tarot of the wyld godde world card

Tarot of the Wyld Godde World

tarot of the wyld godde world

Those who say we live in a fallen world may be making this claim because they can’t do whatever they want and get away with it. But is it really true? What if this world is a school for Master Creators? The Tarot of the Wyld Godde World card says it is. It reminds us that we signed a contract when we agreed to come here. What we agreed to were the space-time limitations imposed by Saturn. Why? Because without them, we simply couldn’t learn the lessons we came here to learn.

NDEs (Near Death Experiences)

When people slip out of the space-time matrix during NDEs, they often have a life review and meet a being of light they refer to as God or Christ, or simply as Love. This being reminds them of the two main objectives for each incarnation: love and wisdom (Christ and Sophia).

People who return to their bodies after NDEs tend to become much more mindful of creating loving connections with others. They also develop a thirst for learning. Because the only things we get to take with us when we cross over are love and wisdom.


The other thing that many NDErs have in common is that they start having more fun. When the fear of death, judgment and eternity in hell is gone, they free up energy to pursue their passions.

They are able to stay better connected with their inner child, who is the limitless source of creation for all of us, as well as the world around them.


So many of us dislike the influence, limitations and restrictions of Saturn. But good old Saturn is just doing his job. Old Father Time ensures that we have the container we need for Earth School and stabilises the outer boundaries of our solar system.

As a Capricorn Sun, Mercury and Venus, I have had to make friends with Saturn. He is also the ancient ruler of my Aquarius MC in Hellenistic Astrology.

The connection with Aquarius may come as a surprise to those who are only familiar with modern Astrology. But the truth is that Saturn is just as much a rebel as he is someone who enforces boundaries and limitations.

Saturn forces us to focus on the things that truly matter and if we fail completely, he might just catapult us out of his sphere for a life-changing NDE or OBE. Consider it a friendly reminder because that is what it is.


When we make friends with Saturn, he teaches us metacognition and to become responsible for how we think about our thinking without placing blame on anybody else.

The three phases of the cycle of metacognition are Self-MonitoringSelf-Evaluating, and Self-Regulation. Self-monitoring is about observing what we are doing. Self-evaluating is about how we are doing and self-regulation is about what we need to change to do better.

The completion of a cycle is shown in the 9th Arcanum (9 is the number of completion), The Hermit. And traditionally it is indeed Old Father Time we see in that image. In the second 9, 18 The Moon, we have to pass through the Gate of Fear to transcend fear completely. Like Saturn represents the outer boundary of the Planets, Pisces (corresponding with The Moon) is the outer boundary of the Zodiac.

In the next Arcanum, 19 The Sun, we reconnect with our Christ Child within. This, in turn, enables us to align with our calling in Arcanum 20, Judgement. Finally, in The World, we are fully aware of the axiom ‘As above, so below’ and trust our ability to deal with whatever life throws at us. 21 (2+1=3) is a number of agility and adaptability as well as fun and self-expression.

The Dancer

Many World cards depict a dancer. I think this is perfect because to be a good dancer, you have to be very connected to both your creative source within and the world around you. As within, so without. As above, so below. You have to have worked hard at developing a unique skillset (Saturn/Earth School) and once you achieve this, you have fun as well as gain a sense of accomplishment.

We’re all part of the same amazing choreography and connected through the music of the spheres.

There truly is nothing to fear.

My Religious Trauma Recovery Journey

My religious trauma recovery journey ends here with the Tarot of the Wyld Godde World card. I have used this Digital Art and Tarot Therapy journey to explore all the ins and outs of my trauma and I’m done. How do I know I’m done? Because I know how to self-evaluate. My need to create a sense of belonging through a religion, denomination or church group is gone. I feel centred, whole and connected. And I have faith.

If you have followed me on this journey, I thank you. And I hope you have been able to find some healing and comfort through my musings.

7 Questions from the Wyld Godde Tarot World Card

  • How good are you at self-monitoring?
  • When was the last time you did a proper self-evaluation?
  • What is in need of self-regulation?
  • Are you a loving human being or are you more obsessed with being in control? How connected are you to Source and other living beings through the heart?
  • What are you excited about learning next?
  • What is your greatest accomplishment so far?
  • What accomplishment would you not want to leave unfinished before you die?
love raven liora

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