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Unlock the Magic Within with Your Personal Healing Power Symbol

your unique healing power symbol

In today’s article, we are going to explore your personal Healing Power Symbol. We will look at the meaning and purpose of this symbol, how it unlocks the magic within, the universal significance of healing symbols and how to find your unique healing power symbol.

healing power symbol

The Meaning and Purpose of Your Healing Power Symbol

When you study Reiki and many other energy healing systems, you learn to work with symbols. This can be a powerful practice. However, my Spirit Team recently informed me that it was time to start working with my o healing power symbol. In some ancient mystery schools, you could not graduate as a healer until you received your unique glyph or healing power symbol.

Your personal healing power symbol is a visual representation of your intentions and beliefs associated with healing. This symbol serves to unlock the magick within in a way that connects with your unique gifts and abilities and creates a clear channel for them to flow. It helps you focus energy to do all the things associated with the four main Reiki symbols, for instance. It is therefore akin to the Reiki Master symbols, Dai Ko Myu and the Tibetan Dumo symbol but unique to you and your innate magic.

The power of a personal healing power symbol lies in the significance you assign to it and the connection you feel towards it. It can serve as a reminder of your healing journey and mission, a source of strength during challenging times, and a focal point for meditation or visualisation exercises. As with the Reiki symbols, you can draw or visualise your healing power symbol before you begin a healing or self-healing session.

7 Universal Healing Symbols

the caduceus

The Caduceus

This is a symbol commonly associated with healing and medicine. It consists of a rod intertwined with two serpents and is often used to represent the medical profession. Originally, this symbol was associated with the Greek trickster God, Hermes. Now, holistic healers often see the two serpents representing the ida and pingala energy channels along the spine. Angelic healing practitioners associate this symbol with Archangel Raphael, the Angelic ruler of the Planet Mercury.

the rod of asclepius healing power symbol

The Rod of Asclepius

Another symbol associated with medicine and healing, the Rod of Asclepius features a single serpent wrapped around a rod. It originated from Greek mythology and was associated with the god of healing, Asclepius. Many confuse the Caduceus and the Rod of Asclepius.

There is a similar symbol in the Bible, Numbers 21:6-9. In this passage, Moses raises a serpent on a pole so that those who look on it may be healed. The Nehushtan, a bronze image of a serpent on a pole, is the symbolic representation to commemorate this deed. Nehushtan was worshipped in the Jerusalem temple until the reign of Hezekiah, around 700 BCE.

The snake is an ancient symbol of the Divine Feminine. For example, the Minoan Great Mother Goddess was often portrayed with a snake in each hand. The snake represents wisdom, power and regeneration.


The Ankh

Known as the symbol of life and regenerative powers, the Ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol that represents protection as well as healing. It signifies the eternal cycle of life and is a powerful talisman. Many Priestesses of the Divine Feminine see this as one of their main symbols.

om symbol

The Om Symbol

Om is a sacred sound and a spiritual symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It represents the essence of the universe and has healing powers, fostering a sense of inner peace and harmony. This is a powerful symbol for sound healers or anyone drawn to Eastern spirituality to work with.

the flower of life healing power symbol

The Flower of Life

This geometric pattern holds vast spiritual and healing significance. It is composed of overlapping circles and symbolises the interconnectedness of all living beings. Many crystal healing practitioners use the Flower of Life layout when creating crystal grids.

yin yang symbol

The Yin and Yang

Originating from Taoist philosophy, the Yin and Yang symbol represents the balance between opposite forces. It signifies the harmony and interdependence of complementary energies, which is essential for holistic healing.

tree of life healing power symbol

The Tree of Life

Variations of this symbol exist in many cultures. It represents the interconnectedness of all life forms and the planes of existence. It signifies growth, strength, and healing, as well as the hope and rejuvenation that come with overcoming challenges.

These seven symbols have been widely recognised and used throughout history, and they continue to hold deep significance in various healing practices and spiritual traditions. However, there are many other healing symbols for you to explore.

5 Steps to Finding Your Healing Power Symbol

Finding your healing power symbol can be a deeply personal and transformative experience. Here are 5 steps to help you uncover your healing power symbol:

1. Reflect on your intentions

Take some time to think about what you hope to achieve through your healing power symbol. Consider your healing gift and how you naturally tend to share it with the world. Visualise what healing means to you and how you would like to expand your healing gift into the world. This reflection will help you set clear intentions for your symbol-searching journey.

2. Explore various symbols

Start by exploring different symbols that resonate with you. The list of symbols above is a good starting point but I encourage you to broaden your search. Look for symbols from different cultures, ancient civilizations and nature. You will find that even the act of looking for symbols of healing will increase the flow of healing energy in and around you. Where attention goes, energy flows!

Research the meanings behind these symbols and see if any of them align with your intentions and personal beliefs. Write down the symbols that stand out to you the most.

3. Meditate and reflect

Find a quiet space where you can meditate and reflect on the symbols you have gathered. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and allow yourself to be open to any intuitive guidance that may come to you. Imagine each symbol in your mind’s eye and notice how each one makes you feel. Pay attention to any sensations, emotions, or thoughts that arise.

4. Trust your intuition

Trusting your intuition is crucial in uncovering your healing power symbol. Pay attention to any symbols that continue to resurface in your thoughts, dreams, or daily life. Sometimes, your intuition will guide you towards the symbol that holds the most healing potential for you. Listen to your inner voice and trust the process.

Some of you may feel naturally drawn to an already existing symbol. This could be because this was your main healing power symbol in a past life. Ask Spirit for confirmation if you suspect this is the case. It may be still your main symbol to work with for healing purposes.

Others will be guided to create their own, unique healing power symbol. This symbol could appear while you are deep in meditation or while you are in a hypnagogic state as you awaken from your sleep. If you work with light language, it could appear while using this type of energy. When it appears, quickly sketch it so you don’t forget. Continue to meditate on it and ask Spirit for confirmation that this is indeed your power symbol.

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5. Create a personal connection

Once you have identified your healing power symbol, create a personal connection with it. You can choose to draw or paint the symbol, wear it as jewellery, or even create a small altar or sacred space dedicated to your symbol. Use this symbol as a focal point during meditation or visualisation exercises, and allow it to enhance your healing journey. The power of the symbol lies in the intention and meaning you assign to it. Another way is to work with it daily for psychic shielding and protection.

One way to assign meaning to your power symbol is to name it. You can also paint/engrave it onto a witch’s stone of power.

Remember, the process of uncovering your healing power symbol may take time and patience. Be open to the journey, trust your intuition, and allow the symbol to guide and support you in your healing process.


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