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By What Authority? More thoughts on Reiki vs Faith Healing

by what authority reiki vs faith healing

“Tell us,” they said, “By what authority are You doing these things, and who gave You this authority?”

Luke 20:2

After publishing Monday’s post about bridging the dichotomy between Reiki and faith healing for myself, some discussion followed on social media. It was a couple of the comments that triggered this follow-up post.

In the quote at the top of this blog post, the Pharisees are trying to trick Jesus into saying that it was on God’s authority that he was healing people so that they can pin him down as a Law-breaker or blasphemer.

Jesus can see straight through their wicked hearts and replies with another question, knowing that they will incriminate themselves by whichever answer they gave. He asks them, “John’s baptism—was it from heaven, or of human origin?”

The Pharisees who knew they had been outwitted answer, “We do not know.” Had they said it was not from heaven, the people would have rebelled. Had they claimed it was from heaven, they would have had to recognize that the authority Jesus had was also from heaven.

Modern-day Pharisees

Being judgmental and acting like a Pharisee isn’t something that stopped 2000 years ago. The spirit of religiosity is alive and well. I suppose it takes one to know one.

It wasn’t until toward the end of last year I freed myself entirely from this slippery spirit. Discerning this spirit is really as simple as asking oneself if one is speaking out of love or not.

In the social media discussion, it was pointed out that the important thing was that the healing took place in the name of Jesus and to give God the glory, lest Reiki healers are mistaken for people with ‘special powers.’

My two counterpoints were to, firstly, respond with a question: ‘Would you refuse healing to those who want nothing to do with religion?’

Secondly, I pointed out that Reiki is known as a ‘let-go-and-let-God’ healing modality and that no special powers are required. The ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ is just another name for God.

Jesus and the Disciples

Something that occurred to me as I sat down to type this article out was that Jesus himself didn’t ask for any particular religious affiliation or correctness of theology before offering healing to those who needed it. It could be argued that he didn’t need to because he knew that those who asked for healing belived in Him.

However, neither did he require his disciples to ask for a correct statement of faith before offering healing. He did ask them to preach that the Kingdom of Heaven was at hand but that was separate from healing and casting out demons. I see no difference between a Christian doctor offering treatment to someone of a different faith and a Christian healer giving healing to whomever is in need of it.


To summarise my findings through this discussion and the thoughts that followed: I’m a faith healer who has faith that the power of healing that flows through her absolutely comes from the Holy Spirit. That said, I have no need to point that out to the person who comes to me for healing. I will use whatever terminology is most helpful to them: God, Source, Ki, Prana, Universal Life Force Energy.

I am also a Reiki healer because Reiki provides a safe and effective system of transmitting healing energy in an organised way that is culturally acceptable globally.

It has been said that there are as many lineages of Reiki as there are healers because, in the end, we end up doing the healing our own way. Yet the healing that flows through us is one and the same. When I send out Reiki healing, I do it in the company of Yeshua and the angels. I would be comfortable receiving Reiki from someone of a different faith. I know they are channelling Universal Life Force Energy and there is only one Source, by whatever name you know it.


Lisa Frideborg

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