week ahead tarot readings

Pick a Pile for the Week Ahead Tarot Readings

pick a pile week ahead tarot readings

Happy FriYay, my friends! I hope you are all doing well and kicking 2022’s butt! This week has been a bit of a rough one for us. We’re nursing a poorly dog and she’s still far from in the clear. Right now, it feels a little like 2022 is kicking my butt… but hey, it’s early doors. Moving right along… For the pick-a-pile week ahead tarot readings, we are working with the Preraphaelite Tarot.

General guidance for the collective is with the Magic of Unicorns Oracle. Before scrolling down to your individual week ahead Tarot reading, please make sure to read the general guidance below. Your individual reading is thematically tied to the guidance in the oracle reading for the collective.

Week Ahead Guidance for the Collective

week ahead guidance for the collective magic of unicorns oracle

Whether you made any New Year’s Resolutions or not, you have one job this year: Fulfil your divine potential and manifest the destiny you came here to manifest. Your life matters and you can make a difference. Do you believe this to be true? If not, why not? Your destiny is more about who you are than what you do for a living. As long as you are radiating your Divine Essence into the world, you are fulfilling your destiny.

The opposite of fulfilling your destiny means allowing the world to program you. The programming of the world is set up to create cookie-cutter automatons, without genuine individuality and personal power. By ‘the world,’ I’m referring to the Beast System that wants you to be in the hamster wheel of consumption and productivity all your life.

What the Beast dreads more than anything is you discovering your power to impact the world. You can’t do this if you are running around in the hamster wheel 24/7. You need to free yourself and free up time to dream, plan, work on what truly matters, as well as to just be and recharge as well.

When you are all you can be, who are you? I would love to hear what your fully embodied Higher Self is capable of!

Week Ahead Tarot Readings

week ahead tarot readings pile 1

Pile 1

You are starting the year off feeling confident in yourself but unsure of your direction or how to express yourself creatively. The way forward is forged by deciding on a path to take. Don’t overthink this decision. You have to start somewhere and you can always course-correct along the way if need be.

The trick is to set yourself some goals to work toward now and then make sure that your daily schedule and habits line up with those goals. Merely wishing or knowing that you are worthy of success (you certainly are) is not enough. Now you have to dig deep and start doing the work. This is how you set yourself up for victory.

A good tip for which path to take now is that it will be the path that best allows you to express and radiate your Essence into the world. Do not compromise on this because you are finally at the stage where you know yourSELF and it is this SELF that you came here to express.

week ahead tarot readings pile 2

Pile 2

You are so a rebel with a cause. Your cause is love and the liberation of creativity. You’re up against staunch resistance from the dying power but you are already winning. Why? Because you are living from the heart, unable to compromise. You are not going to sell out.

This obviously draws the Eye of Mordor. The Beast hasn’t given up on trying to get you to conform. Peer pressure and pressure in the form of closing down your career options may crop up this week. You may even be belittled by some of those who are secretly jealous of your expansive sense of creative freedom.

It’s time to leave the haters behind and find your tribe. You will be stronger together. You are strong, heart-strong in particular, but none of us are meant to fight the good fight alone. Find your colony of Joan of Arcs and manifest this expansive creative freedom on a scale never seen before!

week ahead tarot readings pile 3

Pile 3

You feel ready and rearing to go because you are full of creative energy and the desire to create. However, it looks like now is not the time. (This is probably apparent to you because you can see no clear way forward.) The Universe has different plans for you and it is for your Highest Good. A time out to address something that needs healing is needed first.

A new perspective is needed for you to develop the manifesting power to create something with a lasting impact. For some of you, this will mean a need to forgive yourself or someone who has caused you pain (or both) before you are ready to move on. However, please bear in mind that you are not being asked to permanently defer your creative satisfaction by sacrificing yourself to keep someone else happy! If you are in a toxic relationship like that, maybe the new perspective you need is the removal of this person from your life.

Allowing yourself to feel the pain is yet another aspect of the healing work needed this week. Some of you may have attempted spiritual bypass. This could even result in manifesting psychosomatic issues. It is better to purge the pain by allowing yourself to feel it and then release it rather than carrying it in your body.


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