: The Tower

Zodiac correspondence: Mars (Archangel Camael)

Intent: Male fertility, sexual health and libido

When to use: Every day (just kidding). On a New Moon in a Fire Sign or on a Tuesday when the Moon is Full or Waxing.

Candle/crystal magick: Light a red candle for a strong male libido and increased fertility. Charge a red jasper with the same intent.

Bonus Archangel Gabriel Love Tarot Affirmation

Ace of Cups Frideborg Tarot Digital VersionAffirmation: Love is in me and all around me. The more love I radiate from my core, the more love returns to me.

Tarot Card: Ace of Cups

Zodiac correspondence: The Moon (Archangel Gabriel)

Intent: To become a more loving person so that you can begin attracting better relationships, whether it be for love or friendship. This is one of the best affirmations you can use on a daily basis because it allows your true, loving nature to shine through and makes life more enjoyable for you and everyone around you.

When to use: Every day (NOT kidding).

Candle/crystal magick: Light a white candle and meditate on the purity of your heart chakra.

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