pick a card for the week ahead

Week Ahead Pick a Card for 27 May – 2 June

Week Ahead Pick a Card for 27 May - 2 June

Hello my friends – Happy FriYay! What a beautiful waning moon week it has been, with so many moments of awakening and letting go of old thought paradigms that no longer serve us. It’s an exciting time to be alive and to remember why we are here on Earth this time around!

Today, we are mixing it up with a video again, but this time for the individual cards (see video reveal below).

We are working with the Chakra Wisdom Tarot this week and if you would like to view all the cards in this deck, you can check out my video walk-through HERE.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

For this general heads up about the week ahead, we are working with the Dragon Fire Medicine Wheel Tarot Spread with the Mystical Shaman Oracle in the middle as our centring thought, connecting Heaven and Earth.

The Centre – Dragon

The Witness as the central theme for uniting Heaven and Earth means we do well to seek out stillness in meditation on a daily basis. There will be some drama, no doubt, with two fives in the mix, so we need to make sure we don’t get into a reactive pattern of responding to what is going on around us.

The South – Serpent

The 5 of Swords tells us that what we need to release this week is the tendency to get drawn into conflict with people who are argumentative or who trigger us in different ways.

The West – Jaguar

The 5 of Wands for what we need to overcome is about our tendency to compare ourselves with others, fearing that we are not as good or worthy of success as they are, when really what we need to focus on is to develop our own unique skills and talents. 

The North – Hummingbird

The 3 of Pentacles for how to get the most enjoyment out of life in the week ahead is about taking pride in the work we do, striving for excellence (not perfection – it’s not the same thing!) and to learn to work together with others. Even those of us who feel we prefer to do everything ourselves can re-learn how we go about our work and invite more opportunities for team work this week.

The East – Eagle

Finally, the vision we need to bring back down from the mountains this week is represented by The Moon and this is about how fear is just an illusion. The Witness knows this, of course. Keep reconnecting with Source, become the Witness and release any last shred of fear… You’ve got this!

Week Ahead Chakra Wisdom Tarot Video Reveal

Go to 00:00 for card no. 1
Go to 01:47 for card no. 2
Go to 02:53 for card no. 3

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