your magickal stone of power

Create Your Own Witch’s Stone of Power

your magickal stone of power

You may have heard of hag stones or holey stones. Witches and cunning folks have used these stones for hundreds if not thousands of years. In today’s post, I’m going to show you how you can take any stone, with or without a hole and turn it into your stone of power–a magickal object that you can use for protection and spellcasting.

For the future health of our planet, working with local stones might be a better alternative than buying crystals that may not have been ethically sourced from far-flung places. And I say that as someone mad about crystals. Luckily for me, I’m mad about stones too. I’m especially in love with the stones on the bank of the river Tees.

So let’s talk about making our own witch’s stone of power today. But first, let’s take a look at hag stones since some of you may wish to use a hag stone as your stone of power.

What Are Hag Stones?

Hag stones, also known as holey stones, are naturally occurring stones with a hole or holes worn through them by the forces of nature.

In witchcraft and cunning folk practices, hag stones possess various magical properties and can function as protective talismans. For instance, hanging a hag stone near a doorway or window wards off evil spirits and negative energies. Witches may also use them in divination rituals or as a tool for scrying, seeing visions or receiving insights through the hole in the stone.

Hag stones are powerful objects of natural magic, and their use can vary among different traditions and practitioners. While they hold significance in witchcraft, it’s important to note that not all witches or individuals practising magic incorporate hag stones into their practices.

The Stone People

In an animistic worldview, everything in nature, including stones, possesses a spirit or a life force. This perspective acknowledges the interconnectedness and consciousness of all beings. Animism recognises that stones, like humans and animals, have their own essence and energy. This essence is tied in with the spirit of the local area they come from. For instance, in the case of stones from a river bank, the essence of the river will have coloured these stones.

For witches who embrace this animistic belief system, working with the spirits of stones can be a significant part of their practice. Animistic and shamanic witches understand that stones hold wisdom, power, and unique energies that they can tap into for various magical purposes.

How Witches Work with Spirits of Stones

Witches may communicate with the stone spirits through meditation, visualisation, or rituals, seeking guidance/assistance, and forming a spiritual connection. Some witches might engage in respectful offerings or create altars to honour and connect with the stone spirits.

Witches can incorporate stones into spellwork and rituals, selecting specific stones that resonate with the energy they seek to invoke. They may use stones in divination practices, such as casting or placing stones to gain insights or receive messages from the spirits.

It is important to note that working with stone spirits requires a deep respect for Mother Nature and the local land spirits. It has to be a mutually beneficial relationship on all counts. Stone spirits, like all nature spirits, work for you if you work for nature.

You also need to be careful if you are thinking of gathering stones from a sacred site. Those sites are always heavily guarded. I have heard some hair-raising stories about people taking stones without obtaining permission from the spirits. It never ends well.

Creating a Stone of Power

stone of power

1. Find Your Stone of Power

If you would like to work with a personal stone of power the first step is obviously to find the right stone. The right stone is the one that wants to work with you and you will know because it will call out to you.

2. Cleanse Your Stone

Next, you need to cleanse your stone. Use whatever method you normally use to cleanse magickal objects. Personally, I like to wash my stone. Once it has dried, I will smudge it. You can also use Reiki for energetic cleansing. Drawing the Raku symbol over the stone is an effective way to clear any negative energy that may have attached itself to the stone.

3. Paint Your Symbol of Power on the Stone

This step, while optional, is the step that truly turns a stone into a stone of power in my opinion. Here you will use the symbol of power that we discussed in this post. You can engrave it or paint it onto your stone. You can also paint your witch’s name on the other side of the stone.

Of course, you would only do this with permission from the stone spirit. One way to ensure that you have permission is to look specifically for a stone that will allow this. (See step 1.)

4. Charge Your Stone

You can use whatever method you use for normally charging magickal objects. Reiki works well here too. If you are on a path of Christian Witchcraft or Hoodoo, you may wish to read one of the Psalms over it and say a prayer.

A simple method is to draw energy up from Mother Earth and down from Father Sky and then channel the energy of both into your stone while stating your intention and/or the name of your Power Symbol.

Finally, leave your stone on your altar to be blessed by the spirits/deities you work with. Trust that you will know when it is done or work with whatever celestial aspect/lunar phase you feel is best.

5. Working with Your Stone of Power

‘How do I use my stone of power?’ Well, dear witch, that is entirely up to you. The only limitation to how you use it is your own imagination. But I like to meditate with mine and ask it questions. I charge my tarot cards under it and place smaller objects on top of it to charge. I also keep it on my bedside table for guidance in Dreamtime.

Additional Power Stones

In addition to creating your stone of power with your main power symbol on it, you may wish to create other power stones. For instance, you can create stones to place in the four cardinal directions. These are the stones you would then use to cast your circle.

If you work with Angel Magick, you may wish to place the sigils of the four Archangels on them.

You can also create power stones with the Reiki or chakra symbols on them. You may have seen expensive crystals with these symbols. Isn’t it great to know that you can create your own tools, sourced locally, that are even more powerful because they connect you to the spirits of the land?


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