Uranus in Taurus Midway Point Tarot Check-In

Recently, I decided to revisit the Uranus in Taurus Tarot Spread, which I created back in 2018. Uranus (The Fool) entered Taurus (The Hierophant) 15-16 May 2018 and we’re around the halfway point. The changeover to Gemini happens in July 2025 and becomes permanent in April 2026.

I did a reading when I first created the spread in 2018. But what was true in 2018 is not true any longer. I’m going to hazard a guess that this is the case for most of us. So perhaps you’ll find this Tarot check-in useful too.

2020 happened and the world is not the same. That in and of itself is quite a Uranus in Taurus kinda statement. We were told to expect the unexpected when it comes to what we value in life. Some tinfoilers will no doubt claim to have known exactly what would happen but none of us knew the specifics.

So yeah, Uranus is a mover and a shaker. It’s not at home in stable, Fixed Earth Taurus. And Taurus reacts rather violently to the intrusion. Another event that belongs in the Uranus in the Taurus category is earthquakes but these can also be symbolic.

Uranus rules the higher mind and the central nervous system. In my case, the Uranus in Taurus transit is taking place in the 12th House. Or it is if we go by Western Astrology and the Placidus House system. I have spent a lot of the first half of this transit deconstructing my faith.

Faith No More

I sometimes wonder how many more changes to my mindset and belief system I can cope with. Taurus energy in the 12th House is all about our deepest values, our beliefs and our faith.

I wrote in my journal this morning, “I have no faith.” (Faith relates to the Hierophant/Taurus) That is a statement, I would not have entertained for even a second in 2018. But here we are. I have no faith but I am faithful to my own journey. And I’m okay with that.

That’s not to say I don’t believe in anything. But if it’s not based on my own experiences or possible for me to experience and verify for myself, I’m no longer interested. I guess this is what happens when you realise the full extent you have been lied to all your life. And that is certainly something that has been exposed through events unfolding since March 2020.

So how is this all reflected in the Tarot now that we’re halfway through this transit? Let’s take a look!

Uranus in Taurus Midway Point Tarot Reading

uranus in taurus midway point tarot reading

1. Overall theme/main lesson – The 10 of Wands from back in 2018 has been replaced with a more gentle Ace of Cups. I have laid down enough burdens and things that no longer serve me. I am free to open my heart to unconditional love. This is necessary because we are stepping across the threshold to the Age of Aquarius (ruled by Uranus) and I’m an Indigo Cupbearer. In my own writings, I refer to this new age as the Age of the Holy Spirit.
2-4. Area of life most impacted – All wands here so still my career but more in the sense of my mission blueprint than my earning ability. I’m turning my back on old networks/groups of people I have associated myself with professionally and actively seeking my tribe.
5-7. Resources to draw on / action advice – The 4 of Cups showing up here is so spot on. It’s been a stalker card of mine for a couple of years now and is my theme card this Cancer Season. And yes there have been tears. There will no doubt be more tears as I clear out the final toxic programming that is keeping me from aligning fully with my mission blueprint.
8-10. Impact on unconscious mind/shadow aspects – My prediction from 2018 is coming true. I’m going within and allowing my own emotions to inform me about the direction I need to take. I’m making my own gut feelings my home. In 2018 I said, “A total re-orientation with regards to whence I gain my sense of stability. It will need to come from within or not at all. This comes as no surprise since this transit all happens in the 12th House for me.” I’m also busy nurturing my inner child this Cancer Season so the Page of Wands showing up here in the final row is encouraging.

Reading the columns, we get…

Column one – I’m seeking emotionally mature people to connect and move forward as we start building New Earth.

Column two – I’m still struggling with accepting things as they actually are now. There is an emotional lag. And I want to get going already but I have to trust in divine timing, as well as allow my heart to catch up. The Knight of Wands above the 4 of Cups shows that impatience sometimes stops me from appreciating what is.

Column three – In 2018, I wrote “Transformation and increased psychic ability come from dropping my consciousness from my head to my heart. I will meet some of my deepest fears on this journey… the ones I’m not even aware of yet…” Another prediction that came true. And here I am, getting ready to embrace that Ace of Cups by dropping fully into my heart, the heart of compassion of the Divine Feminine.

It’s interesting that in a reading about Uranus (Air) in Taurus (Earth), all the cards are Fire and Water. Lots to contemplate here. What can you learn from your reading with the Uranus in Taurus Tarot Spread? Feel free to share yours in the comments!

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