week ahead pick-a-pile rune and tarot reading 17 feb

Week Ahead Pick-a-Pile Rune & Tarot Readings

week ahead pick-a-pile rune and tarot reading 17 feb

Happy Sunday, my friends! It’s time for our week ahead pick-a-pile forecasts. This week, beginning 17 February, we are working with the Witches Tarot by Ellen Dugan and my own rune set that I finished making this weekend…

The general reading for us all this week is with my gaming dice set: 6 The Lovers, 9 of Wands, King of Cups, 4 of Swords and 8 of Pentacles. It’s important to find moments of stillness this week, as it looks like a busy one for most of us. Be compassionate with yourself and remember to keep sound boundaries in place when you are being asked to do things for others – Only help if you actually have the energy to spare! Make self-care rituals and quiet time a priority (even if just 5 minutes a day). Lay aside any tendencies toward perfectionism.

Take a moment to ground your energy, relax and allow yourself to be guided to one of the three piles in the picture at the top of the post.

Pile 1

Pile 1 week ahead pick-a-pile rune and tarot reading 17 feb

It’s enough that you know your own worth, so stop trying to prove it to another person – that’s just foolish pride! You can have a real breakthrough this week if you learn to just leave drama and turmoil behind. Focus all your energy this week on truly caring for yourself, especially your physical needs and making sure you ground your energy at the start of each day. There will be plenty of opportunities to get reactive but do you really want to go there… or are you ready to leave that crap behind, once and for all? If they can’t see your worth, they belong in your past – It’s as simple as that. Crown yourself and move forward with dignity. Oh, they’ll miss you when you’re gone but that is their problem!

Rune: Thurisaz

Pile 2

Pile 2 week ahead pick-a-pile rune and tarot reading 17 feb

The reason you are experiencing indecision and emotional satisfaction is that you are blocking your own creativity by second-guessing outcomes. The outcome of any creative endeavour should not concern you at all in the week ahead. Focus only on the joy of creating, for the sake of being in creative flow – nothing else. This way, your creations will be truly divinely inspired. Trust yourself. Your sorrow comes from not trusting yourself. Remember the joy of drawing with crayons as a young child? Nobody judged what you were doing then. You want to get back to that level of creative freedom for whatever it is you wish to do/create/manifest next. Trust in the flow of inspiration and creation; It is divine, as are you. So what if what you make only brings pleasure to you? That is one person having a DIVINE experience which means that the whole web of life will benefit since we are all connected.

Rune: Ansuz

Pile 3

Pile 3 week ahead pick-a-pile rune and tarot reading 17 feb

You face an important decision this week. A relationship situation has grown stale or stagnant and you know it’s time to move on. Yet you hesitate. What if ending this relationship/situationship won’t bring you the joy you hope for? Maybe it’s true what they say, ‘Better the devil you know…’? No, better to trust in the feelings of divine restlessness that have set in now. Better to trust in the feeling that this is now done and there is nothing else to learn for you here. There are very few guarantees in life but if you stay, you can’t create the new beginning you need now. For some of you this will be about a love relationship, while for others it concerns a business partnership or even leaving a whole community behind. Either way, this situation no longer meets your emotional needs, nor does it promote growth in any way. Time to go, in other words! Something better and more fulfilling is waiting just around the corner, even if you can’t see it yet.

Rune: Wunjo

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Blessed be!


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