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Pick a Pile Faerie Tarot Week Ahead Messages

Faerie Tarot Week Ahead

Happy FriYay, my friends! Hope you are well as we approach the middle of the month of Love. Here are your Faerie Tarot week ahead messages for the week starting 14 February 2022. Pick a pile above! Dinosaur for pile 1, teddy bear for pile 2, and kitten for pile 3. Don’t forget to read the general guidance for the collective below before scrolling down to your individual reading.

For the general guidance this week, we are working with the Witch’s Familiar Runic Oracle the Archangel Fire Oracle, and the Gilded Reverie Lenormand Oracle.

General Guidance for the Collective

It’s Getting Personal

The elites’ plans for a globalist reset so that they can 6uild 6ack 6etter (while hiding in their billionaires’ bunkers) are starting to hit home and get personal, even for people who are still accepting the legacy media narrative. This is now witnessed in the cost of energy sky-rocketing. This steep increase has nothing to do with the fabricated reasons we are fed through media and everything to do with creating the kind of mass poverty needed for the majority of people to accept a financial reset.

So what can we do about it? We each have different roles to play but the one thing we can all do is turn to the divine for guidance. Shekinah, the Glory of God, is the indwelling Feminine aspect of God also known as the Holy Spirit or simply ‘The Lady’ (Freja in Old Norse). Her presence will be particularly strong during the Full Moon in Leo this week.

The Full Moon in Leo is a good time to turn our faces to Heaven and ask for the blessing of courage we are all in need of now. Because unless we rise up as one, the plans of the elites to plunge us all into abject poverty will be successful.

Keeping the Balance

It is quite clear for those with eyes to see, here in the UK, that the easing of restrictions is all about the prevention of a mass uprising when they press the poverty button. But you will have a version of this scenario playing out in the week ahead, wherever in the world you are. The elites know they are walking a fine line with the public. Poverty or fear of poverty is something they will use in addition to their other fear tactics. Forwarned is forearmed!

What we must do now to keep the balance for ourselves is to reject any proposal of fear and decide to manifest abundance for ourselves. We are able to do so when we realise that we have all that we need within, including–and most importantly–the indwelling of the Goddess, She who IS abundance and whose greatest treasure is mankind. She is the true enemy of the elites and they have been trying to kill our connection with Her for 4,000 years.

Faerie Tarot Week Ahead Individual Messages

faerie tarot week ahead individual messages pile 1

Pile 1

Acceptance that the old is dying now to never return is something you struggle with this week. One of the main reasons this is so hard for you is that your mind is almost entirely focused on the negatives/future fears instead of the possibilities for growth that change inevitably brings.

This may not be an easy week but you can begin to turn things around by working on your mindset. Engage in daily meditation and conscious transmutation of negative thoughts through prayers. Cultivate love in all your interactions and things will soon change for the better!

faerie tarot week ahead individual messages pile 2

Pile 2

You will have a busy week studying all you are drawn to learn now. Much growth will come from these studies and not just intellectually. You have a real chance to deepen your connection with and understanding of Mother Nature through your studies.

The key is to relate all that you learn to the world around you and your own body. This is true wisdom. You are also meant to teach what you learn. Allow this to unfold organically. Spend as much time in nature as possible–It will serve you well!

faerie tarot week ahead individual messages pile 3

Pile 3

An important decision is coming up with regards to a family situation for you this week. It will most likely also involve family finances. Rest assured that a possibility to resolve the issue so that everyone is happy will emerge. Go with your gut feeling and know that the solution that you have the greatest confidence in will be the right one.

In other words, don’t rush the decision-making process to please someone else. Remain confident in your own ability to make the right choice. And don’t forget to request the most benevolent outcome in this process. It will be so!


Lisa Frideborg

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