Leo Full Moon Tarot Spread

Leo Full Moon Tarot Spread

Leo Full Moon Tarot Spread

The Leo Tarot Cards

The Tarot correspondence for Leo in the Major Arcana is Strength. Among the pip cards in the Minor Arcana, it is 5-7 of Wands that correspond with Leo energy.

The court card that most corresponds with Leo, is in my opinion the Knight of Wands (3rd decan Cancer, first 2 decans Leo), though some would have the Queen of Wands as Leo. In the system I work with, Knights are fixed energy and Leo is Fixed Fire. The Queens are Cardinal (energy that instigates) and the Kings are Mutable (seeding the next cycle).

The Fixed nature of the Knights can be seen in their single-minded pursuit of the quest they are on and in the case of the Knight of Wands, it is the quest for fun, adventure, and lovers (often a score of them). His shadow is a tendency to be an egomaniac and to look at his conquests with no compassion – their principal value coming from adding another notch to the bedpost.

A Leo Cards-based Spread

The Tarot spread I created for the Leo Full Moon is based on the Tarot cards that correspond with Leo. The Major Arcana card position and bridging card show you the spiritual lesson around generously loving others.

The Full Moon is an excellent time to align with the Zodiac energy of the current lunation because a Full Moon boosts psychic/soul energy and makes us more receptive to celestial influences and energies. This gives us an opportunity to work with the energy in one of two ways:

  • For the purpose of a Tarot reading, we work with the energy in a reflective way. The benefit of working with the energy this way is that it helps us learn about ourselves and our spiritual journey.
  • For the purpose of magic, we work with the energy in an active way. We actively focus and direct the Leo energy into whatever working we feel guided to do.

Full Moon in Leo Tarot Spread

full moon in leo tarot spread

1. My joie de vivre and sense of adventure (Knight of Wands)

2. How my quest for fun and adventure ties in with my ability to live from the heart for the Highest Good (bridging energy between the Knight of Wands and Strength)

3. How to open my heart to deeper levels of compassion (Strength)

4. Where/how I compare myself to others trips me up (5 of Wands)

5. Where/how my pride trips me up (6 of Wands)

6. In what context I need to stand my ground (7 of Wands)

7. What following the guidance in this spread might lead to next (the outcome/next step)


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