Wildwood Tarot Deck Interview

Wildwood Tarot Deck Interview

Why I Didn’t Go Wild for the Wildwood Tarot

The Wildwood Tarot deck has been with me since the UK Tarot Conference where John Matthews and Mark Ryan introduced the deck. I liked it but it wasn’t love at first sight. Back then, I think I was more into the RWS clones and there are some rather alternative takes on the cards in this deck + they had swapped Strength and Justice around (another pet peeve). I also didn’t vibe with some of the names chosen for the Majors, such as the Woodward for Strength. So I’m guessing this is some of the reasons why I haven’t gotten around to doing my Wildwood Tarot deck interview… until today!

I believe we’re going back to 2011-ish for that Tarot Conference and back then, my lust for the Greenwood Tarot artwork was still strong. I liked Will Worthington’s art but I didn’t love it at the time. I felt it suffered by comparison. For many Moons, I kept the deck in its bag. I guess the main advantage is that this first edition Wildwood Tarot with a companion book signed by Mark Ryan is still in mint condition.

Wildwood Tarot deck companion book signed by Mark Ryan

Recently, I started shamanic studies. Because of this strong pull to study shamanism and connect deeply with Nature, I have been reaching for decks that reflect Earth-centred spirituality, such as the Wildwood Tarot by John Matthews, Mark Ryan & Will Worthington and Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot by Poppy Palin. It is like I see these decks with fresh eyes and I believe there is a lesson to be learned from this. Do not get rid of decks just because it wasn’t love at first sight. We keep growing and developing and a deck that didn’t sing to us five years ago may well start singing today.

Wildwood Tarot Deck Interview

1. Describe yourself in three words or less – The Moon on Water (trad. The Moon)

WT: Deep, reflective, mysterious

Me: I remember you! You were the card that Mark Ryan spent the most time talking about at the Tarot conference. It should come as no surprise that you get to represent the deck then. How perfect!

WT: *Shoots me a Mona Lisa smile*

2. How would your best friend describe you using only three words? – 3 of Bows/Wands ‘Fulfilment’

WT: Confident, welcoming, direct

Me: Yes, I can see that. I don’t think I was ready to step through into this world entirely before but I am glad to be welcomed in by you now. Thank you!

3. What gift do you bring? – The Green Woman (trad. The Empress)

WT: The gift of connecting deeply with your Wild-Woman Self.

Me: How wonderful! The Empress is my Tarot Soul Card and I would love to get to know her more deeply as the Green Woman.

4. What do you expect in return? – 3 of Vessels/Cups ‘Joy’

UT: Just that you stay in the joy of the moment, savouring the connections you make through me. My aim is to centre and ground you into your soul’s calling and to help you heal your bloodline. This is why you see three 3’s in this spread. 3 is your Life Path Number and the Life Path Number of everyone in your immediate family before your children were born. Many things that have not made sense before, will begin to make sense thanks to these connections. The joy that is your innate gift but that eluded you for so long is now fully available to you.

Me: Wow!

5. How can you help me serve? – The Pole Star (trad. The Star)

UT: I can help you bring hope to people as well as stay true to yourself. Like the Pole Star, my guidance is true and will help you stay on your path. I will illuminate your readings with spiritual truth that stays with you.

Me: I can’t really ask for better than that.

6. Is there anything else you would like to tell me about yourself? – The Woodward (trad. Strength)

UT: I’m dependable and though I may come across as feminine (relating to the Divine Feminine), my Divine Masculine energy is equally strong. I will lend you courage in tough times and help keep you safe.

Me: *swoons*



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  1. I’m so with you on keeping decks even if it isn’t love at first sight! Though with me and the Wildwood, it quite was, and I worked with it deeply when it first came out. As people we go through phases, and I’m back with a deck I first got in about 2005 😀
    What a lovely interview, too. I am excited to read more about your many and varied shamanic journeys and experiences!

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    2. Weird, you’re response isn’t showing up here…
      The deck from 2005 (or there abouts), is the Moon Oracle set. I’ve been using it quite a bit for three card readings. I’d like to have a better grip on (lunar) astrology. Always love your posts on the topic, of course!

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