how to get a refund

How to Get a Refund for Your Doreen Virtue Course

how to get a refund

When I blogged about how my Doreen Virtue certificates were worthless to my business after the Teacher denounced the very essence on her work HERE, HERE and HERE I initially had no plans to ask for refunds for any of the courses, mainly because I didn’t know my rights as a consumer. It was the talk about a possible class action lawsuit that made me realise that I did indeed have a valid claim after how unprofessionally both Doreen Virtue and Hay House handled questions and claims from concerned students. 

Those of us who had totally legit questions and had the courage to ask them on the student forums were quickly shut down and had either comments or whole conversation threads deleted. This taught us to quickly start taking screenshots of anything we posted in these forums, as well as to start sharing the evidence of Doreen Virtue’s unprofessional conduct in the form of not only ignoring questions by student but then turning on them with gaslighting. I have documented my own attempt to get a refund for my Angelologist course HERE. In the end I got a ‘reimbursement’ (NOT a refund) but not without a very nasty note from the camp (see linked article).

I made my refund claim after I found out that the Rescue Ranch was going to shut down and that Doreen and Michael had started giving most of the animals who had been promised their forever homes with the help of funding from the sales of some of the courses sold on, including the Angelologist and Fairyologist courses. You can read the excellent article by my fairyologist friend, the Celtic Fairy, where she analyses the numbers for the Rescue Ranch in light of Michael Virtue’s claim that they course fees only covered 10% of the feed bill HERE.

Around the time of receiving my refund for the Angelologist course, I found out that several of my friends who turned directly to Hay House’s CEO Reid Tracy managed to receive refunds for not just one but all of their Doreen Virtue courses, dating as far back as three years in some cases. This made me realise that Hay House is now doing some serious damage limitation. What a shame they didn’t listen sooner but hopefully they will learn from this.

So this is what I suggest you do if you have bought certification courses from Doreen Virtue and have suffered financial loss and/or damage to the reputation of your business because of it: email Reid Tracy. Include the reasons for your claim and feel free to include any of the linked videos at the top of the post as evidence. 

ETA 16 Nov, 2017

Those of you who bought any courses from the Angel Therapy site, please make a double entry complaint with the Federal Trade Commission to include both Angel Therapy Inc and Hay House Inc since they are complicit in passing people with refund requests from pillar to post. The evidence is found on the terms & conditions page on the Angel Therapy site.

angel therapy inc doreen virtue and hay house inc scam

You need the following business adresses:

Angel Therapy®, Inc.
P.O. Box 1444
Snohomish, WA 98291


Hay House Inc
2750 Progress St,
Vista, CA 92081


Phone for both (yes, it’s a HH number!) (800) 654-5126 Ext 1

Include specific evidence of mistreatment, such as being excluded from student forums for simply asking questions and/or having your questions deleted.

Include specific examples of poor/non-existent customer care.

Those of you who bought courses on the promise that they were donations based (giving the dissolved Avalon Animal Sanctuary animals their forever home and who were denied a refund also have a case with the Federal Trade Commission. You need to file this complaint in the scam category. You can find out all the facts about this charity fraud HERE.
You will need the following contact info for Doreen Virtue LLC when filing a complaint against charity fraud:
Email address:

ETA 29 Sep, 2017

Reid Tracy confirmed today that Hay House will honour refunds for any courses bought via the site:

Hi Lisa
Hay House helps run for Doreen and only Hay House fulfilled products and courses are sold on that site . Doreen has her own website run by her and her family and that is and Hay House has no association with that site.
Any course bought on can be refunded as they are Hay House sponsored courses.
ETA later in the day 29, 2017 – Shocking Developments. Reid Tracy claims the statement was a MISTAKE. Read about all the developments here. At this point in time, I don’t see how this won’t turn into class action.

Don’t worry if you have already been fobbed off by Hay House customer service. I was too. You just have to try again and don’t accept store credit. You deserve the full amount in cash. If your claim is older than 12 months, simply ask for a cheque or bank transfer if they claim they can’t credit your card. The talk of a class action law suits in the spiritual community is not likely to go away until all of Doreen’s students who have suffered loss have received full compensation.

Many of us were first dismissed by Hay House customer service with a generic copy and paste reply about how they supported Doreen Virtue’s change of path and something along the lines of how she is embracing a path of non-judgmental Christianity (really now?!). They also claimed that her course certificates were still valid and that she never renounced any of her teachings. I guess they didn’t count on the public paying attention to Doreen’s various announcements, especially the ones made to her new Christian friends.

Those of you who have claims directly with Doreen Virtue and may have to go down the legal route since they seem to randomly refund only some people. However, you may wish to keep emailing them about your reasons for wanting a refund. You never know, they may even start to listen. A couple of days ago, I emailed one of the moderators of the fairyologist course and got this reply:

The first email seems a bit panicked. The second email arrived  10 minutes later after this person probably realised they had not responded in a professional manner. I responded with a repetition of my claim for the fairyologist course (already pointed out in the original email) and got the following reply:

“She hasn’t denounced her own work.

Why would anyone do that?

She said she works with flower fairies.”

As any fairyologist knows – ‘A belief in only the flower fae doth not a faeryologist make.’ Celtic Fairy goes into depth about why the fairyologist course is null and void in THIS ARTICLE. Celtic Fairy (presumably because she pushed hard enough) did manage to get a refund for this course but so far most of my fairyologist friends (me included) have not been refunded and keep getting fobbed off.

Out of all the courses, the most obvious one that all students should have instantly and automatically been refunded for is the ‘Psychic Development Course.’ I have not yet asked for a refund for this course, simply because I forgot that I had signed up for it. The reason why it was so forgettable is probably the same reason that it is gone from Doreen’s site – It was fantasy from start to finish and it explains a lot about how the ‘visions’ Doreen Virtue used to refer to as ‘Divine’ and ‘angelic,’ are now referred to as coming from lower energy and demons.

I do feel for those of Doreen’s followers who are choosing to bury their heads in the sand but this article is not for them – It is for those of us who have kept our eyes and ears open t0 the facts about this situation rather than the just going with the emotional pull of blindly following a ‘beloved leader’ as one of her fans referred to her in a comment on another post.

When this all started four weeks ago, I had no idea (certainly no intention) that I would still be blogging about it a month down the line. However, I have posted again because it has been requested by fellow metaphysical students.  Hopefully this will be the last blog post I have to write on the matter of refunds.

ETA 8 February: This just in from someone who commented on this recent blog post:

Doreen Virtue Angeologists Course Refunds

So it seems some people are now getting refunded for the Angelologists course. Might be worth giving it another shot if you have been denied in the past!

Blessed Be!