week ahead pick a pile forecasts with the ARK animal oracle and the Angel Tarot Cards

Ark Animal Oracle And Angel Tarot Week Ahead Pick a Pile Readings

Ark Animal Oracle And Angel Tarot Week Ahead Pick a Pile Readings

Happy FriYay, Freedom Family! It’s time for the week ahead forecasts. We have another BIG energy week ahead with the Summer Solstice on Monday and a Full Moon in Capricorn on Thursday. This week, we are working with the ARK Animal Oracle and the Angel Tarot Cards. Please choose either dragonfly (pile 1), bee (pile 2), or ladybird (pile 3) above for your individual reading.

Before you scroll down to your free week ahead reading, take a moment to enjoy the message from Cricket below.


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♬ Crickets Sound – Positive Music

Pile 1 – Dragonfly

Ark Animal Oracle And Angel Tarot Week Ahead Pick a Pile Readings Pile 1

Coyote wants to bring you relief from the pressure you feel over world events this week. He teaches us to laugh at whatever dualistic 3D reality throws at us. He’s also urging you to understand how supported you are by Spirit and the soul kin team mates that you have soul contracts with in this incarnation. Some may live far away but love can easily bridge that distance.

Any time you feel fear, anxiety, or trepidation, seek out laughter instead. Learn to see everything that is happening now as a grand, epic adventure and yourself as the hero… because you are! And if there are still any worries left, pray! Remember, ‘Ye have not because ye ask not.’

Sports and travel (you don’t have to go very far) can also help relieve anxiety. Take stock of the year so far and make your best to plan for the coming six months. Make sure you are well stocked on essentials.

Tarot Cards: The World, 9 of Swords/Air, Knight of Wands/Fire

Pile 2 – Bee

Ark Animal Oracle And Angel Tarot Week Ahead Pick a Pile Readings Pile 2

Friendships, beauty and loyalty are in focus for you this week. Your loyalty may be tested. Prove your loyalty with gifts and maybe cooking a meal for a friend or family member. Being there in practical, tactile ways is what matters now. This is especially true if you have children. They will be sensitive to the big flux in energy this week and need to feel you close for safety and comfort.

You will need to also learn to ask for help from others this week. You’re not meant to do it all on your own or to constantly be the one who fixes things for others. Give and take in love and service is another big theme for you this week.

Whenever possible, delegate. Understand that running yourself into the ground is not going to help anybody. Sometimes, you need to be less like Dog (always trying to please others) and more like a cat. Cats nap when they feel like it. Be loyal to yourself first.

Tarot Cards: The Empress, Page of Pentacles/Earth, 10 of Wands/Fire

Pile 3 – Ladybird

Ark Animal Oracle And Angel Tarot Week Ahead Pick a Pile Readings Pile 3

A long-standing situation is shifting for you this week. If you have been feeling a bit like a lone-wolf and as if you are fighting all on your own, you’re likely to begin finding your comrades in arms this week. You have to be willing to open up though and not view everyone through the same lens of suspicion. Discernment is good but paranoia isn’t.

Be willing to take a chance on those who share your ideals and who are fighting the good fight. The exchange of ideas and banter in equal amounts will invigorate you and make you more innovative.

As brave and innovative you are on your own, co-operation will bring more of these qualities into your life. It’s time for you truly learn how to be a team player. You can easily spot the ones who love you for you.

Tarot Cards: 7 of Pentacles/Earth, 9 of Wands/Fire, Ace of Swords/Air


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