the two charlies charlie freak and charlie ward

Are The Two Charlies Telling the TRUTH?

the two charlies charlie freak and charlie ward
What are these two men really about?

Should We Trust the Plan?

Yesterday, two different people recommended that I watch the “Two Charlies” video, as it was something these two individuals had watched that had given them hope. I know their motive for passing the video along was to instill hope and optimism in me as well. For better or worse, I’m naturally skeptical, especially when I’m told to stand back and not take action but simply ‘Trust the plan.’

Under the video, Charles Ward writes:

“Join our two Facebook groups, and meet other like-minded people who WERE worried and have now realised the TRUTH and what’s really going on.”

Sounds great, right? In the video, they both go on to reassure us that Trump and BoJo have everything under control and that everything that is happening now is for the greater good. ‘Trust the plan,’ they say. It will end with the pedophile Elite being dragged before tribunals and executed. Apparently, Tom Hanks has already been taken out, at least according to Charlie Freak.

Critical Thinking and Checking Facts

Listening to them, I found myself thinking (as I so often do) that there is so very little substance here, so very little I could try to verify for myself. So when Charlie Freak (with Charlie Ward nodding along) brought up Kathy Griffin, I thought, ‘Oh good, this I can verify for myself!’

Charlie Freak made the rather fantastical claim that Anderson Cooper’s older brother had a sex change to become Kathy Griffin. CLICK HERE for the correct timestamp to verify. We often hear claims of members of the Elite having had secret sex and identity changes but not very often is it as easy as this to verify and prove to be a falsehood.

Below, I present you with the evidence (bearing in mind also that Kathy Griffin is 5’4 and Carter would have been about 5’11 (Anderson is 5’10).

The older brother of Anderson Cooper Charlie Freak claims to be Kathy Griffin
Anderson Cooper, Gloria Vanderbilt (mum) and Carter Cooper
'The two Charlies' claim Kathy Griffin who is seven inches shorter than Anderson is his older brother
Former BFFs Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin have since fallen out

You can also verify the four children (all sons) born to Gloria Vanderbilt HERE. The data on Kathy Griffin is presented HERE. The fact that Gloria Vanderbilt referred to as Kathy Griffin as her “fantasy daughter,” doesn’t mean that she was inferring anything. Nor does the photo of Kathy trolling the press with a fake bulge mean that she used to be a man. I encourage you to look at photographs of the minute Kathy Griffin and also to check her bio. Do your research and then come back and tell me you still think she had a sex change.

5 Minutes of Fame

What red-flagged all the info presented in the Two Charlies for me to start with, other than the lack of substance, was the continuous bragging by Charlie Freak about viewer numbers and how he has sacrificed his sleep for the greater good since the start of all of this. Surely, if he was losing that much sleep (claiming to have slept only 100 hours since it all began in March), he would have had ample opportunity to fact-check that which he presents as absolute truth.

Are the two Charlies there to just mock the truther community or are they, as someone suggested, there for there five minutes of fame?

Charlie Freak claims there is no error in the information he presents and that everything he says is true. Well, I just proved that he is lying. THINK! Never stop questioning and thinking for yourself. If there is a greater plan, I doubt that Charlie Freak is privy to any of it.

I firmly believe that we, you and I, are going to have to be the change we want to see. Now is NOT the time to sit back and wait for some greater plan to unfold and certainly not the time to entrust our future to some social media wannabes.

Truth and Facts

My own search for the truth lead me to Jesus Christ and it also lead me to take action for the future of our children. Please don’t think there is nothing you can do. There is plenty you can do, not only in terms of peaceful non-compliance, but also in terms of joining local groups who are keen to put feet on the ground, spreading scientific data that contradicts the narrative. There is no need to rely on speculation and rumours about celebrities. Finally, there is no call for trusting any plan that does not encourage you to act NOW!

Here are some science and fact based links that you can use to help awaken people. Let’s fight this with passion (yes!) but also with soundness of mind:

In Him,