777 portal tarot spread and pick-a-pile messages

777 Portal Tarot Spread & Messages (Pick-a-Pile)

777 portal tarot spread

I’ve got to be honest with you. This week has not been easy energy-wise. And to top it off, I’ve been kept awake by light code downloads. The energy build-up to the 777 portal (in the wake of the powerful Capricorn Full Moon) has been extraordinary. And this was preceded by the Schumann resonance DNA activation that began on the 19th of June. So I thought I’d better create a 777 Portal Tarot Spread to help us ground the energy. It’s much easier when we know what we are dealing with!

777 portal rune reading

I also brought in a message for the collective. For this, I felt inspired to work with the runes. They bring in the dragon energies that are waxing in the build-up to the 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal. Inspiration for the 777 Portal Tarot Spread springs this rune reading.

Spirit Message for the Collective During the 777 Portal

This portal activates all Lightworkers and Spirit Warriors, especially the Priestesses in service to the Divine Feminine. It is taking place two weeks before the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene on 22 July and there is an ongoing mass awakening among those who have this calling. This calling is part of your blueprint since before you were born.

For some of you, this blueprint will have been only partially activated in terms of remembering your calling. Full awakening, re-membering and activation are taking place during this portal.

The challenge during this awakening is to surrender and trust that all your needs will be met (they will!). Embodying the Divine Feminine as a Priestess means learning to become receptive/magnetic so that all that you need to serve the Goddess can flow to you. This does not mean that you will not have to work but that the work you do will be in complete alignment with your calling.

777 Portal Pick-a-Pile!

pick a pile 777 portal tarot readings

Ground your energy and take a couple of deep breaths. Then choose the pile you feel drawn to:

  1. amethyst
  2. clear quartz
  3. desert rose

We are working with the Energy Oracle Cards for the pick-a-pile readings today. These are perennial readings relating to anyone seeing the 777 Angel Number, no matter what year you are in.

Pile 1 Amethyst 777 Portal Message

pile 1

Are you ready for a more abundant life where you receive fair financial compensation for your work? Because that’s coming in for you with this portal! All those feelings of doubt concerning financial stability can be cleared now. Ask Archangel Michael to help with any lingering worries about your ability to receive the financial support you need.

I’m picking up on an idea of yours that you can use for the Highest Good that will also bring you financial prosperity. So whatever it is you are thinking about doing, now is the time to take action on it!

You are successfully balancing your inner Divine Masculine and that is what is bringing in the abundance. Taking action is something we all have to do in this third dimension. But we do it more gracefully when our inner Divine Masculine and Feminine are in balance.

Affirmation: Abundance flows to me as I take action on my thoughts and ideas.

Pile 2 Clear Quartz 777 Portal Message

pile 2 777 portal messages

You have been working so hard but no matter what strategy you came up with, it just didn’t seem to pay dividends. That is all about to change now. The inspiration that flows to you during the 777 Portal (or if you are seeing this Angel Number) is pure genius.

I see the energy changing in your favour in two ways:

Firstly, you finally remember who you are as a Divine Sovereign Being with limitless creative potential. Secondly, your divinely inspired idea is a gift for humanity straight from Source which means that all the resources you need to carry it out will be available. It also means that you will be abundantly provided for at this time.

What you need to do now is sit down with pen and paper and map out an action plan for the next three months. It may manifest even faster than that for you and we are talking near future here.

Affirmation: The Universe supports my path of Divine Service.

Pile 3 Desert Rose 777 Portal Message

777 portal pick-a-pile message pile 3

Your Sisterhood brings all the boys to the yard! Spirit tells me that this pile has a special message for single Priestesses looking for their Twin Flame. The more you focus on cultivating healthy relationships in your circle of spiritual female friends, the more you blossom. And the more your blossom, the more your energy will open up to attract the Right One.

If you are not single and looking, this is concerning a Divine Masculine who will support your work in some way. They may or may not be drawn to you because of deep soul recognition (amnesia generally runs deeper in men) but Spirit is behind them seeking you out.

It is a beautiful time to finally see ‘I do not chase, I attract’ in action and know that you are so very worthy to receive!

Affirmation: I do not chase, I attract.

777 Portal Tarot Spread

  1. The Portal Activation is having the biggest effect in this area of my life
  2. The biggest challenge to making the most of this activation
  3. A gift that is being activated
  4. Another gift that is activated during the portal
  5. Support that becomes available
  6. Another source of support
  7. My next step once I have been activated

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    Thanks, Tara. I’m right on the cusp and have had one trustworthy astrologer with great certainty claim that I am Gemini Rising and another equally trustworthy astrologer with just as much certainty claim that I am Cancer rising. I’m actually claiming my cusp because I feel both in my physical body. I suppose I drew my first breath as Gemini Rising and exhaled it as Cancer Rising. Either way, it’s either my 10th or my 11th House that’s benefiting. Either is great. I have always had a fondness for Aries energy – I guess that’s why I married a ram 😉

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